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In recent (often election) threads, some MeFites have said they're not looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with their families. Others have offered up their homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here's a MetaTalk thread to facilitate those holiday connections for support and good company.

The proposed process:
  1. Potential hosts who would like to open their tables and/ or beds can state their home cities in a comment below and what day(s)/ which holiday(s) they're opening their homes, and let people contact them directly
  2. Potential guests contact a host directly via MeMail or email to coordinate and to check that everything will work out (food allergies and preferences, dishes offered, style of Thanksgiving [timely and organized or occurring eventually and in a semi-haphazard format] and topics that could be discussed that might cause discomfort or arguements), before exchanging contact information.
Also, you may want to review your location settings, where you could remove the lat-long and only enter a general text description or adjust the lat-long to provide some location vagueness, for the benefit of you and/or your guests.

A final note: I ran this by the mods, and cortex supports it.
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Hi everyone!

We're in Aurora, CO, I'm cooking Thanksgiving for the first time (ulp) and there are two more seats available at the table. My beloved mefites are more than welcome to memail me to claim them.
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Anchorage, AK. I am cooking a big turkey dinner and multiple pies on Thanksgiving. We watch the MST3k livestream and then Muppet Christmas Carol after dinner.
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If anyone in Southern Maine wants to hang out over either holiday I'm game. I'd have to run Thanksgiving up the chain of command since we're already spending the day with local friends who have noped out of visiting relatives, but maybe we could combine forces.

I just recently posted a meetup as well and that could very well take place over the holiday period if people are around.
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This is a kind and wonderful idea, thank you for coordinating it!
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Yes, thank you for doing this.
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I'm in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) and we were already doing a very loose Friendsgiving, and the more the merrier. I have a bunch of space, a back yard, three big goofy dogs, and we'll probably just eat food and watch Christmas movies (by which I mean Die Hard, the old cartoon Grinch, Scrooged etc) on the big TV on the patio (weather willing) all day.

We will do the same for Christmas Eve and Day.

(We are also doing this tonight, if anyone needs to be among people but in a safe space.)

I have a couple of beds and couches. If you're looking on somewhere to stay close to but not with relatives, for safety/sanity purposes, that's an option as well.
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I'm in Chicago, and I've decided I will not be going back to Georgia for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I don't really have a proper dining table, but I have a cute dog and a big couch and lots of board games, and a guest room that's really currently more accurately described as "second bed storage."

I can be a safe place to crash for low pressure hangs if you need them, or a guest myself at someone else's festivities if you're nearby and offering invites.

Generally I don't go back home for Thanksgiving, but this'll be my first Christmas on my own. I don't really care about Christmas as a holiday, but it would feel weird spending it alone.

Thanks for posting this.
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This is an amazing idea. God, I love this place.

I haven't run this by Mrs. Ghidorah, but if you need it, we can probably cram a couple more in our house on the 23rd, the national holiday in Japan. Memail me, and we'll figure it out.
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Las Vegas here, I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I have a large house with several spare rooms, many pugs, a few cats and a variety of weird family and friends. I'm downtown too so pretty central. Let me know if you need to be somewhere friendly and full of animals for the holidays.
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I'm in Waverly, Kansas. Roughly 1.5 hours away from Kansas City, 1 hour from Topeka, 50 minutes from Lawrence. Thanksgiving will be with my extended family but we always have a couple of seats open. We're all Democrats with one exception, but our exception is a #nevertrump guy and a really wonderful (if a little grumpy) person.

If there's anyone in the area who needs a friendly refuge for the day, let me know.
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You caring, dear people.
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That comment was brief, but for the avoidance of doubt contained no bullshit, snark or sarcasm.
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I will be at my parents' place in New Hampshire over Christmas/Chanukah and anyone in the vicinity who needs a friendly family is more than welcome.
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I'll have a bed and couch in Louisville. Won't have much food in the house, but there's always IHOP.

Come see me, let's break bread.
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i don't think i'm doing t-day with the fam so if anyone needs a Truth Friend to come attend their family dinner and Speak Simple Truths to their bigoted relatives i am so fucking down

will also physically fight them if needed
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I don't know how helpful or relevant a bed in Toronto would be to anyone, but my daughter is away at school so we have a spare room over your Thanksgiving. It's not Thanksgiving here, so I won't be doing a turkey or anything, but I can cook you a nice dinner? We have 2 other teenaged kids and a great big nervous dog and guitars everywhere.
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Going overnight camping with my precious husband and son somewhere about an hour outside of Los Angeles. Choices are either woodsy + beach, or strictly woodsy.

