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After last year's success, it's time to organize the 2015 Holiday Movie Club, a series to watch heartwarming holiday films from approx. (American) Thanksgiving to New Years.[dates variable]

I have pulled suggestions from previous threads as well as lists of traditional holiday film classics like The Bishop's Wife and Gremlins.

Above I linked the planning page in the FanFare club thread, the main club thread is here.

If you're interested in helping out, making a suggestion, or continuing the tradition of watching movies like A Miracle On 34th Street, A Christmas Story, and Batman Returns, please go to the 2015 organizing page and sign up and comment.

And if you watch a movie that's already been listed, join in the discussion.
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Can we see whether we have a summer before we start planning Christmas?
posted by biffa at 12:31 PM on August 4, 2015

Anything with Micheal Shanks.
posted by clavdivs at 6:52 PM on August 4, 2015

Looks like he was the romantic interest in 2011 TV movie 'Christmas Lodge', if anyone can access that it would seem ideal.
posted by biffa at 11:49 PM on August 4, 2015

Can we see whether we have a summer before we start planning Christmas?

I was going to express disbelief at this comment, but the summer heat has so thoroughly melted my brain that I'm unable to.
posted by lunch at 2:35 AM on August 5, 2015

There's no need to brag. Since my comment its gone from cloudy and 17C to overcast, tipping down and 17C.
posted by biffa at 5:08 AM on August 5, 2015

posted by phunniemee at 5:30 AM on August 5, 2015

Only 100 more shopping days until Christmas!!
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Three Months til Halloween!
(Who wants the post this year)

As to a list, there are two Sherlock Holmes, played by Brett, that have x-mass themes. Think they were 'Cardboard Box' and 'Blue Carbuncle'.
The former showcasing the brilliant Ciaran Hinds.
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I did not know this was a thing and now I do and everything is gingerbread spice and fresh snow and perfection in my life.
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Can I suggest a subset of Hallmark holiday movie club? I couldn't run it, but whenever I'm at my mom's that is all she's watching and those things are surprisingly addictive.
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Can I suggest a subset of Hallmark holiday movie club? I couldn't run it, but whenever I'm at my mom's that is all she's watching and those things are surprisingly addictive.

So, story about being home for last Christmas.

We were all in a post-meal veg state, all relaxing with our phones/tablets/kindles, and my grandma wanted to watch TV. She went straight to the Hallmark channel. A movie (The Christmas Card, if anyone is curious) was just about to start. It looked pretty heinous, but we all had other things to entertain us, and no one wanted to argue with grandma, so we let it stay on.

About five minutes into the movie, my mom looks up from her ipad and goes, "that's Ed Asner!" My grandma doesn't really listen or hear too well, and must have missed this. About 15 minutes later, grandma pipes up "that's Ed Asner!" in the exact same tone of voice my mom had used (they are related, after all). So then it turned into a game, every 10 minutes or so my brother or I would look up from what we were doing and say, "that's Ed Asner!" and my mom would be all, "yes, thank you, ok," and my grandma would say, "I know, I just said that! You should get your hearing checked!"

Meanwhile, grandma keeps turning the volume up to sonic boom blasting levels because she can't hear the movie. (My parents' tv has a really fancy speaker system so it was like Ed Asner was the voice of god booming all around us.) My dad was trying to sleep upstairs and hey, I was trying to read, so we kept trying to sneak the volume down, but back up it would go even louder when my grandma decided she couldn't hear it. (All the while, of course, my brother and I are throwing in intermittent "that's Ed Asner!"s as the situation calls for it.)

Somehow, despite the TV volume, my grandma falls asleep (snoring loudly, natch). We take this opportunity to turn the volume down to a whisper then go back to ignoring each other and looking at our pocket computers. Time goes on. Movie ends, another one starts and ends, Gram is still sleeping and still snoring. Then, thanks, Hallmark programming, the first movie comes back on. My mom takes this opportunity to say, "that's Ed Asner!" and snicker like Muttley.

Grandma wakes up. She says, "oh did I fall asleep?" we all say yes. She looks at the TV and says, "well, I couldn't have been asleep that long, the movie's still on." She turns the volume back up to blasting. We all giggle. "What, this isn't the same movie? It looks like it's the same movie." So she sits and watches it for a little while and then, completely seriously, says "oh look! Ed Asner's in this!"

Hallmark movies.
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