PayPal sent for textad, but no textads yet? August 6, 2002 10:28 PM   Subscribe

Possibly a bug, possibly not:
My PayPal payment for a text ad went through three days ago, yet no text ad in the queue. I say again: my money has left the building.

What gives?

posted by adamgreenfield to Bugs at 10:28 PM (16 comments total)

I don't mean to be picky, well yes I do.

This probably would be one of those things best to e-mailed to matt, or at least that's what I would have done first. Seeing as how there's little discussion the community could add.

Since when did I turn into a metacop?
posted by geoff. at 10:44 PM on August 6, 2002

Since now, it seems. I was going to say the same thing, but didn't want to act "that way"
posted by dg at 10:48 PM on August 6, 2002

crap, sorry adam. I ok'd your ad last week, but forgot to set the "make live" flag. It's up now, and I quadrupled your impressions.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 12:02 AM on August 7, 2002

I quadrupled your impressions

Or maybe MetaTalk was the perfect place for it. Public shaming indeed.
posted by yerfatma at 5:02 AM on August 7, 2002

matt, not too long ago, made an adjustment to the quantity one of my textads - simply because i ordered it on a holiday weekend and it was a few days before it went live. he never said anything about it. point being - matt really is a good guy - and i'm amazed at his patience, consistency and overall good nature with regard to the metafilter "enterprise". thanks matt, just thanks for metafilter.
quonsar peels his lips off matts posterior before the local boyz become too aroused...
posted by quonsar at 5:26 AM on August 7, 2002


Sorry, I couldn't resist.
posted by insomnyuk at 5:58 AM on August 7, 2002

Matt, we love you.
posted by ashbury at 6:07 AM on August 7, 2002

Agreed. Lest anyone think differently, I was referring to how cool it was that the impressions got quadrupled. I wish I could quadruple my impression. Ever since that Head and Shoulders campaign, I've been very conscious of it.
posted by yerfatma at 6:33 AM on August 7, 2002

this thread cheered up my very sleepy wednesday morning at work.
posted by lotsofno at 8:05 AM on August 7, 2002

i think that calls for a beverage...on the house.
posted by clavdivs at 8:55 AM on August 7, 2002

Is that the real clavdivs?
posted by anathema at 9:40 AM on August 7, 2002

We do love you, Matt. You're the bee's knees. :)
posted by donkeyschlong at 11:42 AM on August 7, 2002

clavdivs - you were a big topic of convo at the NY mefi gathering.
posted by goneill at 1:13 PM on August 7, 2002

i always wanted to take a poll: do people pronounce his name as written or do they call him 'claudius'? me, i alternate.
posted by mlang at 8:08 PM on August 8, 2002

I do both: I read it clav-dius and then instantly reread or resay it clau-dius. Spoken is always claudius, unless someday says "who?", which has never happened since I don't talk to people about metafilter--their eyes get a dull matte finish to them as soon as I bring it up. Their loss. My bad for living in a hick city.

I'm the only one to answer your poll so far--may I have a prize?
posted by ashbury at 5:35 AM on August 9, 2002

I say clavdivs. But a lot of the time, I also pronounce Claudius as clavdivs. I blame it on too much time spent watching I, Claudius in my youth.
posted by moss at 10:47 AM on August 9, 2002

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