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Just wanted to let folks know that we've just launched our 6th annual charity donation drive over at MefightClub. We're raising money for Child's Play and charity:water this year, and if you'd like to donate as part of our campaigns or just on your own, that would be a great thing to do.

We've raised around $25,000 over the last 6 years, and with luck we'll smash through the 30K milestone this time.

I'm going to be running some game giveaways in the MFC thread over the next month before we wrap things up, so come and hang out and get in on the rotato action. All are as always welcome.

Here are some direct links to this year's campaigns for folks who might want to help out, but don't care to sign up over at MefightClub: [MFC 2015 ChildsPlay Fundraiser | MFC 2015 charity:water Fundraiser] .

All donations go directly to the charities involved. Share and enjoy!
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I applaud this thing.

*heads over to mfc*
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This is pretty terrific.
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Yay! A reminder to go donate some money *and* a reminder to get my ass over to MFC again.
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To quote my pal Martha, "this is a very good thing." MFC is great. Video games are great. Giving to charity is great. Doing for good is great. Thinking about doing good is great.

It is agreed that not everyone can throw in dough for charity. Everyone's got to take care of themselves, their family, and their friends. Do what you can, without thought of any goals. I'm from the street, cousin. I know the drill. We might be nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand short of a mill, but it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We've got each other, and that's a lot for love. Let's give it a shot!

If you head over to the MFC thread, you'll not only be surrounded by some of the nicest people on the planet, but you'll also see a challenge match of sorts involving pictures of people eating noodles.

So head on over and bonate now for instant rotato. Give to any charity anyway, or do a good deed today, tomorrow, and everyday, and add some rotato to every meal. Don't be shy about posting what you do (though, of course, there are plenty of people who'd understandably rather be anonymous or otherwise in the background): let us consider it to be an "in-game" accomplishment, for which you will be awarded one working and activated Distinguished Conduct Medal of Rotato, made of transparent durafeeloominum.* Wear it with pride.

*The Distinguished Conduct Medal of Rotato CANNOT be disassembled for components and its materials cannot be melted down or salvaged for parts. It is IMPOSSIBLE to construct a working Rotato Reactor, Shield of Rotato (+9 vs ASOs), or a Rotatotron foot & leg, arm or torso, or head. Seriously. Don't even try it.
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Happy holidays, you MFC folks.
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You are an MFC folk, too, my friend.

Also: we're off to a great start -- it's day 2 and we're already over $1000 in donations. Huzzah!
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For anyone curious about MeFightClub, stav had posted a nice history here, which is kinda heartwarming and terrifying to read through.

I mean, we actually lived during a time when running TF2 was questionable? What was this, the 80s?! Portal references? I'm surprised that there weren't any issues logging on through CompuServe or Q-Link, you elderfolk of the internet.

Nah, seriously, you guys are great. Mostly. I still don't trust anyone wearing a [bOING^2] clan tag or spamming voice chat with zine ideas. Nah, seriously, I love progamers of all ilk. Unless you're from bOING^2. And not in the cross-hatched middle portion of a Venn diagram including MeFi. Then I don't love you.

Nah, seriously, I do. Not really. I love you all. Sorta.
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