If this is your jam, memail for details :))
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I'm in Providence, RI for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I'd be willing to host some kind of dinner.
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And in regards to this: "...topics that could be discussed that might cause discomfort or arguements"

We don't talk politics in front of our 5 year old. So, I hope that works!
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I'll be out of town over Thanksgiving (if there are any mefites in Beijing who want to meet up, let me know!), but don't currently have Christmas plans. If you need a spot or something to do in the Chicago suburbs, I have an inflatable mattress that's never been used and a houseful of dogs to snuggle with. Oh and lots of beer and booze.
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Also this thread is the best and I <3 all of you very much .
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I will be in Charlotte for Thanksgiving; my extended family is all democrats so we will probably mope together.

But Christmas I'm stuck in Wilmington, NC. I'm six miles from the beach. I have a strange work schedule, but I have two extra rooms and beds and a couch and a recliner open if you'll walk my dog a few times. Must like dogs, especially funny Boston Terriers. I put up a Christmas tree and house lights even though I'm not religious - and I don't care if you and yours are - I just like having a tree in the house for a month. I work Christmas Day, but for Christmas Eve dinner I will cook the dinner my mom always made: prime rib with horseradish, twice-baked potato casserole, and asparagus. She always made popovers too, but mine don't really pop, sorry. Breakfast in the morning will be egg and sausage and bacon and cheese strata, and I always keep some cold brew coffee in the house. I have cable internet, but only an antenna and DVD player for the tv; I do have a lightning bolt to HDMI adapter though. And you have to sit through about 8 viewings of A Christmas Story and laugh as I make my dog wear tacky Christmas sweaters that he tries to wriggle out of. Oh, and my pup is super friendly, so if you have a dog-dog, that dog is certainly welcomed in my house.
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Kingston, Ontario, if anyone from northern NY State wants to come up.
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This is so incredibly touching. This is an amazing place. <3
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I'm really glad to see this here. Thanks for doing this, and thanks to all the mefites who are being so generous in this thread.
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San Diego (Escondido really) here. Happy to host a Fridaysgiving dinner, or Boxing Day (unavoidable family obligations prevent hosting on the days themselves).

We have no cats/dogs, but we do have a toddler, a great sofa, an inflatable mattress and I bake A LOT and always need taste-testers.
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We're in Sydney, if anyone isn't heading home for one or both holidays. No particular plans - free around T-day weekend and Xmas Day, so we can work it out together. Not religious. One toddler and two cats; we can meet at mine or a park or something.

(Poffin Boffin, want to come be my office body guard? OMG. What a shocker of a day it's been. And it's only midday!)
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filthy light thief, you are brilliant for posting this.

Colorado Springs. I have a private spare room upstairs and a couch on the main floor, and it's pretty quiet and peaceful here. I live on the edge of the downtown area so there's coffee and restaurants and a movie theater and lots of other stuff in walking distance. And I have a very affectionate dog who makes friends for life. I'm not much of a cook but I have a well-stocked kitchen, and there's a place down the road that makes carnitas like the devil's own.

Open to anyone who needs a safe space or just a change of scenery over Thanksgiving or Christmas or thereabouts.
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Open offer for Thanksgiving & Christmas both, Milwaukee WI: I have a dining table that seats 8, will be cooking a moderately elaborate vegan dinner (sides & dessert from scratch, plus a Tofurky), & have a guest bedroom with a queen mattress if you need a place to crash. My apartment is like an IRL Crone Island but dudes are welcome to visit. I love & am carrying hope in my heart for you all.
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I'm in Oakland and hosting a dinner. Family is nearby but I'd rather spend it with folks who don't have any or can't afford to see them. Ping me if you are looking for a place to go in the Bay Area. My turkey is wicked good.
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We're in St Petersburg, FL, available Thanksgiving and Christmas (and anytime someone needs a safe place, day or night). It's just my husband and me, our cats and our bunnies. We'll be having a typical Thanksgiving meal but I'm an experienced cook and happy to take (and make!) ANY requests. No idea what I'm making for a Christmas meal yet. Our pride flag flies daily and I'll wear a pantsuit.
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Oh! And we have a private guest room and a separate bath as well.
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Damn, I'd be happy to offer a "distressed orphan" refuge in SW PDX, but the apartment building I'm currently in has zip for guest parking. Well, anyone who wants to come here via public trans is welcome, there's a bus stop a couple blocks away...
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Thanks everyone, for sharing and commenting.

