Trying to find a short story about AI and parallel universes August 30, 2016 3:51 AM   Subscribe

I'm trying to find a short story about AI and parallel universes that I'm sure I saw somewhere on Metafilter a couple of years ago but I can't seem to turn it up anywhere. IIRC it was set in Edinburgh and it might have been by Charles Stross? Does anyone remember this or has Mr Stross infected my brain with a virus?
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That sounds like Antibodies.
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A fun story, but the same thing bothered me as the last time I read it: "I waved to the waiter. 'Single malt please. And one for my friend here.'" Ordering "a single malt" is like ordering "a scotch" except there's no such thing as a default (well) single malt; especially in Scotland it's just going to get you a stare from the waiter that lets you know you're an idiot.

Also, yes, Mr. Stross has infected your brain with a virus.
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Singleton, by Greg Egan? Set in Sydney though.
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Thanks all. It was indeed Antibodies, though I'm enjoying the Greg Egan story too.
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Singleton would also solve languagehat's issue.
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Also, yes, Mr. Stross has infected your brain with a virus.

Actually it's a little more complex: reading the books generates neural patterns with a specific geometry in your brain that resonate across dimensions and act as an attractor for stray information flows.
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This story was excellent thank you for the tip.
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Crystal Nights by Greg Egan is evidently not the story you're thinking of but its the best AI story I've ever read.
“What created the only example of consciousness we know of?” Daniel asked.


“Exactly. But I don’t want to wait three billion years, so I need to make the selection process a great deal more refined, and the sources of variation more targeted.”

Julie digested this. “You want to try to evolve true AI? Conscious, human-level AI?”

“Yes.” Daniel saw her mouth tightening, saw her struggling to measure her words before speaking.

“With respect, I don’t think you’ve thought that through.”
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