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Did you eat the thing? Did you dump the MF? What did your doctor/lawyer say? Did you get fired? Where did you stay on that vacation and was it what you'd hoped? Did you find those shoes/pants and if so, how were they? Did you figure out what that song/book/movie was? How did your family member take it when you spoke your peace? Did you learn about the thing? Did you find a way to make more friends? Did you lose the weight? What did you do with that money? Which charity got your donation? Did you go into therapy? Was it infected? What did your landlord say? You stopped worrying about that ex, right? What happened with your question on AskMetafilter?

It's an oft-lamented fact that MeFites ask tons of great questions on AskMetafilter, but don't always come back around to tell others how it went.

What happened with yours?
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I've asked (in separate questions) for hotel recommendations in Santiago; Seville and Antigua, Guatemala. Got great answers in each and stayed in a recommended hotel in each of these cities. And, each one was perfect for me!
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I freed myself from that trap and lived happily ever after
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I have had no contact with my mother since mid-March although she has attempted to contact me a number of times, mostly with profanity laced screeds. I have not responded at all. My mental health is about 3 million times better. I am calmer and less anxious and I have time and energy to do so much more. Thanks MeFi, for the toughlove.
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I never did find the perfect isolated beach cabin. We ended up going to Savannah for a long weekend instead, which was delightful, but we are still looking, in case anyone knows of anything...
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I've used Ask 124 public-facing times.

To recap the past year, in reverse order, I...
• have not fixed my car • still love ludacris • booked a trip to a secluded cottage on a river in November • watched more lady movies for ladies • am starting to suspect the song I heard was hey joe • did not set my girl scouts directly on fire • fed the girl scouts dim sum • read those emails and then forever banished those emails • fleshed out a 10 year financial plan • made it look like I'm working while I'm not really working • questioned my childhood tolerance for severe boredom • told someone they were dumber than a box of hair • derailed an office with the hotdog/sandwich debate • made pasta with marmite one of my go-to comfort foods

I know I've asked at least one anon question this year and so can add to the list...
• did not accidentally commit insurance fraud

Thanks, metafilter! You embiggen my life in a multitude of ways.
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My friend accepted my offer of money to pay for their hormone replacement therapy. They've been on it for almost a month now.
My friend's immigration application didn't get dropped because they'd lost an important document. They have progressed to the next step.
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The answers here kept me sane. And I'm eternally grateful to WCityMike for creating a Spotify playlist.

The vents were set on recirculate.

He's a fish now. But it took two years of getting used to it.

Enrolled the kids in the same preschool class. My son spent a year answering any questions that were asked of his sister. Drove her and the teachers bonkers. We separated them the following year. They survived just fine.

Nothing worked. She grew out of it.

Got tested. It is an allergy.

Facebook fixed this on their own.

I worried for nothing. They lived. No allergy.

I learned some things.

Also, one anonymous question I had asked brought my wife and I a great deal of comfort during a time when we were grieving. Thank you, Mefi.
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The cat turned out to be, not actually in pain and dealing with dementia, but suddenly blind due to detached retinas from undiagnosed high blood pressure. As noted in the follow-up, he is doing better now. (And he did end up liking the heated cat bed eventually, it just took him a while to, well, warm up to it.)

His vision never did come back but he mapped out the kitchen and living room thoroughly with his whiskers and mostly just lives in those rooms now, pretty happily and mostly able to get around confidently except when a rude human has left a package or pair of shoes in his path. He is still very demanding about food and affection, very squeaky when he can feel the front door shut and he demands to know who's just come in or out, and generally is pretty chipper for an 18-year-old cat who's down a couple of senses.

Here he is as of a couple of weeks ago, hanging out by the pillow where he goes to sit when he wants attention.
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So many questions and so many different results. The ones that stick in my mind are:

I automatically grab the cart on the metal part now, haven't had static shocks in years thanks to WasabiFlux's correct advice. This is pretty awesome. I do love Costco.

More importantly, I also posted an anonymous ask years ago about the enormously painful experience of being ignored/rejected by my former best friend after I gave birth. (I will never forget how gleefully cruel some of the comments were, by the way: I won't mention names, but some people really need to fuck off with their tough love for PPD moms.) User Salvia, though, saved the day, and offered me advice of tremendous value and compassion. "Life is long" was one of the things she said. Indeed, years later, the rift is... not repaired exactly, our friendship is very different now; but we ARE friends; our families hang out a few times a year and really look forward to it; our children enjoy each other; and I am very glad that user Salvia's advice helped me hang onto a kernel of forgiveness, faith and love during the estranged years.
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In reverse chronological order:

I drove on the Skyline AND the Blue Ridge Parkway. I liked the BRP better.
I will probably wait until next summer before buying one of the rods suggested in the thread.
I bought Wool, but it turned out he had a backlog of other stuff to read.
I bought the Boss Katana. He seems to like it.
I don’t think I’ve sketched anything since.
Some good suggestions. Not sure what the point of that questions was
I still haven’t bought a lamp.
I haven’t done anything with my iMac but it is mostly useless because it constantly dies on me.
The answers were helpful in understanding that Facebook thing.
It was probably a Heron
I installed El Capitan and fixed it.
The kid basically just looks at screens all day everyday so whatever.
We Didn’t Play Test This At All was a lot of fun.
I bought a new amp (Vox AC15) and really love the tone.
We hiked Kennesaw Mountain and Amicola Falls, saw The General and ate some barbeque
All God’s Children
Fingernail is still a jerk
Never bought a mill. Ended up buying a small drill press and some decent bits. It works ok.
I just stopped worrying about laptop cooties. It’s on him.
Never did anything about this. We had to dismantle the train layout.
I think I just stayed at a Days Inn or something.
I bought a skin.
Few comments, but there were some neat photos linked.
We watched Holy Grail. They loved it.
I don’t remember if I bought or read anything about tanks.
I bought a California compressor that lasted like four months before breaking. I then bought a Ridgid that works fine.
I bought her an iPad but she never got internet. It was mostly wasted.
Some good jokes.
Dude plays weekly with some kids from school.
I gave up running after getting a permanent neck injury, but not before doing a 5K.
I have an Amazon card now and I get shitloads of points!
I bought an Epson scanner and just spent time scanning.
I think I just got them a photo album something.
I bailed on the Monadnock trip
We went to the Museum of Math and it was amazing.
I bought a Knirps which lasted until I lost it, so I bought another one.
Filling it with sand did the trick.
Polly Hobby
I kept the Craftsman and bought a book on small engine repair and now I do the repairs myself
I don’t remember anything about who I followed
JB’s Smokeshack was the one place I remember
I never actually put eyes on the veggies but did put them in various places around the house. Some are still there.
No, there isn’t.
We love our Broil King PCG-10
17 Minutes for $600 worth of change
The answer was, sadly, Bill Cosby. Eventually that became a way to teach about sexual assault and why we no longer listen to Bill Cosby.
Dental Floss FTW
I love the hell out of my EF-S 17-55mm
I don’t remember where we stayed
It was an amazing trip and we went to GC, Zion, Bryce, and Antelope Canyon.
I got her the 100mm and she loves it.
I guess I over-thought it, but some people sure were dicks to me in this thread.
We have a dehumidifier running 24/7
I did nothing. I guess they were fine.
I don’t remember what I got him but he’ll be doing pre-calc this year so I guess it worked.
I’m still doing IT at the same place. It’s gotten a bit better.
I moved the sink. Snakebite valves FTW. My own brother was a dick to me in that thread.
Legoland, the Zoo, Balboa Park. All excellent.
I guess I got my answer?
Never actually refinished the basement.
I bought some candles or some shit.
It was an excellent costume that didn’t glow very well.
I think I bought a new receiver.
I think I just found a Dead podcast and then got bored with the Dead.
I did chicken and salmon
I bought her a Theremin. It hardly ever gets used.
This still frustrates the hell out of me.
Everything before age 13 is a blur.
I just bought some lights and installed them and it was fine.
I have built an awesome shop that keeps evolving. I love my shop.
Ended up using an old corner cabinet and making it work.
I still have them in a 5 gallon bucket, wasting space
I did hash
I bought a Canon.
Some good answers
Seems like this was more common than I thought.
The Death Star costume was amazing and you can see it in the video on the Metafilter About page.
Taranta. I don’t really remember it.
I can’t fucking meditate and have come to be stressed out even by the thought of doing it.
This was my favorite ask of all time
I figured it out. Canoe hangs perfectly.
I found the cartoon.
Yeah, this never actually happened.
I used some foam. It helped.
“Energy Efficient and Good for Over 50 Years: BETSY!”
Never found pool. He moved on to other things.
I framed a room, put in a subfloor, and added walls.
Good suggestions in thread
I hardly ever use the fryer anymore. It’s good for fish and chips and pickles.
It was my phone
I bought a shitload of PAX and we love it.
Never found it
Hardly ever make ravioli anymore but roasted butternut squash is my favorite
Never made the pizza
Still don’t really have an answer
I went. I had fun. My 30th will be this year. Not sure I’ll go.
I guess central vacs aren’t as popular as I thought. Don’t remember the brand we got but I have those little magic dustpan things in my kitchen.
We go to Acadia every summer and never lack things to do.
Somewhere I have a really crappy time-lapse of my house being built in the days before GoPro was a thing.
Most likely stinging nettles
A Very Long Engagement was good
I built a container out of a Rubbermaid bin, added some fans, and had it running non-stop for nine months, through a winter. It worked.
Bike was a Schwinnn. I figured out the picture was taken at the Boston Public Garden. Still the only picture I have of him.
Heh. Firefox.
Who the hell knows.
We put cedar shingles on. They’ve aged, but we like them.
I used the regular boat the next morning. It took forever.
Transatlantic Development, which is basically a guy with a truck.
Sometime in the 1990s.
No, they don’t. They moved the cable.
Never found anything.
I’m still a hack. I moved on to building them.
What’s a DVD?
The home has long been built. We didn’t use too many of the suggestions. (cat bathroom?)
WE just built a two bedroom so we didn’t have to deal with the septic issues.
This was for a prank a friend did. I don’t remember what he used.
We ate on top of a lighthouse. It was amazing.
She figured it out. The bed was awesome but he outgrew it. We’ve saved it for future generations, if any.
Who the hell remembers
I think he rented out Cheers or something
I no longer have a domain.
I have bought nothing but Apple products since
Don’t remember
We stayed in Killarney
I just make popovers now
Yes. Yes I am.
I don’t stuff my turkey before I cook it now.
Dude is a sophomore now. Montessori worked out well
I drink coffee.
I used Google until they killed it. I migrated to commafeed.
I no longer have a PC
I bought some bins or something
This was a long process, but we did it. I have since offered advice about it 3830948320 times.
I don’t remember. Wine or something.
Remember when Ronald Regan died? That was awesome.
I never did anything. I think I occasionally hide something there.
Catan, Trans America, Ticket To Ride
Case got dismissed
I never actually had to learn this
You just boil that shit
I use my iPhone and hit snooze 39480394 times
I mostly just play Pinball Wizard over and over again
Heh. I think I used Frontpage or something.
No. Not then, at least.
Rice, maybe? Who remembers?
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I really, really, really hope the person who posted this Anon question comes and gives an update.
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And the girl who thought she had a ruptured appendix.
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I have asked 33 questions on AskMe since its inception.

