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Please share the MeFi post/discussion that has *delighted* you the most, in an irrepressible smile-inducing sort of way. It can be old or new, brief or epic, an FPP whose comments devolved into a series of terrible puns, an in-joke-filled post about your favorite show on FanFare, an Ask about naming a really cute pet, the IRL where you met your SO... whatever you've seen discussed or discovered by this community that has given you a frisson of sans schadenfreude delight, I'd love to see or be reminded of it, too. Here's to brighter days.

This 100% snark-free MeTa was brought to you by i lik the bred and Malibu Crypto.
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A few miscellaneous ones -


- little known fact about shinkansen bullet trains
- "I made the IMDb message boards"
- model trains and graffiti artists


- Tales from the work from home crowd
- Observations from Mefites on the hazards and delights of Ikea trips
- Mefites have stories about those portable defibrillators
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(I guess those are really more ones I enjoyed in the last few days, not all-time delights. But hey.)
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I was so deeply surprised that this never caught on more. I'm not even really into Batman OR Medieval/Fantasy stories, and that really tickled me!
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I rarely laugh as hard as I do during the alphabet threads. I'm easy to please.
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Hello! I am your husband

Hi honey

And there was a thread (well, there are several) with a whole back and forth exchange between Mrs. Pterodactyl and Bulgaroktonos that was absolutely hilarious but I can't remember anything about it and searching for it is basically impossible.
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This recent post about a delightful poem made me laugh a lot.
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To this day I get all excited and wiggly and happy whenever erikgrande's "Moon Patrol" and Wolfdog's "Suddenpolkka" come up in my music queue. I quote Moon Patrol all the time as an in-joke: "We're not afraid to face the emptiness of space!" "Crossing the dark side!" "We wake up at noon!" Utter delight, every time!

One of the more recent FPPs that made me die laughing was awkward moments. Not only was it great that so many people shared, but so many of the comments were hilarious. Palomar's "nicely turned calf" story made me laugh until I was collapsed on the floor drooling the first time I read it; I bet I think about that comment once a week, and I still laugh so hard I make those little rapid snort noises.

--The National Weather Service abandons caplock, just for the phrase "WEATHER SHOUTING"
--Waffle Poots
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that one fpp ages ago about fake video games which i am too lazy to find

that ice one is so great

really though my favourite post ever was my cosmarxpolitan one
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I still laugh about crouton petting

and some of the classic beatdowns, honestly. I'm glad the site culture doesn't let the mushroom thing happen anymore and that the Pretty Flowers incident will never repeat itself but damned if it didn't make me laugh at the time.
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I loved this one with famous poems rewritten as limericks: There once was a girl named Lenore.
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phunniemee, is one of them the time those two both told the exact same story about GWAR at the exact same time? Because that was also delightful!
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YES. That's the one.
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From my first page of favorites .. (I am thrilled to see this is still active)

From much more recently, this collection of Prince stories
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rtha I was just telling someone about that Wuthering Heights post last week! That video made my heart nearly burst with joy.

I like lots of the silly threads but the one that came to mind first was this jokes one. I'm a simple creature.
posted by billiebee at 3:58 PM on February 7, 2017

oh man and that one where it was like "here are a bunch of jokes made up by 6 year olds" or something? those kids were brutal.
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You mean this one? I first came across that linked in a MeTa and I laughed til I nearly threw up.
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We have talked enough about the stealing cheese thread.
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It's happened a couple of times, but a thread will mention [Pop Culture Movie] that I have never seen, and I'll speak up that I haven't and usually there's one or two people who are like: WAIT STOP INFJ NEEDS TO SEE [Movie] STAT!

I think I finally ended up seeing Pulp Fiction because of this.
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First post that came to mind was the t-shirt mashups one.
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It may be cliched, but anything to do with dogs being dogs.

Every single post that had anything to do with the Rockin' 1000, from when they first hatched the plan to lure the Foo Fighters to their town to the most recent post where they kept going and are doing their own concerts now.