We're in Rio Rancho, the suburban sprawl north of Albuquerque, with a goofy dog, a pushy cat and two crazy boys. We're not close enough to walk to any nice city amenities, but they're a short drive or hop on city transit, and it's a pretty quiet neighborhood.

We'd love to have a few folks join us for Thanksgiving. We have a spare bedroom or two.

We have family coming in for Christmas, but if you need to get away, we can probably figure something out.
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My flat (two tiny bedrooms, kitchen, wet bathroom, living room; sleeps a family of three/four - I have a double bed plus double fold out sofa) in Hong Kong is free while I'm home for Christmas, from around 9 pm on December 19 to the afternoon of January 3, and it is yours for the asking. It's the driest and coolest time of year so you can go on amazing hikes and feast on dim sum. Bonus: you can get Marks and Spencer Christmas food here. We're less than a four-hour flight from the rest of east Asia AND I have wifi.

Memail me!
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I am in Minneapolis and my parents spend their winters in Arizona so I'm pretty much an orphan over the holidays. I'm willing to hang out with other Mefites who are in the same boat and make some food, go to a movie, whatever!
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I'm east of Dallas, out by the lakes. Our house was pretty much torn up by the tornadoes and hail storms, and we're still rebuilding, but if you don't look at the ceilings, or notice the concrete floors, and don't mind sitting around on cushions and coffee tables because the big dining room set is no more, I make a great bird. We'll have football on the (not big) tv, because it's Dallas, and it's the law, but we'll have music and musicians and instruments in other rooms, board games, xbox, dogs, cats, serpents and teenagers. I usually do a huge turkey day, but this year most of our friends aren't coming because of the construction, but if you don't mind a little dust, paper plates instead of grandma's china, and dodging the inevitable nerf gun fight, then I don't mind cooking a bigger bird. :)

(I say this assuming I'll have insulation by Thanksgiving.)
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I love you people so much. MetaFilter is easily one of the best places on earth.

Thank you all.
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flt, this is a wonderful idea, and thank you for posting it. Thank you to everyone who's offering space. You are community.
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Also, I don't know exactly what my Thanksgiving looks like yet, but just as a general standing offer: if you're in Portland and kind of just want to vent or ignore-it-all or just say hi over a coffee or a beer, drop me a line. I have this weird job that lets me structure my time pretty freely and I like meeting mefites.
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Austin, Texas for thanksgiving dinner starting at actual evening dinner time with a bunch of old punks. Very LGBTQ+ friendly. I don't have a place for anyone to stay, but I'm willing to help find one. No December holiday plans but if someone wants to join in lighting Hanukkah candles I'm down.

Brilliant idea. No one should have to be alone during the holidays.
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Syracuse, NY. We can squeeze in a couple more people. Must be okay with Simpson references.
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This is a good thread.

I don't know that I'll be up for joining polite company in the foreseeable future, but I am keeping my eye on it.
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I'll be having a few people over for thanksgiving in New York City there will be turkey or a chicken depending on numbers and traditional sides. It'll be two Canadians and guests, probably all young and left wing. There is also a cat. There isn't really room for an overnight stay but if anyone wants to join for dinner you're welcome.
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In Fort Worth, Texas, we can make room for you on cots and couches on any holiday if you need a non-stressful place to stay. You are also welcome to come to the extended fam T-Day/Xmas Eve dinners, which is what we do instead of me cooking; they lean conservative/anti-Trump/don't want to discuss politics, generally and there are always a few random extra folks. Food is good, always, and there is always an Extremely Random Side-dish from Uncle J, who reads too many cooking magazines. Memail me.
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This is my last Christmas Eve with my best friend before she moves away to Texas. What I dread is the holiday next year.
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We do a vegetarian Thanksgiving in Los Feliz (LA, CA). We're all progressives; most of us MeFites.
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Anyone in Central NJ who needs a turkey sandwich on Black Friday, let me know. We are not home for Thanksgiving dinner but we're home for the rest of the long weekend. Well except my husband is going to the Jets/Patriots game. He'll wish he was home.
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I'm at a friend's in Vermont for T'giving but for December Holidaytime my "Let's watch movies" thing in MA (Westport, between Fall River and New Bedford) is ON. Usually there are a few people and there is some food and there is NO holiday stuff at all besides us all being together. Us = not_on_display, my sister and other locals who might come by. We chill and watch movies. There are guestrooms. You are welcome.
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I love you people. This place is the best.
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I'm in. Concord, CA here. We have a full house for Thanksgiving in terms of actual bedroom sleeping arrangements but we can always squeeze in a couple more people for dinner and the couch is open. Traditional turkey and fixings at the regular dinner hour and all day appetizers and a significant quantity of wine. Alice's Restaurant will be listened to at some point. Same goes for Christmas and the surrounding days.