1. I confirmed that I'm not the only person who can voluntarily contract his testicles.
2. I figured out where to catch the Port Authority-bound 107 bus from the Newark long-term lot.
3. I was able to make Colonization work on my computer.
4. I ended up getting whatever junky Lenovo was on clearance at Newegg at the time.
5. It took scody less than ten minutes to figure out the painting I was thinking of.
6. I ended up buying a nice pair of brown boots.
7. We got a snake plant, and later a peperomia, and the cat survived.
8. I got overwhelmed by choices, stuck with AT&T for several more years, then bailed for ProjectFI a few years ago.
9. She went with AT&T also.
10. I found some cool-ass Westernwear for super cheap on Goodwill's online auction site.
11. We had a baby, and the cat loved the baby, and the baby (now kid) and the cat still love each other.
12. Some nice Russian guys moved the piano for a fair price.
13. I got whatever junky Lenovo was on clearance at Newegg, again.
14. Priorities shifted and we've still got the same $20 IKEA media console we've had for a decade.
15. Struck out completely on this one, and never was able to source huge tortillas.
16. Bicycle Station was great.
17. Day ended up being way hotter than expected so I just went as a carney.
18. Got some nice cufflinks and studs from Etsy.
19. We went with the consensus gift recommendations, which were well received.
20. The footnotes never came back.
21. I bought some cheap canvas plimsolls from Top Man, and they're all right, but still not exactly what I wanted.
22. I made June a pretty neat little "scent library," which she still plays with regularly. When other kids come over they're totally fascinated with it, and our new baby Rose also loves it. Total homerun.
23. Toilet did not end up needing to be replaced (tank had just become misaligned with the base).
24. I ended up trying a few different types of undies, and liked several of them.
25. infinitewindow and PussKillian recognized the book almost immediately despite having almost no information to go on.
26. I got some ranunculus bulbs.
27. We bought a Honda Odyssey.
28. Camping trip got canceled because the baby had a fever.
29. We planted a loquat tree, a mulberry tree, a mulberry bush, and a beautyberry bush.
30. I built the interlocked box and got it mounted on the tree. It's been too hot to frame or roof it since then, but we're planning on picking back up again in the fall.
31. I used TouchCopy to pull the old texts and voicemails from the phone.
32. I ended up finding an identical van at a dealership nearby, and got them to essentially negotiate against each other (all the while threatening to bail for a Toyota), which brought the final price down substantially.
33. We're still looking for the perfect door.
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*I sucked up at the interview and then it turned out the job didn't technically exist anyway but I got a different one
*I can't remember the place we went to because I got so ragedrunk
*We took the East River Ferry to Brooklyn, and had a beautiful veggie dinner in Candle 79, and generally had a lovely trip
*I ended up wearing jeans
*I still have it and I keep forgetting to say to her about it
*I gave it to a charity shop
*I wore it
*I got them Easter eggs with their names on
*We had him for about a month and he was totally fine but he chewed through all the toys even the Tuffys
*I sent it
*I finished and passed it
*I was inspired
*I bought a hideous top and looked like shite
*I got it
*I was not able to be a part of it
*Cant remember what he did
*Bought Gorilla Snot
*Made a beautiful mushroom pie
*Fixed it
*Didnt do any of that
*Got the (as it turned out) boring job
*A year later he asked her just to call him Granda and she did
*We cancelled
*I had surgery and it worked
*I did none of it and they're still a disgrace
*I'm flying over to see him next week

All the anons/socks:
*It's complicated
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I'm not a particularly notable member of the mefi community, but this is fun to think back on and I guess I have asked a couple of weird ones (plus the anons, which, well, remain anon):
  • We're looking for apartments in Hawthorne and El Segundo. Thanks, LA traffic patterns!
  • She left her political activities on her resume, and got an exciting offer offer!
  • I ended up using a triangular cardboard Fedex shipping box. About a week after I returned from the Most Awkward Luggage Trip Ever, I found a pair of pelican cases long enough for the tripods in our storage area; I've used those on subsequent trips.
  • The cats have still not been introduced, but we plan on following the advice when we introduce them in the new apartment!
  • After talking about it, I bought a new laptop and she decided to spend more time at my place. She's also addressed some of the reasons she sleeps in so late, which reduces the severity of the problem.
  • I ended up using a lot of the recommendations here. I'm pretty sure 99% of it is still un-opened in the trunk of her car, but it'll be there when she needs it, which was the point.
  • I didn't end up negotiating my rent. Considering we're looking now, it's a moot point anyway!
  • I was able to brain-hack myself to be okay with nut/berry shakes. I'm still eating prepared food from Whole Paycheck like the privileged white bachelor dude I am, but at least it's fruits and veggies and not pizza most days?
  • It didn't turn out being cheap, but I ended up fabricating my own high-brightness LED fixtures using high color rendition index (CRI) LED COB modules from Yuji and ebay drivers. Whole thing is driven by an ESP2866 and has adjustable color temperature and can be controlled from my phone. Why yes I am a bloody geek, what made you ask?
  • I still can't move furniture easily. New apartment will solve this with combination of moving truck and delivery service!
  • I should probably get a sleep study, but haven't yet. Losing a bit of weight seems to have helped.
  • My father will complain about anything, including being handed solutions to the problem he's complaining about. To be fair I'm fairly sure I inherited this from him.
  • We're still not sure what that was, though many suggestions in the thread seemed plausible.
  • I ended up buying a Whynter AC unit. I actually bought a second one this summer because my apartment is not laid out in a way conducive to being cooled by a single unit. Odds are I'll have to sell them when we move (ref above) but being not-drowning-in-sweat during the current heatwave is completely worth it.
  • Common sense prevailed and I am still driving the same car, while saving for a downpayment on the next thing once this one really does kick the bucket.
  • I ended up wearing Bonobos for a while as per recommendation, but these days I'm mainly in stuff from Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack, with a side of "whatever's on Amazon" for non-client-facing days.
  • I equivocated about it for two more years but eventually bought a Trek FX4 for my bike commute. Just in time to end up in a role at work that has too many client-facing meetings in too many places to get away with biking regularly. Sigh. Not bitter in the slightest. The FX4 is a pretty great bike for city commuting though!
  • I ended up buying a new iPhone that December, and it is MUCH less horrible. Still using it today because I hold onto tech for longer than most people, I think.
  • Turns out I am still too lazy to cook a ton.
  • We ended up staying at Casa Laguna and it was pretty relaxing. In-room jacuzzi tub exactly as great as advertised. We ended up going our separate ways not too long after, but that is totally not the bed-and-breakfast's fault!
  • I have resisted buying a roomba for four years now, even though I am into gadgets and could probably afford it. It probably wouldn't help with the cat hair anyway. Turns out I'm more into flying robots than vacuuming robots.
  • I never did make a custom lamp shade, but I clearly have a lot to learn about custom lamp-shades
  • Can't find the anonymous question to link, but I asked about being completely sick of my toxic-to-me grad school environment, feeling ready to flip and/or lose my shit, and fearing I would be unemployable. Turns out all the advice in the thread was good! I ended up bailing out of grad school and landing a great job that I still have to this day, where I am treated like a human being. It's not perfect but it's pretty great!
  • Still too lazy to cook. This is a trend.
  • I am still not sure what was going on with the repeated theft of my license plate. There was a lot of weirdness with the woman I was living with/dating at the time and her circle of exes and almosts. Not sure if I was being gaslighted, or if her ex was being a weird jerk, or if my car was just a recognizable target of opportunity for an unrelated gang of thieves. That was unsettling and that time in my life was SUPER FREAKING WEIRD and I am SO GLAD IT'S OVER. Caps for YES PLEASE BE FURTHER IN THE PAST EVERY DAY YOU WEIRD THING, YOU.
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- it took almost 2 years for my hair to grow back fully but it did, quite aggressively, such that the shots i get in my head for chronic pain are a hilarious mess because the doctor can't find my scalp

