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I’m trying to find an askme about what it’s like to grow up as a girl with a strong father figure.

It was asked about 2-4 years ago, I believe. I think the OP had grown up without a dad, and was wondering what kind of intangible things she had missed and perhaps didn’t even know she was missing. I think there were also people answering from the opposite perspective (“I grew up without a father and here’s what I wish I had”). I believe this question got a large response and was quite bittersweet. Can anyone help me find it?
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I used google, rather than site search, and searched for: "without a father"
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Thanks jacquilynne (and also for explaining how you found that thread), but that's not it. I remember it was from a distinctly female perspective.
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I remember this, and for the life of me I can't find it either! Hope someone can find it for you. I seem to remember it included a story that somebody (I feel like it was either phunniemee or EmpressCallipygos) told about a sweet phone call with their dad but it must not have been either of them because I've combed through pages of Google results without finding it.
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That must be the one I was thinking of, at least, because it was Countess Elena's story I was remembering. Also I googled "eat bugs" rather than "eat a bug" which is why I didn't find it.
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I know this isn't a proxy for the ask mefi you were looking for, but is sort of my 'what would it be like to have an amazing father' go-to blog.
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That question. good gosh. As a new father of a girl and a boy that just crushed me.
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Yes! Thank you, queenofbythinia! Sebmojo, I will check out that blog as well. Thanks.
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