We're couple of pre-60 olds and our young adult kids (including my daughter who introduced me to metafilter) and their stray random friends are often around. Fair warning, we board dogs at our house so there will be lots of pooches during both holidays (8-10 dogs, some indoors, some out). It's a dog party! That can be a feature or a bug depending on how you look at it, but dogs are great therapy. If you want to come over and just hang with a bunch of dogs for a while that can be arranged. Also two cats.

Thanks for this thread. It's the first thing I've seen that made me feel a little better.
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I'm hiding in NC between Wilmington and jacksonville. I have no real plans other than spending thanksgiving with my 86 y.o. mom. Anyone is welcome.

Xmas is a typically bleak time for me and I put on a pretense for mom. We do usually have good food. Anyone is welcome.

I have a spare bedroom with air mattress and three cats. What more does one need? It's no judgment zone as long as you play well with kitties.

Y'all are all welcome here.
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I'm in Portland, OR and likely an orphan for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't host but would love to get together with people, either at a restaurant or some place else. I will bring my dad's apple pie and regale you with the story of where the recipe came from.
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Also, I don't really care for turkey, but recognize that beggars can't be choosers.
posted by bendy at 7:09 PM on November 10, 2016

Boston resident here: can host folks for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm vegetarian and some of my family keep kosher-ish, so most food will also be dairy free, but it's BYOT and my folks will also bring a turkey. Vegans happily accommodated. Some moderate drinking. Atmosphere is a mix of family and friends, all adults age Gen X and above, but kids and younger folks welcome! In order for me to cope with the conservative leanings of certain family, I declare my home to be a political converation-free zone for the duration of the holiday. We tend to have a friendly, chill time. Current pets just include several boisterous turtles, but there was a cat in residence up to very recently. Unfortunately I can't host anyone overnight, but you and yours are welcome to a place at our table!
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Downtown Los Angeles. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We're serving both meat-eaters and vegans, so something for everyone! And we have all this wine that needs drinkin'...
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Toledo, OH. Spare suite, and comfy couch. Two big dogs who live to cuddle.

Holidays here are always hilarious. Smoked turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving. Soooo much wine! Elder Monster's FIL usually gets the annual Soul Caliber tournament going. If the weather isn't shit, we have a bonfire.

Midwinter Night is very relaxed. Roast pork, lots of Mead. Bonfire if it isn't awful outside.

Christmas Eve is Open House, with a full Middle Eastern spread. Christmas Day, a quieter affair with German food.

No need to wait for holidays, though. My home is meant to be a Safe Haven. If you need to get away, come on by. There is always room at my table, there are all the hugs you want, and getting glomped on by the DogMonsters will soothe your aching soul.
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Run away to IRELAND! Come spend Thanksgiving with us. We have a single bed guest room, two giant Boxers and a turkey in Cork.
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Northern NJ, have a guest room and two wild children who love playing hide-and-seek (badly).
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I'm in NYC. Unfortunately, I can't host you on Thanksgiving Day like the wonderful Mefites upthread. I would, however, be delighted to organize some sort of meetup for Thanksgiving evening, or later that weekend, if there's interest. Same thing goes for Christmas. I can bring cookies if you'd like some home-baked goodness.
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Cincinnati, OH, Thanksgiving. I can't offer sleeping arrangements because the house is already full but there is no limit to how many people I can feed (I LOVE A CHALLENGE), my dog loves new people, and my cornbread dressing is LEGENDARY. Also we generally do post-dessert manicures, so....