- my spine still hates me and it will never stop

- i like my goggles
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All Wells Fargo accounts are closed and we are doing all banking with a credit union.
I bought a Moto 5G+
We did all the stuff in New Orleans
The sound was a compressor motor
I have not tried to tow anything with a Camry

That covers one year of Asks. I was going to link them to the original posts, but I think it's more entertaining without the context.
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Also I read a lot of books and let us say diplomatically that some were better than others.
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The thing worked.

The beach shelter is great but I wish I'd upsized.

Roomba has been a godsend with two kiddos.

I did not make my friends the Claymore Mine shaped hitch covers.

We love our old singer sewing machine that's as portable and hipster as we are.

The wedding ring(s) made of wood proved too fragile for my lifestyle, but they were beautiful. I go sans band these days.
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Nobody helped me with Dutch Schultz's Last Words...
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1. I still don't know where the song came from, this has been driving me insane for years, please help
2. I still see these little roaches on the pavement once in a while and I love them
3. no longer troubled by amorphous memories of this movie following successful ID
4. everything turned out worse than I could have possibly imagined
5. this has been "answered" but I'm still vaguely unsatisfied because it doesn't sound right to me
6. I wish I'd gotten more suggestions
7. reader, I went right back to Dark Souls
8. a transaction with iTunes was the result
9. good effort, team
10. followup was posted in-thread, the cat and I are still friends
11. this sounded fun in theory but eh
12. lol there's a story here but I'm keeping it to myself
13. one and done
14. this, too, continues to haunt me
15. the hard drive permadied and I use it as a dumb Linux terminal now
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From a couple of months ago: I paid for checkup, cat was pronounced anxious, stressed, overweight but otherwise healthy. Mom had an unrelated anxiety meltdown and no longer was able (parents are now in WA house hunting). I brought mom's cat to my house, my cat loved her, but after 2 weeks mom's cat had heart attach in front of us and didn't make it. Maggie just kept looking for her so we brought home a new boy kitty three weeks ago who turned out to be her soulmate. I may post a new ask about a name.

All my previous asks were from when I first joined 10 years ago:

We were unsuccessful in helping to degrease the cat due to angry cat covered in grease. He rolled in a lot of dirt and also got licked by the dog a lot. Eventually he stopped smelling like the back of a McDonald's. He died of kidney failure at 18, I still miss his clinginess and have never known its like.

They sent someone else on the business trip.

My life was changed forever by the that thing in MS Access, if you take forever to mean about 1 more year before I never used Access again. I actually ended up using Excel VBA to solve the problem for the next several years until it became irrelevant.
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I ignored Ask's advice, slow cooked and ate the pork with kale. Most of the bones turned out to be cartilage and were easy to pick out.

The cat stopped chewing on the Christmas tree on her own.

No update, but I got un-confused about how artists' unions work.

I have read precisely zero of the 71 recommendations for short fiction collections.

The cat is doing great and we have not failed as cat owners.

My mom uses Gmail now.

We bought an Ikea bed from a neighbour on Craigslist and a Tuft and Needle mattress and it's been great.

Read all of these, laughed, and hero mandolin conspiracy memails me the occasional new one.

I still haven't used up the powdered lemon peel. Oops.

I can't remember what I ended up making on that camping trip, and now that we've moved far away we no longer get to go to the labour day weekend camping extravaganza (that is happening again this weekend!)
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I won't feel bad about taking the wash balls to a thrift store, and someone else can not wash their clothes with them.
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HILARIOUSLY, I actually did manage to stop worrying(mostly) about revolution and civil unrest in America, but then it came anyway from the other side. However, thanks to some practical suggestions in the Ask, I am now way better prepared than I was five years ago to deal with it, so thanks everyone!

My wedding of opposites found the perfect spot - a historic fort with greenery outside, and we were married under the sunset and had the reception inside the stone walls. We hired an officiant with flair and had a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful time and both of us loved it and wouldn't have had anything different for the world.

My ex, as predicted, flaked on my partner and continued to flake on him until he finally realized it for himself.

My partner with chest pain eventually went to the ER after several further attacks, only to find out he had a GALLBLADDER FULL OF STONES

The zebra finches my husband surprise gifted me died after some months - one first, then the second followed several days after. I am still not sure why. The cats never stopped sitting under their cage and looking at them with big kitty eyes, and/or trying to jump at the cage. These two factors may be related.

We just moved away from my terrible landlord that continued to be terrible. He was terrible about our leaving and kept our 3-months-of-rent deposit, possibly unfairly. However, we are way happier overall.
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I don't ask very often, but when I have the answers have been very helpful. This year I've asked one and the answers were a big help in pushing me in the right direction. My new pinball 'score' system is a calendar date that rolls forward or backward based on progress. It's weird, but I like it.

Also I was anonymous once and though I maybe didn't word the question perfectly the answers were great. My mom lost the election (the first one she'd ever lost after winning many), but got the most votes of any Democrat in decades in that district. It was fun and I was supportive and genuinely proud. I think I made it sound like we were from different parties or had different views, but the case was that she and I agreed, but there were crazies that were at every event who had some extreme ideas and I found it hard to march alongside them smiling all the way. I still see some of them and they're still pretty loud and extreme. I got nearly all good answers but if I could mark Best Answers they'd go to EmpressCallipygos and Eyebrows McGee who were both very helpful.
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I have received some wonderful advice here but there is one question, not asked by me, that I have never been able to get out of my head after I read it:

I think my boyfriend is toothless

I REALLY need to know if he actually had teeth.

I hope you read this anonymous and provide an update because I have legitimately lost sleep thinking about this!
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Is it too much to ask that people submit these to the mods as follow-ups to be posted to the bottom of their respective threads? (which is A Thing, though i can't find the metatalk wherein it was made to be A Thing).
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This was a Jobs post, but I am dying to know what became of this: Please throw an item into an active volcano for me
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What do you do when someone offers you "half a deviled egg"?
Judge John Hodgman actually took the question as a docket case and—like approx. 2/3 of the metafilter thread—ruled against me, putting the final nail in a coffin that was already pretty well-nailed if we're being totally honest here. To my mind, The King Bee's answer in the thread stands as the authoritative reconciliatory take.
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I wore a compression stocking on that leg until it felt all better; now it's back to normal.

I went to Founding Farmers with my visiting pal (and again on her next visit), and we had lots of enjoyable eats and drinks.

My brother stopped texting/ghosting me with his sudden crisis announcements (could be because he married a new wife, and my theory that I was the recipient of crisis-texts during the interregnum might have been correct?), but in any case I feel much less reactive about him these days.

I read some good historical novels. Didn't click with Guy Gavriel Kay, but really enjoyed Hild; still intend to read others on the list.

I got funding for my work-training trip to Austin and had a great time.

He stopped drinking gin, and then maybe a year later the juniper allergy was gone as if it had never been.

I plugged the TV in to a different outlet.

I passed along the Donald Duck translation to my other brother, and we both feel much the better for it.

