Can someone help me find this dispatch about HIV/AIDS? August 9, 2015 11:12 AM   Subscribe

Can someone help me find an article about HIV/AIDS that was linked on the blue? It was written by an at-the-time healthy person during the AIDS crisis, posted publicly (possibly a newspaper column or a transcription of a radio dispatch), with a clear sense of urgency and a call to action, primarily directed at other gays. It mentions being at a hospital and taking care of sick folks. It tries to dispel rumors about HIV/AIDS transmission and criticizes the government (maybe the CDC specifically) for inaction. The webpage itself mostly black text and a white background, no flashy user interface. That's all I can remember. I've tried searching myself for many hours with no luck. Thank you.
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Larry Kramer's flyer? Linked here.
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Different article, but same author. It was Larry Kramer's 1112 and Counting, specifically linked here. The article and the comment by Dip Flash about it "scorch[ing] off the page, even 31 years later" left an impression.

Thank you, MonkeyToes!
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I want to buy YOU a $5 beer just for making that user name.
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