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I'm pretty sure I saw this linked on MetaFilter somewhere, but it's been years.

A long while ago, I visited a site where the concept was what albums the Beatles would have released if they hadn't broken up. It was impressive, at least to then me. If I'm remembering this correctly (and I'm not sure that I am), there were actual images of these nonexistent albums. There may have been tracklists, too, but I doubt that - that seems a mite too stupendous.

This isn't the mashup album by the guy who claimed to have traveled to an alternate universe, and this isn't mightygodking's admittedly cool alternate universe story. Unfortunately, those two are all that I've been able to find (the former more than the latter).

Any help I'd appreciate.
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Was it this What if? from Tidal?
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Are you thinking of this post about the alternate history mashup album "Everyday Chemistry"?
posted by Plutor at 4:33 AM on December 13, 2016

Here's an AskMe question about it from 2010. The first answer (by me under a different username) gives track listings for what could have been two more Beatles albums.
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Albums that Never Were?
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maurice, at first glance I wanted to say that what you linked was it, but...I don't know. It doesn't look right. Maybe it was it, but I feel like it had more Beatles albums, all of them clickable from a central sort of page?

Then again, it's been years. Maybe what you linked is it. In which case, thanks. It's definitely interesting in any case, so I can't regret being linked it.
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Never mind, covered in the post text
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Just in time for Christmas, John Lennon Youtube channel just uploaded 24 new videos (mostly in HD)!
posted by growabrain at 10:17 AM on December 20, 2016

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