I savored the stories about what was inside the Enigma case. Long had I wondered!

I gave him e-giftcards and app recommendations.

I asked around until I got a painter recommendation for someone who was available. He did a great job.

I never did find out how my old friend died.

I gave my friends and/or researchers the recommendations and/or answers, and they were impressed by the Might Of Metafilter.
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1. Went with "Madeleine," as suggested by third rail, which has proven to be acceptable, though I was hoping for something that captured the specific situation a little better.

2. It was the Wage-Price guidelines, as saladin said. Have discussed with Dad, who continues to hate Jimmy Carter.

3. Went with 16 seedlings/batch, based on dilaudid's statistical simulation. Too soon to know whether predictions match reality.

4. Reported to the relevant webhost and taken down, thanks to episodic looking up the relevant info.

5. Still no idea. Only received one answer: Cgg suggested it was referrer spam. Maybe it was.

6. Got list of objects; used stillmoving's suggestion for the immediate situation and may use other answers in the future.
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I asked Two different Questions about my interactions with medical professionals. Turns out 10 years later things are finally sorted out as symptoms got worse and I have had a seizure condition most this time! (turning point was losing consciousness while driving a car with my 5yo in it) My condition is complex atonic seizure, likely triggered by a history of concussions. (post concussive seizure)

Two things:

1 keep going back to the doctor if things seem weird, go to different doctors, don't settle for convenient, "it's probably just BLANK" explanations.

2 don't let your kid play tons of contact sports unless they have a remarkable talent that will make them rich. This is not worth that one punt I returned for a touchdown 20 years ago.
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I didn't run on Rt. 25.
We used drywall on the closet.
I just borrowed a Pride shirt.
Animal control came promptly and the guys were professional, sensitive and humane.
I haven't had another earbeat since 2010.
I just went straight to Brunswick and walked around Bowdoin.
I got the Puppia.
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* Shouldn't have, but did
* Well... nobody actually died
* It never washed out
* Didn't help
* Didn't help
* Didn't help
* Had it amputated
* Fifty thousand
* 105 miles per hour
* Great brisket, not much cash in the register
* Makers Mark
* She shot me
* It never washed out
* Didn't help
* Didn't help
* Didn't help
* Had it amputated
* We would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for some meddling kids
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I still don't know who Mario Draghi looks like, and his elusive baggy cragface taunts me yet.
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I did finally get the tattoo of my first dog's paw on my foot, seven (!!) years after I asked this question. I got it done in a blend of my favorite color and the color of her favorite toy. It didn't hurt much to get - not nearly as much as the snug piercing I also ended up getting while I was there - and a year and a half on I still love it. It's true when they say that tattoos are addictive - now I want bats on my arm!

I've enjoyed way too much buttermilk in many different forms and am still working my way through everyone's suggestions. It's taken me a while because I still voraciously love drinking it straight up, so buttermilk bought for recipes often just disappears down my shameless gullet.

The DingoWife and I did end up moving across the country to Oregon this summer! We've been here since July and have loved exploring every chance we get. In a lot of ways I feel like I'm living in an entirely different country, but happily I have been able to maintain good communication with my family back east.

And the reason we moved out here is because I'll be starting my Masters program to become a Speech-Language Pathologist in just a few short weeks! Before asking those questions I was truly struggling to figure out a professional goal that felt meaningful and rewarding to me, but after two years of post-bac classes I am incredibly excited to be on my way. 42 years old and I'm finally figuring out my own personal life, the universe, and everything - thank you, MetaFilter.
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I still haven't figured out who was the guy who did the thing...
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Back in January 2016, I asked this question about how to put together a surprise birthday video. The project was in honor of an old friend who had just been through a rough year and had decided to mark her birthday by spending time alone. While respecting that decision, I knew with unshakable certainty that I needed to send her a message of big birthday love from her friends. The complication: her far-flung social circles left me at a loss on how to connect to many of the people she’s closest to.

Enter adiabat, in an honest-to-goodness Touched by an Angel moment, who somehow pieced together clues (from a previous Ask Metafilter question, I believe) and realized that the friend I was talking about was someone she knew as well. Adiabat connected me to a key group of Birthday Girl’s friends: goofballs who had the energy and conviction to actually help me see the project through, and on my friend’s birthday, I was able to send her *this* – which is a heartfelt, sappy, embarrassingly honest declaration of how much we all love her.

Honestly one of my proudest life accomplishments, and it wouldn’t have happened without adiabat’s help.
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I'm burnin', I'm burnin', I'm burnin' for you: Went with the Dacor and LOVE it, 10 years later. Has never needed any repairs.

Please please please do not go: They ended up in Alpharetta. We are no longer friends. It's a long story.

Budding artist needs advice.: We got him GIMP and Inkspace and he lost interest fairly quickly, as it turns out he did with pretty much everything ever until he found music and programming.

What do Wii need?: We bought a second WiiMote, two nunchuks, and then the grandparents bought pretty much every accessory ever made. Also, we did a scavenger hunt for them for the Wii and it was SO FUN and they still talk about that.

Tripped up by tipping.: I made a bunch of food for the staf, wrote glowing recommendation letters, and went against some advice and gave the head guy a load of cash. We received a really lovely thank you letter from him afterward. We still love the kitchen and get compliments on it all the time.

Shove off, potato features!: I've never found it. I still think about it all the time and would go to great lengths to get a copy of it, or at least know what the hell it was for.

Win.32.Agent.pz virus got me down!: deezil's instructions FTW

Venn? Is that you?: I didn't find the one I was looking for, but the suggested one worked just fine.

Who [is going to] let the dog out?: The update says it all!

Debtor's prison doesn't exist anymore, right?: We ended up finding an agent who dealt with short-term corporate rentals. The location wasn't ideal but at least we had someplace to live!

Where does Sally sell sea shells by the seashore?: The trip didn't happen. It was prohibitively expensive at the time.

Games without frontiers...: Over the years, we've added nearly every suggested game to our games closet.

Stop and smell the smoke.: The dinner party didn't happen. It was me, my husband, our friend and his girlfriend. The girlfriend dumped him the day after I asked the question, out of the blue. The good news is that he finally found the love of his life and I actually got licensed to perform marriages so I could marry them!

come on, grams...gimme back my dsi!: We got the dsi, not the XL. She loved it then, and she's 17 now and still occasionally plays it.

Let the beat drop(box)!: tldr; the suggestions worked.

I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.: Aramand nailed it. The song is still on my current playlist.

Kettle me up!: Russell Hobbs. Still going, still love it.

Freezer meals for moderately disabled and very busy family: I made meatballs, casseroles, bread, all kinds of things. I was having a mental block because of the immediacy of the issue and y'all calmed me down.

Vacation, all I ever wanted...vacation, had to get away: Ugh. The update I gave didn't materialize. We were so excited. My dad started cancer treatments, which we knew was coming. Everything was going okay with that until my mother, his primary caretaker at the time, fell and broke her wrist. They lived four hours away and I was geographically the closest one. Trip cancelled. It all got worse from there. She had to have surgery. My dad got pneumonia and almost died. The doctors thought the cancer in his throat spread to his lungs (it didn't). It was a rough summer (complicated by the fact that my relationship with my father is incredibly fraught). We did end up getting away for a long weekend in St. Louis and LOVED City Museum and ate some good food. And we did Mammoth Cave and Chicago later. I was really looking forward to that epic road trip. I'm still bitter.

San Diego in one day-o: Co-worker did the Midway tour and the Maritime Museum. My family and I stayed in the Gaslamp quarter, away from the main drag, and we LOVED San Diego. We went to Disneyland, Coronado Beach, Balboa Park (we went to 10 museums in one day!!), the zoo, did lots of walking and relaxing, and generally had a lovely time.
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-Quit my volunteer position as librarian for my annoying chorus and no one had a heart attack or sent me hate mail; joined a way better chorus and really enjoy it.

-This one has a very bad ending in two ways; we actually didn't wind up having Thanksgiving at my mother's that year because she had a fairly major fire that destroyed a whole wing of her house. Then Kate and Bob's younger grandson took his own life a year ago, so we obviously didn't uninvite them from Thanksgiving.

-Peace lily is thriving. I had to repot it.

-Still have never gone back to a yoga class.

-Had a great time in New London that summer, and ate at Captain Abbott's around 12 times.

-Sadly, Toast did better for a few weeks but then stopped eating again, and ultimately died at age 12-13 a few months ago. Turned out he had cancer.

-My friend Scott went through a bit of a rough time for a while, but is doing fine.

-This was me anonymously. Tom and I resumed our friendship; we're pretty close again and happy with the way things are between us now.