There will not be one person in my house on Thanksgiving who voted for Trump. I consider that a feature not a bug.

Don't know about Christmas plans yet. We're thinking of traveling so it's all kind of up in the air.
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I've been bawling my eyes out all morning, visiting a couple of former business partners & tying up loose bankruptcy ends, and I... I am glad to know there are people out there who would literally welcome my partner and I. We have plans for Thanksgiving already, but Festivus month we are around. We're in Raleigh NC.

I also have to mention that some of my most favorite holidays ever were spent with friends just goofing around, shooting baskets, walking dogs or watching movies.

I'd say more but I'm running out of kleenex.
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We're in the Netherlands and we're rebuilding. But we have a fully functional bathroom, wine, and tasty things to eat, and it's dry, warm and full of cats inside our messy house... and if one of you were to wash up on our doorstep, we'd gladly welcome you and find you a bed.
So if you need to really, REALLY avoid all traces of Thanksgiving, that may be an option. Let me know.
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Hugs, you all are the best. Totally doing friends-giving this year.
posted by photoslob at 4:54 PM on November 11, 2016

Forgot to mention....My house is a haven for anyone who needs it at anytime now or in the future. Seriously.

Plus there's no tv so you'll be away from that; but there are many books and a library not too far away (you can use my card). And I'm 15 minutes from door to shore so you can walk the beach and enjoy the solitude.
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Beds are full but there is definitely room at the table for Thanksgiving in Napa Valley. Well, actually the table is quite small, but we eat all over the house or make an extra long table in the living room. A kid (preschooler) and cat live here... so boops and Lego inventiveness is encouraged but not at all required.
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Austin, TX. I will be here for Thanksgiving, and I have a futon. We were planning a very informal and small dinner with tamales and vegan goodies and we would love you to join.
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I'm in beautiful Bozeman, MT, with kind roommates, sweet snuggly animals, a comfy couch, and my boyfriend and I both cook professionally, so Thanksgiving will be BOMB. We are a slovenly bunch, so don't expect anything very adulty or polished. You are more than welcome to join.
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Whew! Getting in on this quite late but we'll be having smokesgiving in Columbia, SC. Smoked meat and alcohol in equally unwise rations as well as a bed and two purr monsters. Cheers and thanks to filthy light thief.
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I'm late to this too but my partner and I live in Portland (OR), where we just moved so we'd love to share our home with mefites who understand our election grief and share our need for community building now. My ladyfriend just had a surgery so she's going to be a zombie for awhile so Thanskgiving is probably not happening this year, but Christmas is a big deal to us both so we're going to try to do it up this year—if you're a crafter, I am very much not but my ladyfriend is and looking to spend her recovery process making stuff! We have a spare room for guests, and one obnoxious but handsome cat and the world's best extremely old Great Dane for comfort and cheer. I'm posting on mobile and don't have enough time now to look back for fellow Portland area folks who already posted but wanted to put an invite out there before I forgot entirely!
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(this is all really lovely)
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Another in Chicago here. I'll be doing a Thanksgiving dinner. I can't host people to stay overnight but feel free to come for the meal!

