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Back in 2009 someone posted this question asking members for the posts they'd include in a Best Of Metafilter book with all the best advice from the hive mind.

But that was 7 years ago. So I'd like to ask the question again, 7 years later: Can you give me the link to the best things you've ever read here, something that actually changed your view of the world or made you a better person?

Or just anything you would consider the best, most insightful, and helpful, that Metafilter has to offer.*

*Please note this will NOT actually be a literal compilation anywhere outside of this thread.
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It is inevitable that someone will post these two excellent specimens of Metafilter wisdom, so it might as well be me!
  • The Emotional Labor thread, noteworthy not only for the excellent source material in the FPP, but the 2000+ comment thread that follows.
  • tangerine's brilliant and insightful 2007 comment about Ask vs. Guess culture.
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Also, I love love love this Projects thread (with accompanying MeFi FPP), because I just find it super inspirational. When I think of supporting local art/artists, my instinct is to do so via money and personal attention (which is totally a nice thing to do if you can!), but then I think about Shepherd's project and remember that one person can do so, so much more. If more people did this sort of thing, I really think it would have a HUGE multiplying effect on appreciation of art in our society. And of course, this lesson can be applied to other areas beyond art.

Anyway, it's one small reminder that we needn't merely be passive consumers of the things we love and appreciate. If you feel inclined to share and spread your passions with others in your community, you can! You totally can!
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Miko on breaking up. It's in the 2009 thread referenced in the OP, but worth repeating, judging by the 1408 favorites.
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It's an old comment and I've linked to it before but this is one of my favorite comments ever. It's a perfect example of how to respond to insults and cynicism graciously. It changed my behavior both on and off line and helped make me a less cynical person.

"Assume the best in people instead of the worst, it's nicer that way."

It really is nicer.
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rumposinc on the relationship a medical professional has with their cadaver: beautifully expressed, and I think about it all the time.

mothershock on Pema Chodron and stopping obsessive/repetitive thinking: really helped me, and I still link it all the time in AskMe.
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The poop milkshake analogy is one of the more recent greatest hits.
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I too came here to recommend Poop Milkshake! Because it's illustrates a very common problem of people justifying red-flags in such a brilliant and easy to grok way.
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The poop milkshake analogy is one of the more recent greatest hits.

I JUST THIS MORNING explained Poopshake to my coworker friend. She hasn't stopped talking about it. Every time she walks by my desk she says "the more I think about it you are SO RIGHT about my Poopshake."
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Dee_Xtrovert's posts are amazing but that thread is a shit-show. Armchair tough-guys mansplaining and arguing with a woman who survived the war/starvation of Sarajevo.

She's best of the web, but that thread is kind of the worst of Metafilter.
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Eyebrows McGee's John J Harvey anecdote has everything (9/11-related for anyone who doesn't know).
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Slightly missed point of this thread there, sorry. No explicit advice involved in said anecdote, except a reminder that some things we lived through are the stuff of stories and history to others, I suppose.
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In fairness I think credit for the Poop Milkshake analogy should be given to the person who invented it, W. Kamau Bell (Scroll to about 5:00)
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In fairness I think credit for the Poop Milkshake analogy should be given to the person who invented it, W. Kamau Bell

OMG thank you! I was pretty sure I didn't produce that idea entirely on my own like Athena from the forehead of Zeus, but I absolutely could not place where I had heard it before. So yes. Credit to W. Kamau Bell in its entirety.
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uh, is there any utility in editing my original comment to give credit to Bell? or is that not a thing?
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I don't think so; it's been a long time and we generally let old comments be, let the history be what it was, even if there are errors etc. You could put a note on your profile page if you were inclined to, might be a way to handle it?
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Comealongpole, if a comment stuck in your head (in a positive sense) enough for you to think to link it in a metafilter compilation than that comment would fit the criteria of what I'm looking for, even if it doesn't have explicit advice...
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The ask vs guess thread; I had never realized that there were two different styles.
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All of my comments...especially this one.
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I often go back and reread this heavily favorited answer, if only to remind myself of the variance in human experience. The asker was requesting advice on how to stop judging and losing respect for her female friends who allowed men to treat them poorly. The answer brilliantly illuminates the lifelong struggle some people face who aren't lucky enough to be born and raised with a solid foundation of love and support. Highly recommended.
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The credit on this one goes to the LA Times, really, and not to Metafilter, but I read about it here, and it's really important advice, so here it is: Comfort in, Dump out. Important advice when spending time with people going through difficult life events. But anyway, the comments in that post are *also* really really good and insightful, and full of valuable and sometimes painful first-person experiences that deserve respect and attention.

I also, FWIW, appreciate ColdChef's customary words of consolation.
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I've long thought that decathecting's analogy to explain sexual harassment is one of the best I've ever read:
Imagine, for a moment, that a significant portion of the population believed, based on your looks, that if they encountered you in public, you owed them a dollar. These people are total strangers to you, but they believe fervently that any time they see you in public, you are obligated to give them a dollar. They're willing to make polite conversation with you in the hopes that you'll willingly give them the dollar, but if you don't they're willing to follow you down the street and bug you about it until you fork it over. And if even that doesn't work, they're constantly scheming for ways to pick your pocket or steal your stuff in order to get the money that is rightfully owed to them by you and everyone who falls into the category of people like you who have spurned their dollar-seeking advances over the years....
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LOTR in Limericks (content subject to change)
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