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Right now on the front page we have a discussion about the ethics of owning pets. And immediately after that is a post about awesome cat-bros. I love it when stuff like this lines up, intentional or not. Do you recall any of your favourite cosmically timed/sequential MetaFilter posts from throughout MetaHistory?
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Things like this have made MeTa in a few instances, such as 2014's strange and pleasing "Wharf/Worf Day".
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There's also a FPP about not eating meat, so there are actually three posts in that coincidental group.
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Wow, Worf Day was three years ago?
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Wharf/Worf Day was THE BEST.
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Related: AskMe Synchronicity
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There was a coincidental run of "How many?" posts back in 2011 that I've remarked on before.
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Who could forget?
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Someplace I can't find right now has a link to download the calendar of all the MeFi holidays, Elephant Day, Worf Day, Zelda Day, etc. I wished my sweetie a happy Elephant Day and he looked mystified for a bit and then said, "Aha. MetaFilter."
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April 20, 2006 was a very fustian day. Relevant MeTa.
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MetaFilter Front Page Poetry is a game I like to play (with myself, in my head):

This land is your land...until I steal it
It's because cocoa and its diseases won't grow in Reading
There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship
Not a fish tale, really, it's true!

The animal’s head configuration is “unique,”
How we really tamed the dog
It's the lip syncing that really blows my mind if I'm honest
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"Metafilter Special Days" (ical), via.
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