Geek anachronism shared a story about how she washed a 3-foot-tall My Little Pony plushy which her daugher had got at a thrift store. I fell so much in love that I posted a shout-out here, and was delighted several times over by people sharing their own stories of "the things I do for my kid" or "how my kid injured me" or "crazy things I've found myself saying now that I am a parent".
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bred likking cows is probably going to be a lifetime hall-of-famer for me
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Heh - I just reread the My Little Pony Washing thread and came across the following delightful exchange, posted as things were winding down:
Gingerest to The Whelk: "Did you know, in my head, your husband is Captain America?"

The Whelk to Gingerest: "I'm totally fine with that."
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Digging back into old favorites, I'm still fond of the Ferris Bueller "Fight Club" theory. Also, Nattie's stories about her parrots.
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All the ones where MeFis tell us they got married or produce a mini-MeFis. And every single "Thanks SQ!" post. And every pet picture.
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OH! Remember the time when a MeFite got stuck in an elevator, and used his Kindle to comment in the middle of a random FPP about the Netherlands to ask people to call for help?
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I love that one!
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I think my favorite was the Jimmy Fallon/Roots post which quickly descended into deskology. Especially once it got to the point where someone actually talking about the Roots was accused of derailing.

Elephant Day was pretty awesome too.
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Holy shit I forgot about that elevator one! I was so frustrated. I've never thought I'd be so angry that I don't speak Spanish.
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I was reluctant to say it because the second comment is me being delighted in real time with my li'l mouth agapin' and flappin', but what the hell: Knots on Mars and a related FPP, Knots in Space
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The Dad Jokes thread. I laughed until I almost gagged.
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A lot of the ones that particularly delight me are the ones that delight my kids, such as (just lots of fun, not LOL hilarious), Skiing Ikea (LOL every time), Washing machine with a brick in it on a trampoline (helpless giggling), or getting pooped on by a whale (collapse on floor in delight by all children under 8).

This framing about the Royal Wedding/Westminster Abbey makes me giggle every single time.
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There are a lot of amazing things in Projects but I persist in my belief that Listing to Port (later FPP'd is the best thing that has ever existed.
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The only example I actually remember is rainbow sharties.

My brain is like a sieve.
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2nding Nattie's stories about her parrots, especially this one.

Also, poffin boffin makes me laugh a lot, especially this story about the MENACING TINY GOAT and the playground story.
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This list of the 50 Greatest Video Game Characters of All Time sparked some great discussion and friendly debate about all sorts of video games that definitely exist in our timeline.
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I follow a bunch of Mefites on Twitter, and a bunch of Mefites follow me. Sometimes I know someone on Twitter is a Mefite but I don't know who they are because they don't have the same usernames on both sites. I recently figured out though, that someone I follow asked one of my all time favorite AskMe questions, something that I had wondered myself for years.

On an episode of The Cosby Show, Stevie Wonder asked Theo Huxtable what he would say if he was at a party. His answer was "Jammin on the one". But what does it mean?

From the answers I learned a little bit about rhythm, James Brown, and Bootsy Collins.
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Penis beaker forever
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This is weird because it's a comment to one of my own FPPs but when I made a post about Bea Arthur and Madame (the puppet portrayed by Wayland Flowers), dnash showed up and told the story he'd heard of how Wayland Flowers would sit at Man's Country, a long-standing bathhouse in Chicago, in a towel with Madame in a towel and turban judging the men as they walked by. I think of it every time I pass by Man's Country now and it fills me with delight Every Single Time.
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This isn't a specific post or anything but gradually coming to the realization that Johnny Wallflower is an unapologetic dog partisan was an amusing sidetrack to go on over the previous few weeks.
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I forgot to mention The Enduring Paint on the Face Mystery, the most delightful aspect of which is the unusually high percentage of people who remain convinced, even in the absence of evidence, that it was from Perfect Strangers.

