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a) A year minus a day ago (!), I asked for haircut help. I said I'd report back, and so here I am! b) It's been so long that I felt bizarrely guilty about asking other questions later when I still hadn't taken the advice from the hair Ask! Have you posted to AskMe and then procrastinated forever about acting on the advice? Please tell me it's not just me.

You can see my old hair in my current Twitter profile--it was really long, to approximately my waist. Here's the new cut (sorry for goofy, low-quality selfie). I went to Glama-rama in SF, and things went just as OrangeDisk said they would. My stylist, Joey, was really nice and collaborative. We talked a little about the possibility of taking things above the jawline, and I think there's a good chance I'll go back in a few weeks and do that. In the meantime, I want to get comfortable with having shorter hair for the first time in my life.

Anyway, thanks, Metafilter! I think this is a good change for me, even though I put it off so long. Have you delayed implementing AskMe's advice, too? I want to hear about it...especially if it worked out when you finally did the thing.
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Looks super!!
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It's really lovely on you! Very flattering cut. Congrats!
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Your new 'do looks great!

About implementing AskMe advice, I've asked a travel question that never worked out, so not just a delay but a total bust. Sorry...
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I have never delayed implementing AskMe's advice, for the hive mind is always correct. (I may or may not have had several 'real' people in my life tell me I adhere to MeFi a wee too much....)

Wintersweet you look AMAZING. See? AskMe always knows.
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Ha! Thanks. :) Yeah, Metafilter has helped me with lots of important decisions, and I do probably say "Well, someone on Metafilter said..." far too often.

I sometimes want to ask things that are way more aspirational/dreaming and way less planning/actually going to happen, especially travel-related, but I try not to. I have to confess, I write a lot of AskMes in my head that I never post. :P
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Fantastic hair. Made me think of this wonderful person.

I haven't gotten the tattoos I asked about yet. $$$, alas.
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You made a good decision; you look great, and much more sophisticated!
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Well I still havent thrown out that inflated can of beans that I asked about in '99...(joking, actually)
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I never got a tattoo in Hamilton Ontario (or at all). And I did feel guilty for a long while about it.
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That looks great! It really suits you.

When I finished my dissertation (finally, after procrastination hell and deadline near-breakdown) I asked a question about sending it to a professional contact in the field who had requested a copy - basically "do I have to?!" - because I thought it was so terrible. The advice was generally "yes you have to but don't worry, it's probably not as bad as you think". But I still couldn't bring myself to do it so I just ignored it for about 6 months even though I felt bad for not listening to the people who'd taken time to answer the question. Finally the person emailed me again asking what had happened with it so I bit the bullet, heeded the wise words and sent it back. And the lovely answerers were right, mostly. He sent me some great feedback, which was a relief...and then finished up by saying "Good luck with getting it finalised!" To which I could only reply a cheery "Thanks!" despite it already being done, dusted, passed and frankly erased from my memory. (I knew teh typos would come back to haunt me.)
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I shave my head every two to six weeks.
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> Have you posted to AskMe and then procrastinated forever about acting on the advice? Please tell me it's not just me.

January, 2013: Hi, which performance of this opera should I buy?
June, 2015: Never mind, I bought them both anyway.
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Yeah, but by the time I ate the eggroll that had be left out on the counter overnight, it really had gone bad.
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I once asked whether I should use a free subscription to Rosetta Stone through work to study Spanish or Arabic and everyone said Spanish and I realized I was getting really, really irritated at them because they were right but I really wanted them to say Arabic so I picked that instead. Everyone was correct that it was not a great way to learn the language so I just bought some alphabet books instead.

I totally don't feel guilty about this because AskMe was a super great resource that helped me figure out what I wanted to do. This is awesome because I feel guilty about almost everything else in the entire world so it's kind of nice to have this one thing.
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Oh, also, totally agree that your new haircut is super, SUPER cute! I really like it! Congratulations on being brave enough to go! (This is not sarcasm -- I really think we underestimate the amount of courage it takes for adults to try new things, especially by themselves, and I'm impressed that you managed it.)
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That's awesome. You look beautiful.
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I have avoided all opportunities to play tic-tac-toe because I suspect, deep down, I'm still utter shit at tic-tac-toe.
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I'm still utter shit at tic-tac-toe

It's not that hard - tic bites toe; tac punctures toe, toe slips on tic-tac. So just don't choose toe. The easiest way to remember it is: "Toe is not your tactic".

Man, I should charge for my advice - this stuff is GOLD.
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Whoa! I like your previous hair but this new 'do is rockin!! Glad you found your hair nirvana.

