2016 MeFi Fantasy Baseball League March 13, 2016 5:27 PM   Subscribe

Now is your chance to join the 11th season of MetaFilter fantasy baseball.

If you want to join, you will find the link in my MeFi profile. I will lock the league on March 21 and the draft will be held March 27. Just warning you, we have been on the field since the end of January here in California.
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I won't be participating this year but I endorse this as a fun thing that more baseball MeFites should do.
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Red Sox / Cubs with the Sox winning over them in the world series... (Sorry Cubs fans, yet again this year isn't your year.)
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I am really, really out of the loop on baseball and haven't followed it since the 90s. I do like fantasy sports though, and have been doing the fantasy hockey thing for years. Would I be totally out of my league joining this?
posted by Hoopo at 2:38 PM on March 14, 2016

75% of fantasy baseball is checking in on your team for a few minutes a day to set your pitchers, and a few minutes a week to replace injured players.

In a league this deep there aren't many replacement players anyway. You can scour the waiver wire, but there isn't the depth that you get in a 10-team league.
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In a related note, I run a (non-Metafilter) auction rotisserie league on ESPN. We aim for 10 teams, but right now we're at 8; MeMail me if you're interested. Drafting on March 28.
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I did this a few years ago, here in fact, and it was fun. Why not give it another go?
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Quick question: I'm most likely not going to be awake for the draft (it's at 1am on a Sunday night) so will it default to autopick for me?
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If you're not there Yahoo will auto-draft for you, and based on prior experience, it will do so very poorly. If you have a friend in a more appropriate time zone who could draft for you that would probably work out better. If not, plan on wheeling and dealing after the draft to correct for when Yahoo gives you three catchers or something.
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Hey, if anyone is interested, I need a last-minute fill in on a long-running 10 team head to head league. If you're interested MeMail me ASAP like yesterday.
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