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I've been searching on MetaFilter and just can't find it: there was a comment a few years ago that linked to the YouTube channel of a Dutch comedian who parodies I think ESL class aimed at Dutch immigrants. So it's this weird but highly amusing hybrid of Dutch and English with plenty of caustic puns (in Dutch). Anyone recall who or what I am talking about?
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This almost certainly isn't it, but your description made me think of Anders Lund Madsen's routine about Norwegian swimming rules.
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Philip Walkate
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That's it! Thank you!

I wish I spoke Dutch!
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What's the joke with "Welcome, I all hate you"?
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I think it's a joke about the Dutch verb heten. The first, second, and third person singular form, heet is pronounced just like hate in English. So, if my name is John, I would introduce myself by saying "Hallo, ik heet John", which sounds a lot like "Hello, I hate John".
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I haven't heard the routine, but in addition: 'welkom heten' means 'to welcome'. (Literally: to tell or call someone welcome.)
So 'Ik heet u allen welkom' is a polite phrase that can be used to welcome a group. It could also be used in the slightly different form 'Welkom heet ik u allen' and then we're pretty much there.
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This is the specific video I saw and Too-Ticky has it, he says: "I all hate you welcome in the inburgeringscurse".
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Thanks very much once again. Although I don't speak Dutch, this comedian's videos give me such pleasure.
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A random, non-dutch thing popped into mind, but whatever:

This is a sentence in Estonian: "Ruumis on vaja koristust."
This is a sentence in Finnish: "Ruumis vajaa koristusta."

The Estonian sentence means: "The room needs to be cleaned."
The Finnish sentence means: "The corpse needs to be decorated."

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English: 'Quiet night.'
Gronings: 'Kwaait naait.' (meaning: I don't know)

Gronings is a dialect of Dutch.
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Tx. That was hilarious.
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Some Dutch people actually talk English like that--but he does it better.

... He's got a great future. We will have to keep him in the holes.
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