I never have found these happy dancing bananas though!
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We did not eat the leftovers. I threw them in the freezer and then forgot about them until they were well past edible anyways. I tend to do that a lot with freezer leftovers, so maybe my next question should be "how the hell do I reheat frozen leftovers? Do I defrost first? Can I just dump it frozen into a pot and turn on the stove, or...?"

The dreaded work retreat was fine, my manager's schedule was very optimistic and we ended up doing a lot more slacking off as a group. It did not descend into shouting and fighting. But it still reinforced that my job was asking more of me than I was comfortable giving, so...

...I ultimately found a new job about a year and change after I asked this question. I work for a large public university now. Aside from the typical new job frustrations, it is so, so, so much better and I feel a million times happier. My husband has noticed I am laughing more often. I have so much more mental space freed up. The little pit of anxiety in my gut is gone and I feel like I can actually relax after work, instead of worrying about the next thing that's going to piss off my boss. People here are very protective of their work life balance and I LOVE logging into my email in the morning and not having 12 'URGENT!' emails that my manager sent overnight while she was up late working. I'm also doing nonprofit/foundation work within the university, so I feel like I'm contributing to a good cause.
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I didn't accept the offer in Seattle because the counteroffer for a Sr. Management position at my current employer was a once in a lifetime promotion opportunity. (now please don't forget that I AM your ladyboss)
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I successfully cleared security and then went to my high school reunion, which really wasn't worth going up there for, and then saw my family, which was worth it. I never found the rocketship glasses, which I think about every time I look at the ones we still have. I found a place to live and have moved three times since then, but now I own a house so I don't have to move ever if I don't want to. I got a real job. I didn't rent a car but took the train there and got a ride back from some friends, but then I rented a car a few months later. I visited Cissylvania (at least, if Cissylvania is Hungary).
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I bought a Dell XPS 15 and a Spyder5 Express, but I haven't yet done anything about my home office or started an account with 500px. That'll probably happen in the next month or two.
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- I used YouCaring, and it was fine.
- I repurposed my mom's ebay account with a new email then promptly forgot the passwords to both. Nothing has happened since.
- Ditto
- I made one of those eggs and it was such a pain in the ass I ripped the pattern into tiny little pieces.
- I never sent add'l thank you's beyond my goodbye email, but now I'm freelancing for them so it worked out.
- I received a Red Coach Satchel for graduation and all the great links have turned me into one of those people who's into handbags. It's a problem.
- I put everything out in the sun and it's better than it used to be though still a little funky.
- Still looking for solid-core jawbreakers of any size.
- I passed that class, barely, and never found a workaround.
- That friend decided it wasn't worth pursuing.
- Orchid Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est.
- I still miss her, every day and even though it's been five years this year, sometimes it hurts just as much as it did that day. This past winter was really hard, for reasons I can't explain and I often come back to this thread to re-read the kind words that came from this community. I did find a lovely grief counselor and that helped a little, but I didn't really start to come out of it until last year, for reasons that are too much to explain here.
- Sapling Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est.
- Dad ended up finding a tax person, who is wonderful and now doing all our taxes.
- Short answer: The new drugs Gleevec/Sprycel are literal miracle drugs, but Graft vs Host and c.diff is a fucker. Long answer: See earlier paragraph.
- Drives are still sitting in a box in the garage, along with all that stuff I was gonna eBay/LetGo
- That job was just as dumb as Front Page.
- I ended up pulling the drive and putting it in a new box. It never failed.

One from anon: I misread friendly flirting as flirting with intent and nothing ever happened after.
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I joined MeFi to answer this question, so I'd like to know if the asker did end up doing the American U. interactive journalism program.
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Years ago I was asking about how I could get my hands on some dentures and came up with nothing. Recently I realized it was more fun to sculpt my own stuff with loose teeth and I was on a trip to A Major City so I thought I'd ask if there was a chance of buying loose teeth on the cheap.

I did not get a good resolution to that question HOWEVER it was like a dream came true because a MeFite with whom I was not yet acquainted mailed me a literal handful of loose teeth and made my month. Thank you forever, Ambrosia Voyeur. You've really helped me make a lot of my Instagram followers very unhappy and queasy.
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Let's see...
- The stupid feature/bug remains in Excel.
- I should've been calculating my fuel-use-per-distance not litres per fill-up.
- It was an iTunes bug.
- The book was Trouble for Trumpets.
- I'd was referencing the wrong filename.
- I didn't have a legal right to cancel the contract, so I lost the deposit on our wedding venue booking.
- I sold my car successfully for an OK price, with unrepaired door.
- We had to cancel the trip after my other half broke her leg two weeks beforehand :(
- (After 10 incorrect guesses by Mefites) I asked the composer of Rogue One's OST on Twitter and he told me what the instrument was.
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I seem to be using AskMe a lot this year.

Let's see.

The sale of my best friend's house fell through 2 weeks before the closing because the code enforcement officer is a bag of dicks. So no epic Thelma and Louise road trip to Texas.

She sold her house finally and left two weeks ago. I miss her.

Thanks to friends and internet detectives, I have eight of my son's Blanky Bear hidden away to dole out.

I am still struggling to get a full time job.

I went with The Alchemists Daughter to use up my audible credit.

I chose Will Daddy Be Back in a Minute? As the secular children's book to help teach my son about his grandmother's death. He still asks about her every day anyway, and yes it does break my heart every time.

Mom came home to my sister's house for hospice care on July 7th and by the 14th she had passed. I survived the funeral despite myself.

This was how I explained things to my son later.

I didn't get the teacher's assistant job despite the awesome interview.

And my abusive ex-husband remains a sucking black hole of dicks, and I'm realizing I'm too poor and too mentally done to do much about it.

So to recap my asks. I lost my job and can't get a job. My best friend moved to Texas. My mom died. And while I don't advocate my ex's death, I won't cry if he fell into a pit of hungry tigers smelling like steak and regrets.

My sincere thanks to this site for helping me keep my head above water through it all. I do appreciate it.
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What are the Muppets?

Awesome, is what the Muppets are.
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I didn't split the controlled release Ambien; you guys scared me out of that idea.

I still haven't made peace with my hair, but tried enough of the suggestions to feel completely justified in giving up the fight.

And best of all, I did not have to spend the rest of my trip wondering what that sticker on the toilet was trying to tell me.
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"how the hell do I reheat frozen leftovers? Do I defrost first? Can I just dump it frozen into a pot and turn on the stove, or...?"

This may be helpful.
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Still using brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder. I just use it on roasted chicken now, though, no potato wedges.

I have been using multicolor Sharpies to add release date and genre just around the center hole. I'm down to eleven tall sweater boxes since I stopped cataloging them in November. The Vaultz CD wallets are working just fine. At some point I will add the ones we've bought since then.

We didn't go, but we have started talking about touring the national parks, so I probably will be adding them to the list of attractions. Definitely Georgia Aquarium.

Still on keto / modified Atkins, although I've added fresh fruit this summer. I'm within shouting distance of the 160s, although it depends on which scale I use and what I'm wearing. And my husband is doing it, too, and we've started taking 3-mile walks at the lake again now that the weather is getting cooler. Good times!
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The answer to my first Ask finally resolved itself -- the dog died. I cannot described the peace in this house since then, on a "not getting barked at while having ADHD" aspect as well as the interpersonal aspect with my husband. Still with him. Might not be in a year. So that part isn't really resolved yet. All of those answers that I thought were really harsh and scary were right, unfortunately. Ugh.
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I went to Piran, Slovenia for my vacation and laid on a beautiful beach and hiked in the beautiful hills and ate all the sardines for a week. It was amazing.
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I don't remember my anonymous questions anymore, so I can't speak to those.


• I learned a lot about how much students spent per semester.
• I resolved my own question about Adobe Acrobat 5.0.
• I learned a lot about salt death.
• I learned a lot about how blood is formed.
• The licensing-checking software for Adobe CS2 was obnoxious.
• planetkyoto is awesome and cut me some slack.
• I successfully charged people for freelance copy-editing for a decade.
• I learned a lot about colostomies.
• I was a decade ahead of the curve. Tons of cars have LED headlights now.
• Seven years later, I found the album: the Spanish import of ABBA's The Visitors.
• People were kind of jerks about this question and it sucked. Ugh.
• People recommended several useful local email lists.
• I learned a Firefox shortcut I still use in Chrome and taught yeahlikethat recently.
People shared "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" notes. Origins still murky.
• People answered my then-roommate's MiniDV video question.
• JAD'E recommended a hairspray I still use, 9 years later.
This wasn't answered definitively, but the conjectures were interesting.
• A specific version of Firefox did a weird thing.
• My car's suspension has never been the same. Alderpeople were quite unhelpful.
• Six years later, I got shocked when this light arc connected to my shower-curtain rod.
• I learned a lot about diplomatic cables and the technology behind them.
• I successfully hand-stamped 100 envelopes at the post office.
No one ever found the civilian deployment blog I remembered reading.
• I learned about heat damage to electronics and cat decoy routers, paid for in cat pics.
No one ever helped me get macOS-style hot corners in Windows.
• A few years later, I ended up getting a Waterfield bag, per oceanjesse's suggestion.
I'm still unimpressed by telephony offerings for the elderly, but this is moot.
I never did get an answer about samples in Cibo Matto's "Emerald Tuesday."
No one ever found the source of this illustration of tiny dragons on a book.
• I learned a lot about survey benchmarking.
I got world street fashion and culture postcard suggestions. I'd take more.
The custom iridescent or glitter vinyl sticker market still seems underserved.
• davidjmcgee found it! Margaret Jean Anderson's The Ghost Inside the Monitor rules.
• I successfully ate that beautiful slice of key lime pie. Mmm, pie. I stand by my choice.
• spilon recommended the place I'd already gone for sparkly T-shirts. They were a hit.

