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As summer approaches (in the northern hemisphere, sorry) and people take to the road, or maybe just look to get away from home and outdoors, let's share fun locations! They can be in your backyard or some place you only wish to visit.
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My idea was that this would be another series of themed posts, but I realize that I wasn't clear as to my intention here, so you can also feel free to share fun locations to visit in this thread.
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If you are driving across the west on I 80, to southern California. You can take Salt Lake-Wendover-Ely Nevada, Tonopah Nevada, Bishop California, down the back of the Sierras, to the 58, which goes across to Tehachapi, and over to Bako or LA. This route across the Nevada desert, crosses basin and range, with passes at 6000-6999 feet. It stays a lot cooler if you drive something without air conditioning. That route is also beautiful, you can sometimes see wild horses, and antelope, great mountain ranges, and a lot of lava here and there. When you get to the back of the Sierras, you can go a little north over Tioga Pass, and drive through Yosemite, then over to the coast, however either North or South. You can also go over Walker Pass, instead of Tehachapi, and then down Kern Canyon. That canyon is really narrow and steep, and so beautiful, I almost never hear it mentioned. If you are in high summer, from Bishop you can work your way up onto Mt. Whitney highest peak area, and take the Trail of the Giants through the Redwoods on the southern Sierras, you end up in Lake Isabella, and down Kern Canyon that way. Lots of camping near Lake Isabella. It is cooler up there, than in the central valley of Cali.
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We're taking three weeks off to drive down to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs! Our eldest daughter is a bit concerned, but I've assured her that they won't hurt us. We'll be taking our time, camping along the way, and will probably be there for Canada Day. Should be fun!
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My favorite place in the world. Ben twice. May never return. Will never stop wanting to.
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My wife is participating in a conference in Scandinavia at the end of June, so we made a bit more of a trip out of it. We'll be doing a circle tour of Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen over the last two weeks of the month. We also hit Helsinki, but just the airport.
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Me and chrismear just got back from Morocco, and THANK YOU all the people in all the Morocco threads on AskMe who said to go to Fez. It is indeed way nicer than Marrakech.

So to pass on the message from those sage folk: if you go to Morocco, yeah I guess if you want, go Marrakech but heckin go to Fez or else.
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My sister and I have a trip planned for here.

Meanwhile, if you are journeying and would like to follow the red brick road, here.
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I'm going camping in Shenandoah National Park (Virginia) in 2 weeks, and my wife, who hasn't been camping in 15 years, has agreed to join me. With the kids grown / in college I was coming to terms with the idea that my weekends away in the woods were going to be solo excursions from now on. So excited I night have been wrong about that.
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I just had a mini 4 day vacation this last weekend. It's my first time ever having a job where paid vacation is an option. I took 2 days off leading into my normal 2 day weekend. I'm a 1.5 hour drive away from Toronto, so it's not much of a trip but a visit downtown to watch the Jays play some baseball. It was a great day. I plan on doing this a few more times throughout the summer.
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I just got back from Northampton, MA and I spent the entire time being angry at how pretty it is. IT IS REALLY PRETTY AND IDYLLIC AND IT'S NOT FAIR.
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I'm going to Rice Lake up in Ontario, Canada. A week of doing any god damn thing I want, especially nothing and fishing, in that order.

Oh Canada,
I'm going to catch your fish.
I'll eat them all
With pickles and relish.

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Oh man, there are so many great places in the world, it's hard to pick. But since I just got back a couple days ago, freshest in my mind (and not so very well known...yet) are the Azores, a set of volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic. Just a few hours' flight from Boston and you are on the island of São Miguel, a place with small Mediterranean-feeling towns surrounded by scenes right out of Jurassic Park. Whale watching, crater lakes, volcanic sand beaches, and hot springs; you can just pick a direction and drive and it's pretty much impossible to go wrong.

Also seconding COD's recommendation, some of the most rewarding hikes in terms of difficulty vs view in the country, and all with a beautiful drive to get there, too.
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A few years ago, someone posted a link about Rick Sebak on the Blue. Since his documentaries seemed like something I'd enjoy, I put Sandwiches You Will Like on hold through the library...and ended up watching all the other Sebak documentaries my library had...and streamed a few of the Pittsburgh-centric documentaries on the WQED website...and contributed to his Rickstarter.

Gentleman Caller and I will be visiting Pittsburgh over July 4 weekend, after four years of enjoying his work. While we probably won't meet the man himself, we're looking forward to spending a day at Kennywood and then getting a skyscraper cone at Isaly's a sundae at Klavon's on the Strip.
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Hey also, for those of you off on their travels shortly, you will need some good music for the trip so like, make sure you get that lined up.

~news ident music~

In completely unrelated news, the next MeFiMusic Podcast will be ready soon, and you can find older episodes here.
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If you'll be in the Great Smoky Mountains this summer, I have a few suggestions for you. Most tourists drive the Cades Cove Loop (with its interminable traffic) and take the view at Newfound Gap, but I have better ideas than spending all day in your car.

Sliding Rock, NC is a natural waterslide just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Waynesville. Fabulous place to cool off, and it's free. I think the best view of the Smokies that doesn't require a huge hike can be had from the stone fire tower on Wayah Bald, near Franklin. And while you're in Franklin, get the best surprise meal at Caffé Rel. You would NEVER notice this place - it's attached to a gas station and has very little signage, but it's an amazing Euro-inspired restaurant that serves a lot of locally-sourced food.

