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I'm writing to give a shoutout to kitteh's post from January about homelessness and menstruation.

I'm a guy in my 30s, and I had never once considered this issue before. I'm also a first-year in an MSW program who is completing a field placement at a health clinic for the homeless in Chicago that has not had supplies to provide to our participants, so kitteh's post gave me a lot to think about.

Since seeing that post I've been working on finding a way to help fix this, and I'm excited to say that today our clinic partnered with another great non-profit that works on collecting donated products and was looking for a partner to help with distribution. My clinic sees over 4000 women and trans men every year, and we're officially on the road to providing them with free tampons, pads, and liners when they need them.

I won't link to fundraising, but I wanted to share my news because I'm excited for what this means for our population, and because I'm so grateful for the Metafilter community and all that I've learned here over the years. Kitteh, I want you to know that you've made a difference in my life and in the lives of a lot of Chicagoans.
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This is amazing!
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You, sir, are a good egg.

And cheers to Kitteh, who gives all sorts of great insight here.
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This is so fantastic!
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Hey thanks for sharing that. And nice work!
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I appreciate that you're not linking to fundraising here, but if you could put something in your profile that'd be great.
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I agree. That was a timely and thoughtful post and kitteh is a good poster and commenter.
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Timing. I just saw this article about a small program in Tucson.
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Yeah, well done!
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This is great! Thanks for doing this, and may it be an inspiration for more such programs.
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Oh. Well, thank you for the shout-out and lovely MeMail!

I'm on the Blue less and less right now--unemployed currently so trying hard to be productive & have put a Chrome extension on my desktop that limits web browsing to fave sites--but I'm glad this is getting talked about more. I'm hoping to do some sort of women's beer event locally where admission will include bringing sanitary napkins & tampons for donation to a local women's shelter.

I've never been part of a MeTa subject post before! Thank you!
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That's amazing! Thanks to Kitteh for talking about this here, and thanks to you for listening and then acting on what you learned!

(For anyone else who is interested in doing more about this issue but who isn't as linked in as our lovely OP: one exciting group in my town called Project Flow has regular happy hour events where people are invited to come drink, socialize, and bring menstrual products to donate. It is "run" by a few friends who just coordinate the events-- they don't have a larger org or even a website. So even if you don't have the reach of a cool person like soonertbone, you could easily start something like this in your own community.)
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Nicely done!

Donation events are a great way to raise awareness about this issue. I had not really realized how bad the issue was until Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (everyone's favorite goth perfumer) started doing pad drives at some of their monthly events at their North Hollywood office, giving away an exclusive sample for a donation.
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This is so great! The best thing about MetaFilter is how so many people here are objectively better than me but dont make me feel bad about it; it just inspires me to also be better.
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MetaFilter: so many people here are objectively better than me but dont make me feel bad about it
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Reader, I married her.
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MCMikeNamara: we should do a repeat pubcrawl to benefit this org--let's talk. assuming the bastards don't get me so down I never get out of bed again
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Thank you for this work, and thank you for mentioning trans men - we get left out of this discussion quite often.
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kitteh's post was great! I am headed to my volunteer gig where a lot of folks are homeless, and I'm going to ask if women in our area have access to free menstrual supplies or if we can keep some out so people can take some. Thanks for helping expand my awareness, kitteh :).
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Bendy mentioned Camions of Care ( now called Period. )in the thread as a Portland group but they have chapters at schools (high school and college) all over.
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