I love Ask MetaFilter.
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I've felt guilty about my "Bless your heart" and other backhanded phrases question since 2009. I asked it because I belong to a group that changes every year, but always includes a difficult person. That year, the person in question made statements beginning "I know slavery was bad, but..." and "I know Hitler was bad, but..." IN THE SAME CONVERSATION. I really needed something to say that didn't include "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. PLEASE FUCK RIGHT OFF WITH THAT BULLSHIT."

"How kind of you to take an interest" and "That hasn't been my experience" and "That's an unusual perspective" and variations of same have saved many a conversation in the presence of tender-eared mommies. Thanks, MetaFilter!
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I learned I ask a lot of inane questions.

I wish someone would make a coffee table book about fantasy van art.

My revolutionary idea of combining scuba and skydiving is apparently a non-starter.

I have set up a variety of reminders for ten years in the future and will let everyone know how it goes in a decade.

And I still have no idea how to call the accessible elevator.

The rest of my questions are even worse.
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For my jewelry question, mefite hydra77 helped me out a ton by memailing me a local pet rescue group raising money by selling used and new jewelry at great prices. I went to that event and was able to find a lot of nice stuff and now that rescue group is also on my radar, thanks again hydra77!

My husband and I also really appreciated the advice you gave us in my Alaska question. We had a really great December honeymoon thanks to all your advice!
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My first Ask: I cried for help for my interviewing anxiety. The wonderful Kangaroo spoke with me on the phone, quizzed me, gave me a huge confidence boost, and today I've got a great job.
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You have shitty advice on telenovelas

We bought him a bunch of your suggestions

He read My Side of the Mountain and a couple of others during the summer.

I butchered the tenderloin and I tell this story to everyone who will listen because I am a knife-wielding Amazon!

I listen to lots more radio now.

I returned home with the same number of children I departed with, and they had a FANTASTIC time on the airplane!

This weekend, I'm making a beef roast with Yorkshire puddings.
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What time is dinner?
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 10:15 PM on September 1, 2017

Space game suggestions: No Man's Sky ended up being this game idea in a nutshell, but the launch criticism put me off buying it right away (got it on sale recently though).

Name that tune: identified!

Fast zombie biology: Not really answerable, though lots of interesting speculation (including on-set wisdom from a zombie movie director!)

Quantum impossibility: Ditto (though the wisdom is more quantum than zombiefied)

Firefox problem: I hardly use the Fox anymore, so sadly kind of moot

Name that tune #2: Song: identified

Microsoft update Q: Turns out MS Office SP3 is different from Windows XP SP3

How to play this Dice Wars remake: This file format ended up being useless to me, though Dice Wars ended up getting lots of clones, including an addictive multiplayer version

Keyboard glitch: I think this ended up fixing itself

Obama sign: Change We Can Believe In placard: Hanging on my wall right now!

Sarcastic Caps: Opinions Differ

zomg virus: Virus: smashed

WiFi issues #1: cause still a mystery, though I solved it by moving the router

America: Democracy or Republic?: This phrase, like most Tea Party crazy, probably came from the John Birch Society. (And it's still cropping up today.)

Greasemonkey woes: Must have been a temporary bug

Turning Android phone into a hotspot: Did manage to root the phone and hotspot it, but I grew to dislike Android and switched to iOS soon after

Hurricane safety: Friend: safe!

Name that film: Looking back, I think it actually might have been Control after all.

SSD advice: SSD: installed!

WiFi issues #2: The problem was probably attached storage crashing the router

Router recommendations: New router: purchased! And 55% off, too.

Ideal bitrate for digital music: v3/175kbps was my compromise

Internet Art: Got some great suggestions, and John Bois's 17776 ended up exemplifying this perfectly

Name that ARG: Weird ARG: identified

Should I GOTV for Jon Ossoff?: Did not go to Georgia, and Ossoff ended up losing (though not by little enough that I could blame you fine people)
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My rubric is still two keywords short.
posted by bryon at 6:05 AM on September 2, 2017

I'm pretty good at updating in my questions, but I love the idea of this thread and how it's playing out so I'll jump in, w 2016-2017 questions:

I made a berry lemonade w add-your-own vodka that went over extremely well

I've switched to going after work so problem resolved itself

grapes are ripening! They look like Concord, so I'ma have some jelly in a little bit!


ordered crystals, are working as a sachet in my car, should order some more

have not watched any, but really should

Didn't find anything but am set for this season

Still a problem.

Found a gym that does this for me!

Had a fantastic Beijing trip, answers were helpful

Still haven't used it.

Was in a bad place, got lots of solace from you folks, am in a much better place now.

Got the tattoos, was a very interesting experience!
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Forced myself to stop obsessing over paint colors and pick between a couple of greige paints that are popular on design blogs. May go with blue for my last room. Paint job looks pretty good!

Got window stickers. So far, no more dead birdies.

I still have a boring, non-tech career. I'm enjoying learning Java, though.

I didn't do a lot of review for my math class and regretted it a bit. The professor kept saying things like "you'll remember how to factor this from high-school algebra," and I did not, in fact, remember anything from high-school algebra.

Have become obsessed with Live Love Polish, which is an excellent source for all your sparkly nail-polish needs.
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Eileen Fisher's new arrivals has a pair of wide leg jeans that I'm going to try, see how they work for me. Still trying to get the song "Valley Girl" out of my head though. That's another ask.
posted by jazzbaby at 8:15 AM on September 2, 2017

You have shitty advice on telenovelas

Oh shit! How the hell did I miss this one? I'm on my way to a multi hour appointment right now, but when I get back, PREPARE TO BE INUNDATED.
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We found tenants for the house, despite the neighbors' big scary gun sign.

I threw the cake away and abandoned my plans of making myself a tiramisu for my birthday.

I still haven't found a job, though I've had a couple of interviews and freelance editing gigs.

It wasn't cancer and every single answer was extremely helpful.

There wasn't really a clear consensus on the cream of tartar thing. I discovered an extra jar of it when I moved, and haven't used any since the last time I made snickerdoodles.

I went to H&M and looked dapper enough, but sobbed through the entire second act of Fun Home (which is what the date was) so that sort of negated the suave and debonair vibe I was going for.

LKWorking MeMailed me last month and suggested buying John Cage's 4'33 on iTunes as a workaround to the Honda Fit/iTunes autoplay thing. Haven't done it yet, but it's a brilliant suggestion.

Skipping over some, turns out my boyfriend's mom was actually trolling me. Our relationship continued to deteriorate, to the point where my now-ex didn't tell her for 3 months that we'd gotten married. Then I came out as a lesbian and now-ex and I got divorced, so my former MIL wound up feeling altogether vindicated in her treatment of me. Fun for the whole family!

8 years later, I do almost all of the cooking. I like it and I'm good at it. Practicing helps! Meal planning helps! Knowing I can always order Thai if I screw up too badly really helps!

Roller derby wound up being a great solution. So much physical contact!
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Last two years of questions (man I need to ask more!): Didn't buy the vehicle. Feel validated I did the right thing. Still debating how to achieve my dreams. Still trying to figure out the ideal cat-feeding solutions. Ate it. Still chasing that dream.

Apparently i'm indecisive.
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Oh thanks for asking this question. I went back through my old AskMes and found some interesting stuff but then I got stuck on the old "What Does It Mean When The Guy Pops An Anal Sex Tape In For Your Viewing Pleasure On A First Date" and I had to stop reading half way because my stomach hurt from laughing. I had forgotten all about that.

