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I've been looking in the Metafilter archives for a post about a free downloadable PC game. It had a retro side scroller design that was heavy into atmosphere and dream logic with a kind of a Soviet Russia look to it. It only had a number for a title (about four to six digits long) and the protagonist wasn't human (toaster? sandwich? yeah, that kind of odd). I'm pretty sure this was before I joined Metafilter in 2013 because otherwise I would have it favorited, and all my searches have all come up empty. Anyone remember it?
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Arrrrgh. I know this. I have no idea.
posted by iamkimiam at 11:12 AM on September 6, 2016

Hi, I know you're not talking about QWOP, but, like, what if you were?
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No, but that does look cool.
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Unfortunately, TIGDB (from TIGSource) seems to be down right now (for me only?), but you could also check indieDB or mobygames. This is assuming that you’re confident about the number-for-a-title bit.
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How does Soviet Russia look like?
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Maybe look through here to see if anything seems familiar?
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Long shot since it doesn't match the name, but you're not talking about Cave Story, are you? 8-bit pixel-y side scroller. The player character is a robot/android/something and one of the first "boss" characters you encounter looks like a toaster.
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Nope, not Cave Story. As to INFJ's comment: Fair question. I recall the game surroundings being bleak and urban, which could be anywhere, but I also recall signage in cyrillic here and there.
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We have a winner! Thank you, seikleja.
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I'm almost sorry that this got answered so quickly because I am totally going to want to play any game that could possibly fit this criteria even remotely and will certainly be digging into any games linked.

(Except QWOP. Fuck QWOP.)
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Poke around
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