(sorry for goofy, low-quality selfie)

Er... no. That is not a low-quality selfie that is pretty darn good.
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It looks really cute!

I am a serial late advice-follower: I finally found doubanjiang at Hana Market in DC 2+ years after I asked, and while it's delicious, it turned out what I actually wanted was shacha sauce! I also got a new job in research this spring that isn't 100% number crunching but does involve some, and I'm hoping to learn more while I'm here.

And sometimes things just didn't work out. I never did get those screws out. I never got IMAP working properly with the accounts in question, but I now have a new Gmail account and it works just fine for whatever reason. No one makes the Paseo sandwich here in DC as far as I know (unless they did that one time at Lyman's); maybe one of these days I'll make it myself. The roommate situation didn't work out but I found a room in a lovely below-market place in Adams Morgan; the management company is Demers and I recommend them highly.
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It's fabulous!
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Awesome hair!! I've delayed a few times but ultimately the advice I get on Ask helps in more subtle, long-term ways ("think of it like this instead of like that," etc.).

And I miss Ruthless Bunny!! Her advice on refinancing my car was like opening a door that was always there but I'd never seen before. I went right out that week and took care of it, and it's saving me over $100 per month. So that's an answer that gave me immediate, tangible benefits.
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1) That is a super-flattering hairstyle, congratulations on taking the plunge!
2) +1 for missing Ruthless. I took her traditional bra advice to get professionally fitted at a big department store; I was wearing a 36C or a 34D depending on the bra, only to learn my correct size is 32DD. My back and shoulder pain have all but disappeared. Also, I can attest her other standard bra advice (buy Wacoal!) is similarly sound.
3) I've never asked a question in AskMe, but I have poached the advice given there many, many times. Sometimes being a thoroughly ordinary snowflake with commonly occurring problems is super-convenient.
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Hmm, looks like I'm the third person in this thread so far who hasn't yet gotten the tattoo they'd asked about. Maybe we should have some sort of tattoo-gettin' meetup to move things along.

And while the recipes I have managed to make have all been awesome, so far I haven't been able to try out most of the buttermilk ideas recommended to me earlier this year. This is mostly because I have no impulse control when it comes to buttermilk, so keeping any in the house long enough to cook with is ... a problem.

Love the new hair!
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'dorbs. Also frames are 'dorbs. I have been wanting to hack my hair off for over a year AND I desperately need new glasses. Your story gives me hope.
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Joey Cupcake and Glamarama rock!
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Wanting to answer this question, I took a look at my Ask Me questions and answers that involved me taking action and it turns out I have followed the advice quickly every time.

Your hair cut is great and congratulations on successfully doing something that was causing you anxiety, no matter what the time frame. As Mrs. Pterodactyl said, that's a big freaking deal.
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Hmm, wasn't able to follow all the advice in response to this question as I had a lot less free time than advertised in trip itinerary. Though I did spend time at Wawel castle (including seeing DaVinci's Lady with Ermine, quite the treat). But yes, I normally follow through on AskMeFi recs.

More importantly, I really love the new haircut. You look fabulous!
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Got advised to stalk my boyfriend, didn't do it, now he's my spousal unit. Your haircut looks absolutely amazing. It opens up your face and makes you look so polished and pretty. Hurray for you for taking the big jump.
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I once procrastinated taking AskMe's advice for so long that I forgot I asked a question and effectively asked it again.
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Very nice hair!
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Aw, I miss Ruthless Bunny too! I'm actually kind of bad about getting a feel for other users, but I've appreciated many of her answers. (I should take that bra advice myself.)

I imagine there's a lot of procrastination for
- travel questions
- relocation questions
- tattoo questions

We should all absolve ourselves of any lingering guilt!
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(And thank you all for the lovely compliments.)
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Looks nice!
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That's an awesome cut for you!

My guitars are still in their cases and the hard drives are still in the drawer.
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In 2009 I asked a question about a certain feature I would want in an HDTV, were I to buy one.

As of 2015 I own two perfectly functional SDTVs (approximately 13 and 16 years old) and have yet to buy an HDTV.
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We should all absolve ourselves of any lingering guilt!

Sure, but what about this quilt that just won't get a move on?
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Sure, but what about this quilt that just won't get a move on?

Quit hanging on to the quilt!
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posted by Joseph Gurl at 8:29 PM on July 24, 2015

I have not written the book that this question identifies a space for, but it's on my list. Likewise, I've asked a couple of questions about hobbies that I haven't really started, although I did get the recommended supplies. (And did actually make a kickass pair of leather bracers.) And fixing the drywall issues took a good five years, since none of them were functional issues, but it did happen.
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It is not Just You.

(Notice how late I am to this thread.)
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