I'll be attempting a turducken among other things. There will be a slightly neurotic and goofy dog who loves to cuddle, a mish mash of people, some games, Netflix, and booze.
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Hey there all! Portland, OR here - my husband and I have a small apartment but we are hoping to hold a Friendsgiving since we aren't traveling to see family this year. Memail me if you would like to come! Our apartment is pretty small - we can probably host something like 6-8 folks or so. We have board/card games, TV with Netflix/Playstation, and a giant beanbag instead of a couch (we are weird). I'm thinking of attempting to do a full traditional meal but would be totally happy to do vegetarian stuff too or whatever people like to eat! Stay well all. Also, thanks filthy light thief for this thread - it made me happy to see such an outpouring of caring from the community in what has been such a shitty week.
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Pittsburgh, PA reporting in. I'm hosting Thanksgiving and would love to have more people around the table. Also, my home is open to anyone who needs a refuge in the coming weeks - it's quiet and cosy, and usually I spend my weekends cooking.
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We're having a gathering with friends the Saturday after Thanksgiving near Minneapolis, MN.
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My girlfriend and I moved to Burlington, VT, earlier this year, far away from our families. We had been planning to have a quiet Thanksgiving together, but are now feeling the need to connect. We are well-behaved, bookish, liberal people. We would be happy to host, but would also be willing to travel to join others.
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Seattle, WA here. I'm planning on making a Thanksgiving feast featuring the flavors of my Lebanese heritage, centered on a seven spice turkey smoked on the grill with garlic sauce to top it. We have about four spaces left at the table and can find a spot for you to sleep, if needed. Our house is home to a dog and a toddler, and all the shabby (properly shabby, not shabby chic, alas) furniture, toys, and dreadful carpet that goes along with that. But we hold everything together with ample amounts of love. We'll eat, drink copiously, have football on in the background, talk and laugh, play board games, etc. We'll even teach you how to translate Mr. Weeyin's Glaswegian accent. You are welcome here.
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Ithaca NY, any time from Dec. 24th to New Years. Guest room with a bathroom, spare pack-n-play and crib mattress, cat-and-kid containing house that celebrates both Christmas and Hanukah with meat and veggie celebration foods. I really like baking with other people (even if they just sit at the table with a glass of cheer and keep me company.)
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I'm with my parents (possibly voted for Drumpf, but I'm too afraid to ask) for Thanksgiving, but I'd love to have a Friendsgiving on Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving! I have three wonderful long-haired cats who would happily take all the cuddles you have.

I'm in Marin (San Rafael), CA and could probably get 4-6 people in here. I'm gluten free, but I am a pretty fabulous cook, especially when it comes to dessert. Memail me if interested.

And this thread seriously has brought me so much joy. Thank you all for this - I am so glad to have found my people here.
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If you're in Toronto around US Thanksgiving and can't face family down south, me (Scottish) and ms scruss (USA) could likely help out. We're east end.
posted by scruss at 3:18 PM on November 13, 2016 [1 favorite]

I'm coming in late to this thread but wanted to say that if anyone is going to be in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area and needs a safe space for Thanksgiving, we will have room at our table for at least two and possibly four.
posted by shelbaroo at 4:28 AM on November 14, 2016 [1 favorite]

Grandma had a doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon and is, apparently, going blind, which means I'm going to have to go back for Christmas or they will all blame me for everything forever. (lol jk they already do this)
posted by phunniemee at 8:19 AM on November 14, 2016 [2 favorites]

It was brought to my attention that since many people don't often check IRL that I should post this event in the Holiday thread for Chicago folks who might be interested; it's a new Saturday monthly brunch at my place for people who are inspired to activism, want support for activism, or want to support activism. It's also brunch! I hope you can join us.

One of the very few blessings I've had since the election of Trump is realizing how much my immediate family (read: my parents) have my and my siblings back at this time. I'm so very sorry to those who do not have this support and who are finding this even more painful.
posted by MCMikeNamara at 8:27 AM on November 14, 2016 [7 favorites]

Also late to this thread, but I am just north of Boston and can play host to up to 4 guests for T'giving and/or Xmas. Message me if you need a refuge - I have a pull-out couch and a spare room with a full-size futon (and a bar in the basement).
posted by acridrabbit at 10:09 AM on November 14, 2016 [1 favorite]

Washington, DC here - my boyfriend and I are new to the area and unfortunately struggling to find people we know who are game for a friendsgiving :(. If anyone in the area would like company, or would like to join us at our home near downtown (incl. a spare bedroom if you'd like to stay overnight), please reach out! We're very flexible - vegan/veggie friendly, willing to travel anywhere in the metro area, happy to bring board games, etc.
posted by R a c h e l at 10:50 AM on November 14, 2016 [3 favorites]

Pittsburgh, PA here - we have an open apartment that I'm happy to share with fellow mefites, definitely available for Thanksgiving, possibly for Christmas.
posted by amicamentis at 1:50 PM on November 14, 2016 [1 favorite]

Even if you find yourself unable to come to Japan for Thanksgiving at my place, I will give you all the secret gift of wonder:

Into your mashed potatoes, fold in a solid, fist sized dollop of smoked cream cheese. It makes the happiest, creamiest, most gently kissed by smoke mashed potatoes I've ever had.
posted by Ghidorah at 7:14 PM on November 14, 2016 [6 favorites]

Southeast Michiganians: How about meeting to see the Detroit Thanksgiving parade AND do good? Fun, food & fundraising. The local ACLU is hosting a Thurs. a.m. brunch and parade-watching at their offices right on Woodward.