My husband is asleep right now but he hasn't mentioned Mary in years. She may have retired or been relocated. The last I heard she was still unmarried. As for Tom....I have no idea what happened to that guy!
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One thing I'm finding from these old answers is that so many of the links are dead. A post about delicious and different cake recipes nearly all go to dead sites. The answer to What's The Funniest Short Story ever Written about an Irish Stutterer is a dead link tied to "Perhaps this will ring a bell?" I have no idea what it was.
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It was a clapper.
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The floor of my woodshed did not collapse. If anything, it's somewhat overbuilt just like everyone said.
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I did order an Amazon IoT dash button but haven't had time to do more with it than (uncessfully) attempt the basic "Hello World"-ish tutorial.

After my mom asked me to research CBD oil to treat her essential tremor and I spent hours googling it and asking people IRL about their own experiences and aggregating a list of articles and summaries of them with the basic conclusion that it's harmless and probably would help her, she admits that she didn't read them and isn't interested in trying it. Thanks mom!

I love these threads! I think we should have them every month!
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Also, the disastrous remodeling job still angers me every once in awhile three years on, but then I fantasize about shipping the contractor a dick and that's enough to calm me down.

And my appetite came back with a vengeance and I appeased it with a big old burger and some tots. It's back to normal now.

I started code school and have no time for a part-time job and am feeling a lot better about my chances of getting a web dev job when I finish. I got food benefits which supplement my monthly budget enough that I'm still doing OK.
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Of the questions I didn't really update in-thread:
How can I make Toastmasters work for me?: I did quit, because it wasn't working for me in getting to my goal of being able to give professional presentations. I later was chosen for a "train the trainers" workshop for a training I had been participating in, and those trainers gave us a bunch of information about theories and best practices for teaching adult learners, and that was really the framework that I needed but had no idea existed. I'm trying to use that framework (and learn more about it) in my work teaching clients, and as I get more comfortable with it, I absolutely see it translating into my work with co-workers and higher-ups.

What worked or didn't work for you in a DBT Skills Group?: I'm still leading the DBT Skills groups, in multiple clinic locations, so I've lead (or co-facilitated) the Mindfulness skills nine times, Distress Tolerance three times, Emotional Regulation four times, and Interpersonal Effectiveness almost twice so far. The training I just mentioned about teaching adult learners also made an enormous difference in how I started approaching teaching DBT skills, and helped me make sense of why Linehan had set up the teacher manual the way she did, and everything really just clicked and I feel much more like I'm talking and teaching and having conversations rather than just reading the manual. (One of the participants said to me last week, "I can tell that you've taught this a great deal!" on a week that I was teaching brand-new-to-me material.) I still reread that AskMe every time I start a new module, to remind me of potential pitfalls and to reconnect with how clients are experiencing it.

Festive-ish Meal That's Easily Cooked, Transported, and Eaten?: I just couldn't even, at that point, and ended up getting a deli platter, which was fine.

Looking for a personal-training app or email: I found a recommendation in an older thread for Jillian Michael's app and it's exactly what I wanted and she's been kicking my ass now for several months.

Help me get over my fear of leadership: Still working on this one, but the DBT skills teaching and continuing to work on my adult-teaching skills has really been helping. The colleague who originally suggested I do some training of some sort has also become a friend, and it's been nice to get more mentor-y advice from her about career planning at my particular workplace (which is government, so it's got unusual quirks/norms), and she's been just generally encouraging about my pursuing a promotion. Still not sure I'd be willing to do a 200-person giant training, but I can tell that I'm developing way more comfort in teaching people in general, so I think it'll come. MangoNews's advice to see myself as a facilitator rather than an expert has really helped.

In general: Thank you, AskMe!
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I asked where to go in Canada and am in Whitehorse as I type, having been to other suggested places such as Edmonton (fringe was awesome) Banff, Jasper and surrounds - so pretty and loved the hot springs!
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From oldest to newest:

- It is because I do that nervous-talking-thing and I should back off a little.
- It was a normal spider and I trapped it and let it outside 5 minutes after posting.
- My boyfriend (now husband) and my mother are still a bit awkward around each other, but everyone is cool.
- I chose to name the blog "My Works, Ye Mighty", and then I never updated it.
- I didn't find a good tool.
- We went over colors and it was kinda fun.
- I needed to adjust my anxiety medication.
- I kinda stopped meditating anyway, never really figured out what that was about.
- He went with ATI and is in his final year of certification.
- Episode identified in record time, and now Mr. Freedom listens to the "Dobbstown" clip all the time.
- They cut the budget not long after that so I never requested anything.
- I got a lot of good recommendations but never listened to the podcasts. Will do soon.
- I studied the Russian grammar pages and then my research took me in a different direction.
- I learned a lot about postal romanization.
- It helped a lot!
- This was a big pain, but I was able to get on Green Mountain Care.
- My mom still does this, no end in sight. I am still learning to detach.
- Was suggested the correct widget; put it on my blog.
- I upped my tunic/skinny jeans game.
- We ended up flying Delta because my mom booked my sister's ticket without consulting me and I had to buy mine to match hers. The flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires was delayed 16 hours and we were really irritated. Should have flown LAN.
- We ate a lot of steak and stayed near San Telmo.
- I bought a Pipsticks subscription and it's still great.
- I haven't gotten around to these podcasts either.
- It was, in fact, fabric lace. My mind was blown.
- I started and stopped 5x5 Strength Training, and will be starting again next week with the snazzy gym my university has.
- We listened to Hidden Histories.

Sidenote: I posted a few anonymous questions, one very personal and emotional, and I was very surprised at how kind people here were. I was expecting to be raked over the coals for my idiotic behavior, but everyone was very understanding.
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In order:

1. My father went back to his doctor and, because he was paranoid, to other specialists. He was told that he was fine. A few weeks later my mother changed doctors; it was clear that something was wrong with this one. My parents now both see the same doctor (she was my doctor first -- and in a weird twist, she turned out to be my parents' neighbor) and they are much happier for it.

Sadly, my father was diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative disease two years ago. His condition is mostly stable for now.

2. The friend and I ended up fighting about stuff relating to this years later, and we're not friends anymore.

3. My FIL didn't stay with me for two weeks let alone six months. I ended up taking a train to New York and quietly cashing out my hotel rewards points for a while. My husband came to his senses and asked his family to leave. I got the therapy I needed.

4. I got a bunch of AMAZING recommendations. I especially loved The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander.

5. As I'd said in the update, I avoided V that day. Things ended up coming to a head with her, however, and I said everything that had been on my mind. She's avoided me after that. (Also, I think the baby's keeping her busy.) My husband and I plan to move back to the city we left in a year. Things at work are going well -- oddly enough, the answers to those questions got me considering grad school again?

My kitty is and continues to be awesome.

6. This question seems particularly fucking stupid seeing as what's going on with the Dreamers right now. Sorry, MeFi.

7. I'm so glad this question got an astronomical number of likes. Lalex honestly gave me the answer of my dreams and I immediately went to see if we had all that stuff on hand. We didn't; so we made a trip to Target to replenish our supplies.
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Oh, and I wanted to thank moonlight on vermont a zillion times for their answer to my question about V, my horrible relative. I literally can't thank them enough.
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  1. We found the song I was looking for, and it's now available for purchase online.
  2. We failed to find the book that had "stranger things have happened, especially in driver's education class" as a running gag.
  3. We got my wiki working again.
  4. Y'all figured out the Liz Phair chords I wanted, and I played the song.
  5. The advice for Citi Bike was helpful, but I did not actually use my membership enough in the first year to justify renewing it.
  6. The long German neologism was hyphenated without incident.
  7. The particular sort of ukulele arrangements I was looking for were not to be found.
  8. I got a bunch of great ideas for Science March signs. I ended up going with "DIVERSITY is not a bonus! It's needed to get good SCIENCE" on one side, and "THIS IS WHAT A SCIENTIST LOOKS LIKE" on the other, above pictures of Mae Jemison, Grace Hopper, Lynn Conway, and Hedy Lamarr.

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I asked a question about a year ago about how to cross a weird intersection where one bike lane ended, and the next didn't start for another block, and cars seemed to want to KILL ALL CYCLISTS and I couldn't even figure out what was legal.

I also messaged the council about the issue, citing the metafilter responses as evidence it wasn't just me not getting how that intersection worked.

One year later, they have just completed a new section of cycle path that connects the two parts, and in fact takes a shortcut off road through that area so cyclists don't even have to risk mixing with the pedestrians trying to cross. And they have put in the first protected cycle zebra crossing there that I've seen in my town (a green zebra crossing with cycle symbols marked on it that I think means cyclists have right of way and don't legally have to dismount, unlike most of the others around).

I suspect they intended to do this sort of thing anyway and it has nothing to do with my metafilter question, but I secretly hope that maybe it did a little bit.
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* Despite my regular panics [1] [2] about it being shuttered, I am still on Flickr and it'll probably take the service being shuttered to get me to move away.

* Feeling content that, not far off 50, I'm oft encountering the same issues and problems and changes and stuff as other MeFites are.

