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I feel certain that this was discussed on the green and I just am not figuring out the words that were used. Does anyone recall a discussion regarding various apps (I'm really looking for a text and not telephone service) that will text daily (or, alternatively, every other day) and, if no response is received within a specified time frame, will email pre-set contacts? I was hoping to read the input of others on mefi so that I don't have to waste time vetting services others here have already tried.

I've found a number of things on google that seem to be similar, but most of them are designed for one time use (blind date, or other dangerous activity), and I'd like a relatively easy pre-set text for ongoing checks.

This seemed like a good idea when it was being discussed around here, but really became a priority this weekend when my downstairs neighbor was found dead after a friend had been trying to reach her for a few weeks and then her phone service was disconnected. I normally wouldn't care, but the cats need water on a regular basis.
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I found these three Asks, which mention a number of apps/services between them. Would that help you get started?

How do I get my friend to follow her doctors orders and check in with me everyday?
Daily check-in emergency response service? Real or pony?
Daily check-in services redux.
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Thanks so much, sparklemotion!
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Mentioned on the Blue, found using "dead man switch": Dead Man's Switch.
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It's specific to Google (and maybe not exactly what you're looking for), but they have something called Inactive Account Manager that will give control of your Google account to a person you trust (or wipe it out if you wish) after a user-settable period of inactivity.
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I think HomeSolo might suit your needs. It sends a message at a frequency you determine, the person who gets the message has to press a large button to dismiss it. If they don't, it will text someone after 10 minutes and call someone after 20 minutes.
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Oh also, I looked at Google's Inactive Account Manager thinking that would be a good solution for my father, but it looks like the soonest you can set it to notify someone of inactivity is 3 months.
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