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Can't find this thread anywhere and it's driving me crazy.

It was an article about a white dude who was talking about just 'acting like you belong somewhere' and sneaking into an event with his daughter, and very naively preaching that people should do this all of the time and being all 'sometimes you just have the break the rules'-like while completely ignoring that 99% of the reason he was able to do this kind of thing successfully was that he was a white man. IIRC there were a lot of good comments in there about privilege and the like.

Ring any bells for anyone?
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Was it this one:
When is "life hacking" simply what we used to call selfishness? Jen Dziura takes on blogger James Altucher's recent Quora piece, How to Break All the Rules and Get Everything You Want.
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Ring any bells for anyone?

I remember this article. The dude and his daughter end up playing ping-pong at some private party and having a great time, with no acknowledgement that they are white and thus can look like they belong. The general platitudes were fine on the face, but the failure to acknowledge their privilege was also quite noticeable.
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The ping pong story was from the Altucher article linked above:
After the show we went to "SPIN", the ping pong club.
This is after Altucher talks his way into a fashion show with his daughter:
We arrived at the "Boy Meets Girl" fashion show and the woman with the clipboard said, "You are not on the list."


I had been telling my daughter Mollie all week we would go to this show.
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YEP it's that Altucher one jedicus and mbrubeck. Sorry, Ideefixe, you're right -- it wasn't sneaking... it was even worse!

Thanks a million! Now off to rage read again...
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god those were worse than I remembered.
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