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It's the season of giving, and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you, my friends, that while you are giving gifts, please consider your favorite web community in your giving.

A modest gift (recurring, if possible) can go a long way towards keeping Metafilter the high-quality community it is by making sure that the site can continue to afford the excellent moderation and general upkeep needed to make sure you get your daily dose of the blue. (Disclaimer - I was not prompted by anyone or anything other than my love for this place and the people here in making this post. My personal contribution is less than a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee a month)
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Agreed, and bumped my monthly a bit. Call it a cost of modding increase, 'cause Christ knows the cost to the mods has increased lately.
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Heya, thanks for that thought, pjern. And yeah, we definitely rely on the contributions of community members and lurkers and readers to keep things financially stable on the site, which mostly means keeping staffing levels up, so I can't say enough how much I have appreciated the generosity of you all over the last while in supporting the site.

I am planning to put together a more thorough state-of-the-site update soon, but on the subject of contributing to the site one thing I want to note is that for folks with recurring contributions it's pretty easy for a credit card on file with Paypal or Stripe to expire and that generally leads to a subscription quietly going by the wayside or generating a relatively opaque complaint email from PayPal. So if you keep up a recurring payment, it's a good idea to check in on that once a year all else aside to make sure that you haven't had it disappear on you!

All that said, I also want to acknowledge that there's a lot of organizations out there doing important work that will also be needing support; in the spirit of supporting what you can and what's important to you and to other folks in this community, thinking of and helping out MetaFilter is a kindness indeed but just one part of what I'd personally want folks to be looking at in terms of how they can try and help keep things good and livable for as many people as possible. It's important to have a reliable home-on-the-internet to be able to come back to, but also important to try and help with the everything else going on outside it.
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Also, while we try to keep it visible down in the footer, I suppose I could note explicitly that this is the funding page. But now I need to get back to cross-stitching this Menger sponge.
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You've given up on ukuleles, then?
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On a semi-related-but-not-really note: will there be a mefite holiday store link this year?
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Yes! We're getting it together in the next couple days.
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man cannot live on ukes alone
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man cannot live on ukes alone

Ukes don't make good eating, too stringy.
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Just realized due to this post that my quarterly payment would have been due in Sept, but I didn't get a receipt. Which suggests my card with Stripe expired, but I'm sure I didn't get a message from them, though. Is there any way for a user to have direct interaction with Stripe to sort out this sort of thing, or does it have to go through the mods? The mods are super responsive when I've asked in the past (well, just once, for this), but I'd rather be able to do it myself. If there's no user option with Stripe, I might move back to PayPal...
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At the moment Stripe stuff is all just a "contact the mods" situation, yeah. Which isn't a bother on our end at all, for what it's worth.
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please consider your favorite web community in your giving

Huh? I've already donated multiple times to yaasssssshawtcenterfoldsofapollolunarlanders.com.
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The MefiMall is open -- come to the Mefimall thread and click to update or add your shops!
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Been doing the funding thing ever since The Troubles were announced, but yeah, glad to see the reminder.
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