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I'm looking for a link in a comment (which I thought I'd bookmarked/favourited) to an auto-generated overblown "Happy Birthday" video on YouTube. There were innumerable near-identical further ones for a wide range of names and also relationship-titles (Brother-in-Law, Daughter, etc). I think it was posted on either MetaTalk or MeFi, and certainly in the last 3-4 months. All help appreciated. Both memory and google-fu are failing me terribly today.
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This channel on youtube has a bunch of searchable names and relationships. You can also find them by going to youtube and typing "Happy Birthday [Name]" in the search bar.
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That's exactly it VioletU, I and my victimsfriends thank you ever so much!
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There's also, which offers free live recordings of their oddball original birthday song for a staggering variety of names. This AV Club article goes into more detail about it.
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If you were wondering, this is the first place that "EpicHappyBirthdays" has been mentioned on MetaFilter. Maybe there was a link to a specific video or two, or it seemed like an appropriately MetaFilterish thing to find.
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Near the tail end of the 10th Birthday Party for Metafilter Favorites, when most people had already gone home, I did indeed start belting out some nonsense on the front lawn.

I see you favorited it then, so perhaps that was the comment?
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Culprit discovered! That must be it, thanks for posting then and now Kabanos!

Update for the mildly curious, the link went down very well with the person to whom I sent it.
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