If you can swing it, schedule your trip for a full moon and bring a bicycle and a good bike light. This is the time to enjoy Cades Cove! On full moon nights during the summer, 20-50 mostly-locals bring their bikes to Cades Cove and ride the 11-mile loop by moonlight. You have to go around the car barrier at the end of the parking lot but it's fine - the rangers don't care if pedestrians or bikes are in there after-hours. Bring a good light, though. It gets really dark under the trees. And now that you're on the TN side of the mountains, drive the Cherohala Skyway, stopping at Indian Boundary Lake for a refreshing swim, and refuel at Tellico Grains Bakery in Tellico Plains with a delicious sandwich or pizza.
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My partner and I are planning to visit our little island refuge in Maine this June. Greatly looking forward to it. It's a beautiful place, and there are so many crows and ravens around.
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May Gray is going out with overcast sky and a little drizzle, and I'm hoping June Gloom will bring more of the same because I assume the next few months after that will continue to be hotter than average until December.

If you're visiting the L.A. area and want to explore the outdoors, I suggest spending some time in Rustic Canyon, a hidden and relatively unknown bit of urban nature.

There's a great park/recreation area and hiking, although Murphy Ranch has been demolished. There's plenty to see for architecture fans, too. The LATimes has a put together a walking tour; it's a little dated so Marix Tex-Mex (and their margaritas) aren't around anymore, but the creek still is. And at the end of a long driveway, overlooking the Pacific sits the Eames Case Study House (tours/access by reservation only.)

All this, just a few miles from downtown Santa Monica and the bustling pier.
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My family will be spending two weeks in June at the family beach house in Alabama. This house was built by my great-grandfather in 1930, when it was important to escape the cities in the summer due to polio.

This house has high ceilings, 100 feet of screened porch, a dining table that seats 14, and hammocks and swinging beds out on the porch. There will be room for 9 of our friends to visit us. We will eat fresh produce and locally sourced seafood. There will be swimming in the bay and sail boat rides. Some of us will take epic canoe trips in the early morning, returning for a late breakfast. Others will sleep late.

I hope we get some thunderstorms in the evenings, so that we can sit on the porch and watch the display. Early risers may see dolphins fishing out in the water in front of the house. Osprey and pelicans are common.

It will be a good time. You could rent this house next year.
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For the stressed out in the NOVA/DC metro area looking for something easy and outdoorsy to do on a sunny afternoon, may I suggest Meadowlark Botanical Gardens?
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When we want to relax, I think our thoughts turn to Art and Nature. Sometimes we will go to cities to see Art but there's not so much nature. Sometimes we will go to nature reserves.

This month we're spending a couple weeks in the Montefeltro region of Italy. Basically we are in an old farmhouse where we will spend a lot of time reading and basking in the sun and then short roadtrips through small lanes to see paintings in small churches, small villages, food producers. Our ideal way to spend time.
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Oh, amazing! *plans deep dive of research materials for JuneJourneys posts*

My meta(ha!)-suggestion is to check out Aminatou Sow's new podcast on On She Goes, "a digital travel platform that helps women of color travel more confidently, more adventurously, and more often."
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First JuneJourneys Post posted! Thanks for the inspiration filthy light thief!
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Well, hell, I'mma use this for random shit I've discovered while traveling. I may be coming in and out, as I think of things, and I'm gonna be kind of all over the map (so to speak).

* Governors Island in New York Harbor really is all that.

* Eastern Connecticut is not really a place people would think to visit, but there are two places and one summer event I can tell you about -
- There is a puppet museum on the campus of the University of Connecticut. It's small, but cool. Also, during the summer, you may be able to see some performances from current Masters' students in UConn's puppet program.

- This place makes the best cheeseburgers in the entire world and I will punch anyone who says otherwise.

- My home town has a gloriously goofy, participants-welcome, July 4th parade. All music is provided courtesy of the local AM radio station, and everyone bringing a portable radio and tuning it in to the same channel.
* I just came back from a weekend in Baltimore:
- The film in the Visitors' Center at Fort McHenry is exactly as cheesy as you think it would be, but even if you're braced for it, there is a surprise twist at the end that is just as cheesy but will still get you in the feels.

- Baltimore has a museum devoted entirely to outsider and folk art.
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We splurged a bit on travelling last year, so this year our plans are a bit scaled back. There's an eclipse coming in late summer, and the path of totality will go by just a short distance south of here. So we're going to rent an RV and go down to a bare-bones campground to see it, and to find out whether we enjoy RVs.
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Damn you pxe2000: I was going to binge on House of Cards this weekend, and now I am watching an old documentary about sandwiches instead
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Good call. HoC is awful.
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I sidebarred this, so if folks want to make travel-and-place posts, tag 'em JuneJourneys and people will be able to see them there.
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I'm heading to Austin next week for work. Looking forward to the eating. Might buy some new boots. Wanna check out the bats. Breakfast tacos. BookPeople. Maybe take a visit the capital building and give it the double FUCK YOU.
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If you are at Niagara, you might think the Maid of the Mist is just sort of tacky but it's actually pretty cool.

Also they turn the falls about 90% off at night, which is impressive in a vulgar display of power kinda way.
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Going to be heading out on a road trip, driving from Seattle to Alpharetta Georgia, with a stop at Devils Tower, Vicksburg National Military Park, and maybe Arches on the way back. Wish there was a way I could avoid all the MAGA states, but alas, I cannot.

Leaving in 10 days, and the waiting is making me even more insane than everything else going on is already...
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