Also, this comment from turbid dahlia is one of my all-time delightful faves: Dogs!
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Putting My Foot Down, the foot-photo fake-book thread. I revisit it when I need a laugh.
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a horse takes it to the limit
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I go back and read the responses to my own thank-you note to MetaFilter more often than I'd admit to people in real life. Y'all continue to be ok in my book. A+++ would raise kids with AskMe again.
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Some random faves:

Please tell me the most Dad thing your Dad has ever done.

The endless juvenile humor in the Dildo factory FPP.

#1 - Get an avocado, #2 - Sneak it into your peep's hood, #3 - Take a picture, #4 - 'CADOED!! (and endless variations thereof)

TREEOSAUR. Both for the link, and for the comments.
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The Whelk narrating a running battle with his hosting provider in a thread about his own work absolutely killed me.
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I greatly enjoyed this pun, in a thread about making gyros at home.

Also, this pair of threads about terrible, terrible music.
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that gyro thread is so good, jake is the best and i salute him
posted by poffin boffin at 2:58 PM on February 8, 2017

Oh man, I'd forgotten the gyro thread. I'm absolutely having gyros for dinner tonight, as I'm fairy certain I did in 2015 when that thread first happened.
posted by MCMikeNamara at 3:29 PM on February 8, 2017

My hovercraft is full of eels!
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Can't sleep, Clown'll Tweet me pops into my head regularly, three years later.
posted by threetwentytwo at 4:42 AM on February 9, 2017

It's more "weird" than "delightful", but this old AskMe is fun.
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After more than 14 years of participating in the community, I have too many great memories to list, but here are a few highlights:

- This wasn't technically a Metafilter thread, but we used to sometimes do fake AskMe question threads on MetaChat, and it was hysterical, with people posting incredibly inventive and deliberately offensive questions. The best part was imagining the meltdown the question would have caused if it were actually posted on AskMe.

- There was one AskMe thread in which the poster asked, "Might man boobs ever become bodacious pecs?" I'm not sure I even read the thread, but for some reason the wording of that question never ceases to delight me. Every time I say it to myself, I laugh inordinately.

- I also enjoyed an AskMe thread (or threads) in which everyone posted stories of celebrity encounters. They were many and varied and wonderful.
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Oh yes! Boring celebrity encounters! There've been at least a couple of those, haven't there? First one I'm finding is dull rock and roll anecdotes, but I swear there are more.
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I may be late to this thread and I have not read the other comments but today poffin boffin introduced us all to Joe Mathlete Explains Marmaduke (warning: election thread), which I have already cried laughing at multiple times, and it reminded me of the time AskMe tried to explain Luann. There is just something about the frustration of people trying to understand unfunny newspaper comic strips that hits my funny bone I guess. Plus the side storyline of people yelling that OMG it's TONI not LUANN who's Brad's SISTER GROSS, and the fact that someone actually wrote to the cartoonist to try to figure it out. I die.
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Does the dull celebrity anecdotes thread have the story where Weird Al offered to buy me fudge but I was ethically required to refuse?

(I'll have to go review it to be sure.)

Here's my delights:

shitstorm honeypot and the string of scatalogical Bond movie titles that follow.
Dirty Jokes for Grandma
taters explained (I love it that shakespeherian "goes to lunch for two hours with a vendor" *cough*Brewer's life*cough* and then comes back for the denouement.)
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The post on that Shinkansen Twitter feed? I started going to Twitter a lot more to watch speedy trains go by.

I think I have a problem.
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I'm a boring person and I want boring music to go with my life is a gift that keeps on giving. Also, in related doot-dootiness, 🎺💀 Call of Dooty: Skull Trumpet Ops III.
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If you like interactive fiction and text adventures, and even if you don't, the comments in this thread from four years ago may amuse.
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Sapphic bacterium courtesy of ocherdracho
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I still laugh at Bhutan!
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I know it's a MeFi classic, and everyone's already seen it, but YOU ENJOY THIS ACT YOU SEXY SEX PERSON makes me smile every time.
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I kinda wish the mods had added a link the final explanatory comment by the OP to the taters thread that solved the question once and fire all.
posted by canine epigram at 7:15 PM on February 19, 2017

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