* A small quantity of the 45 bars of Cadbury Chocolate was consumed with no adverse effects.

* The most naked one became in Marks and Spencer was shorts and t-shirt. Standards, dear boy, standards.

* After some bad weather, THAT FUCKING OWL went away of its own accord.

* A quantity of cheese was moved out of a rear window at night and ended up in a giant pot in a soup kitchen (thanks). Ironically (because of this MetaTalk) currently in a really weird dialogue with someone in LA over "movie rights", though am sceptical it will lead to anything.

* Many people make tea and make tea differently but I'm not going to be judgmental about which MeFites do it correctly and which are monsters.

* San Francisco still exists so can't yet test the accuracy of the answers.

* Christmas Day turned out to be a great day to go and eat in the Balti Triangle in Birmingham so we did.

* Found some druids and now when in this part of the world I hang out with them at various events, or do some solstice events on my own, so all is good.

* Rode a log flume, but because decency I did not poo out of the back of it to test the answers provided by MeFites. (For fun, the podcast where Cortex and Matt riff on this like naughty immature schoolboys and Jessamyn declares her displeasure at this question). However, I did discreetly drop one of the Twinkies bought in Iowa out of the back of the flume when it was at the top of the slope as a kind of substitute to see if it would keep up with us, but amidst all the splashing and spray it was quickly lost in sight. Who knows; it might be still there, doing circuits of the ride, absorbing water and gradually growing larger; watching, waiting, biding its time...
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My few AskMe's have all had entirely useful answers, except I never found a music-only copy of the Franco Cozzo jingle. :(
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Looking back at my old asks, my first ever question and my most recent question form the bookends of a ten year arc over the life of my mom, and the questions themselves supply the answers as to what happened.

How can my non-tech-savvy Mum maintain her own website

To be a musician or to be depressed - can ECT affect musical ability?

Hospice care decisions - what do you wish you had known?

Can you help me find this piece of music my Mum used to play?

So I guess the end of that story is that I have this excellent youtube link to a lady around my mom's age playing this Chopin waltz that my mom used to play, and it tears me up every time. My mom gave up her career when she had me, for a variety of unfair reasons mostly involving the patriarchy and mental health, and this video is like a window into an alternative and substantially happier reality.
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I did not switch to Ting.
The cats still bother me at night, but less so.
I still sit cross legged, alas.
I never bought a boozy version of the flavor bible.
I happily bought glasses (including progressives) online from Zenni.
I sold the CDs to a MeFite (thanks!)
I still use and like TimeJot, but my iPhone keeps warning me that the app won't be compatible with the next version of iOS.
I successfully found appropriate clothing in Barcelona.
I still knit. I have not (yet) started to sew.
I bought glass containers that didn't actually meet the criteria I asked y'all to meet.
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Everybody told me my son needed to apprentice to someone if he wanted to be a jeweler, but he ended up going to Revere Academy and almost immediately after got a job at Jared. He's just gotten promoted and is happy as a clam.
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"Many people make tea and make tea differently" I once offered a man I dated, some tea. He said, "Sure." I got out my teapot and put on some water. He sat blinking, when he could finally speak, he asked, "YOU brew tea?" I should have known then things were not going be good.
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Mostly, Mefi, you gave such amazing words of support and advice when my dad died and I had various questions about what to do with his stuff and how to grieve properly and how to even function. Thank you so much.
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Omfwac (oh my frac'n wacky amazing cthulu) I am so so far behind, I still have not decided which question to ask first. Wonder if a meta question is allowed?
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I don't think this is really it, sacasticah, but when I reread your question again, despite not seeing the scene in my head when you first asked about it, this time I had a flash of Dharma & Greg.
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Sarcasticah, I am pretty sure that scene happens in The Facts of Life.
posted by CoffeeHikeNapWine at 4:04 PM on September 4, 2017

But now that I am googling I can't find it and what I do find is different.

It must have happened over in the Berenstein universe.
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I loathe Jenna Elfman, thus never watched a moment of Dharma and Greg. (Also, I am quite certain it was from when I was a kid, thus mid-eighties to maaaaaybe extremely early nineties.) Also, I never watched Facts of Life for some reason, so it's not that.
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A couple recent ones that turned out especially well:

I quit my fluorescent-lit job and work from home for twice the salary.
He wasn't selling, but it kicked us into looking at houses. We bought a better house about four months later.
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Later googling (like years later) turned up a transcript for the raccoon-in-my-pants dance. It was Empty Nest! The episode was "Tears of a Clown".
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-I included the safety concern in my private review to the airb&b hosts, and didn't get a response about it.
-We watched the eclipse from our rental house, due to small child nap schedule, and it was great! We did not end up showing small child the sun. I got safety glasses from a local science shop, and my eyes are fine.
-I ended up buying my bag notions from the pattern maker and a local shop, but I've bookmarked the shops recommended for future tries.
-I found a random house outside NYC in the Hudson Valley. Specific location did not work out as a main search criteria. Ended up deciding by searching for houses that were large enough and open the weekend we needed, within a few hours of NYC/Boston, and the group picked the fanciest house. (Although it was the one with the missing balusters, see later question...)
-I read and enjoy several of the recommended blogs. Everything I marked as best answer is one I read every time they post!
-We covered our porch floor with sheet vinyl. It was easy, affordable, and weather proof. It's not gorgeous but it works fine.
-Kid eventually aged out of monthly ear infections, thank god.
-My identity was not stolen as a result of my wallet theft, I just had to deal with the hassle of replacing everything. I did get a prettier wallet, though.
-I have since found all the care providers I need, although I am now looking for a new PCP due to location issues.
-Our wedding had an awesome caterer (who has since closed or I would name them), the food was amazing! Dessert was pies from Woodstar Cafe and they were soo good. We did hire one of the recommended photographers and she did a fine job with the photos and then dropped off the face of the planet when we tried to order prints. We ended up ordering a wedding album elsewhere through a company that just makes albums for you from digital photos and prints for framing from a local shop. That worked out better in the end, because I never would have gotten around to putting them in an album, but I was definitely left with a sour taste re the whole thing.
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Two years in, my now-spouse and I have actually done about half of the suggested things to do around San Jose, plus a bunch of other things gleaned from other sources. It's reaching the point where I could probably make "Reventlov's Guide to San Francisco Bay," should I ever have an excess of motivation.

I added a bunch of books to my "to read" list, but my general failure to read anything long-form has meant that I haven't gotten through many of them.
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I am currently sitting in my incredibly comfortable, perfectly ergonomic, ridiculously expensive desk chair that my company paid for. (And I love my new job, by the way.)

I still love "Blue Sky" shows, and I enjoyed the first two seasons of Death in Paradise, and am currently more than halfway through Royal Pains.

I'm still really distracted by nearby conversations. I'm in an open office right now, but people are pretty quiet, so it's not too bad. Sometimes I put in headphones and crank up white noise.

I still use UrbanEars earbuds with "ear click." They're not that durable, but they're the only thing I find comfortable.

My LEEP was fine, no complications, and totally clear down there for 5 years!

HAHAHAHAHAHA "foster dog." That scrappy little thing is now my BFF. Once we gave him a name, it was all over. Sunshine tolerated him for the most part (she passed a few years ago.)

I successfully marched in many a Mardi Gras parade!
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*I got over the vertigo eventually
*We ended up getting them gift cards for tacos and Ubers
*We never moved anywhere but partner still talks about it all the time
*I gave up wearing dresses entirely
*Everlane, y'all.
*The Minneapolis trip didn't go so great. We're gonna try it again in a month or two.
*We still barely ever cook. :(
*My eyebrows grew back
*We stayed in a fantastic hotel downtown that lost power constantly, lol
*My partner and my mom still don't get along.
*Thank fuck, all of those secrets are well out in the open now. One of 'em just celebrated his first birthday!
*The spa birthday went very well
*I'm still in the market for a style blog but have accepted that maybe it's just not meant to be
*The animal crackers we got were super-cute. The store we bought them from is STILL spamming my email.
*I took approximately 500 online surveys and made zero dollars and was very angry at the universe but eventually got a real job worked out again.
*My cat has IBS and is still worse on weekends than other times and nobody knows why.
*I'm still no fun. I'm quite possibly very much less fun than when I asked about it.
*The xmas tree my mom got from a friend ended up looking fine.
*The cat learned to use her stairs and eventually her hind legs got somewhat better, but they're still not great, and we're still trying to figure out why
*I bought some shorts! Then they got stolen off my porch. There's always next summer.
*I have a list of recommended financial planners from wealthy friends but no appointment yet.
*That CeraVe broke me out something fierce so I'm tryin' all the other recs.

Huh. Not a ton of resolution in my Ask history.
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