Yay, who doesn't like a parade. Who in metro Detroit has never seen the Detroit parade. ME! (Let alone the Macy's one, which, as another alternative we were tempted to run away to this year.)

We're also open to other holiday alternatives, both at T'giving & around Xmas, including hosting something at Casa NorthernLite or other change-up activities, like dinner and bowling during the Xmas holidays.

(I checked with a mod - if there's any interest, we might want to take some of this to an IRL meetup.)
posted by NorthernLite at 3:13 PM on November 15, 2016 [1 favorite]

I'm in Tallahassee, Florida, and not available for Thanksgiving, as we're going elsewhere. But I'll be around for Christmas, and we could definitely take people in for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
posted by PearlRose at 7:07 AM on November 16, 2016 [1 favorite]

I could host in Oakland, CA. I intend to be very lazy about "cooking", i.e. I'll probably just snack on a relish tray through the day, but I do have All the Cooking Things if someone wanted to actually cook. I'd be super thrilled to have a handful of people have a marathon Pandemic Legacy game. Have an extra bedroom for the weekend if needed.
posted by ktkt at 8:51 PM on November 17, 2016 [1 favorite]

I unfortunately don't have room to host people this year (and holy crap social anxiety) but if anyone feels like they want a Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas/Birthday/Other text, email, memail, or gchat, I will totally do that if you just tell me how you want to be contacted.
posted by specialagentwebb at 11:02 AM on November 18, 2016 [2 favorites]

There's been no offers for Virginia, so! I'm on the southeast coastal area. Hang out with me and my partner, play video games, get coffee. Whatever, whenever.
posted by FirstMateKate at 11:27 AM on November 18, 2016 [3 favorites]

@MiltonRandKalman Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving meal with an amazing bunch of folks. Also - yes indeed your turkey was kick ass!
posted by crayon at 7:22 PM on November 24, 2016 [3 favorites]

Dear Metafilter: you make me smile. I love ya'll.
posted by Nancy_LockIsLit_Palmer at 2:35 AM on November 26, 2016 [1 favorite]

Ahh! I saw this too late! But holidays aren't the only time. If you need good home-cooked meal and some company in the Bay Area, CA, let me know. We can commiserate about being the black sheep of the family, too, if that's applicable. (Can't offer a place to stay, because single woman living alone in a patriarchal, rape-culture society, etc., but a meal, company, and commiseration at the state of the world is totally doable.)
posted by greermahoney at 10:52 PM on November 26, 2016

Saw this too late for Thanksgiving, but I can provide good company and commiseration in Philadelphia for the rest of this holiday season and beyond. I live with Lil' Bones the Pitbull, who will greet you immediately and try to hug you when you walk in the door, and Oscar the cat, who may sit quietly over you on the couch like so. My roommates are a good crew who understand complicated holiday feels. We have a wide selection of board games, and a never ending supply of wine and fancy soda. Our neighborhood has gorgeous old houses, a solid variety of restaurants and coffee shops, and anti-Trump sentiments posted everywhere.
posted by ActionPopulated at 1:01 PM on November 27, 2016

Given the couple of post-Thanksgiving holiday offers at the tail end here and a couple notes of interest in it from other channels, I'll note that the mod staff's fine with someone doing a second Christmas/NYE/etc.-centric roundup thread along these lines.
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:56 AM on November 28, 2016 [1 favorite]

We have a single bed guest room, two giant Boxers and a turkey in Cork.

Not knowing enough (but knowing *enough*, ya'know?) about Irish nomenclature and vernacular, I'd only put money on really understanding the first item listed. Semi-seriously, this could mean anything. Jokingly, visitor beware.
posted by RolandOfEld at 10:52 AM on November 28, 2016

This thread creates a wish for the instant invention of reliable personal matter transmission and time travel concurrent with the instant construction of their required global infrastructures as one wants to visit everyone listed at once.
posted by y2karl at 12:15 AM on December 6, 2016 [2 favorites]

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