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A shout-out to Rhaomi for contributing consistently stellar fpps - most of which fall under the 'megapost' umbrella.

Just a few of the ones I selected to highlight (what are your favorites?):

A little Clump of Soul - Sept 2014
That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Nov 2011
Here comes a Lion... oh yes, it's a Lion... - Oct 2011
The Post That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong - Dec 2010
The Case for Obama - Oct 2010
Sing us a Song to Keep us Warm, There's Such a Chill - June 2012

The glorious, requires-special-mention Breaking Bad post:

This ain't chemistry. This is Art. - Sept 2013

And, of course, the most recent fpp, much appreciated as it was specially prepared in anticipation and in the hopper ready to go:


You can comb through all previous posts if you need some proverbial rainy day reading.

Thanks for all the great contributions, Rhaomi. xxoo
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Thanks, Rhaomi!
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Not worthy but extremely grateful!
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Rhaomi, Rhaomi, puddin' and pie
FPPs that make you sigh
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Thanks in particular for your numerous science fiction posts, Rhaomi! Also for moderating /r/metafilter.
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I am a little sad at having made fewer non-newsfilter posts in the last couple years, what with competing distractions and fairly drudging work (Peak FPP for me was also Peak No Job). More than a few anniversary-centered posts have slipped their self-imposed deadlines for one reason or another lately. But the well is by no means dry -- I've still got a desktop folder full of ideas that won't be running empty any time soon! (Including one that might rise to the level of a Projects post, but it's still embryonic right now. /tease)

At any rate, thanks for this -- it really drives home the community aspect of MeFi that you can recognize ANYBODY'S posting habits, let alone one as infrequent as mine's been lately. Makes me wonder how folks manage to create a solid post every day, consistently!
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You're setting a damn high bar for us Rh- folk.
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Peak FPP for me was also Peak No Job

That matches my experience on a number of forums.

Thank you for productive use of your time.
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* gives awesome Rhaomi long overdue standing ovation*
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I'm a very public hater* of mega-posts, I still have to doff my cap** to Rhaomi and those mad long posts.

*well, not hater, so much as "noper outer"

**if I wore a cap
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Metafilter's appeal is in its culture of curation, not its volume.

Megaposts usually make me cranky because they often serve as indiscriminate linkdumps of everything on a given topic that the poster could get their hands on. They are nearly useless. Most of the comments are from likeminded people already deeply interested in/invested in that topic, and a few complaints from people who don't understand what's going on. Everybody else is driven away by a wall of information that takes too much effort to make use of. The comment thread can be considerably shorter than the FPP was.

Rhaomi is one of the few people who do megaposts right. The best of the megaposts observe the inverted pyramid principle from journalism: Start with the important bits and general information, then gradually dig deeper. Provide something for everybody from the disinterested newbie to the trufan of the topic. Write text that helps make sense of the links, rather than cheap out with bulk copy-pastes. Provide the links that support the text with sufficient context that interested readers can discover new things on their own. And above all, make the content appropriate to the context. Not every subject is really deep or broad enough for thousands of words and hundreds of links to retain the interest of a general audience.

Rhaomi makes megaposts I'm willing to read. Rhaomi is awesome.
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Rhaomi is one of the few people who do megaposts right.

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Rhaomi makes megaposts I'm willing to read. Rhaomi is awesome.

Absolutely! Well said!

Rhaomi's posts are one one of the best things about Metafilter!
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The only bad thing about Rhaomi's posts is that each one causes me to completely lose a day or so.

Yay Rhaomi!
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This is fine and Rhaomi is good folk.
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Huzzah for Rhaomi, yes!
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Rhaomi is a wonder. Thanks for all the great posts!
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Absolutely the Best of the Web.
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I hate to be the contrarian here, but... Rhaomi's comments are also pretty great.
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In the delirious excitment of the moment, I have to say that Rhaomi's up-front narrative of how and why the case to be was beautiful framing for EQUAL MARRIAGE UNDER LAW.

That element of storytelling combined with link-heavy text for further background is why I come here.

Don't get me wrong - I don't mind the occasional wall o' links. But I find myself more drawn to the "explaining it and telling the story as I rain links down upon you" style of posting. At which Rhaomi excels.
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Oh man, I just realized that in all the hustle and bustle last month I missed this somehow. Rhaomi: super great, and I got to meet him in person finally in Birmingham, AL over the summer which was super nice.
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:03 PM on September 4, 2015

...I had always thought Rhaomi was of the female persuasion. Weird how that works eh.
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 8:58 AM on September 7, 2015

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