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Mexico city Mefites, please check in to let us know if you're ok after the earthquake.
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149 lives lost as of tonight. This earthquake comes two weeks after an 8.1 hit Mexico and on the 32nd anniversary of the 8.0 quake that killed 5000+ people. The Guardian has live updates..

I hope everyone is safe.
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Hi. I've seen donpedro and clearlydemon tweeting, so they're ok. Don't know about the rest.
It. Was. Bad. The worst I've ever felt.
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Thanks dhruva! How are you! I'm ok and my family and friends are too.

Cobalt, good to see you're ok too!
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((hugs)) to anyone who needs them.

Please let us know if/what you need. We're pretty good at helping.
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Thanks, cooker girl. The Red Cross here has an Amazon Wish List, should you care to buy them something, but I'd much prefer people donate money to the Topos, the guys that wriggle into collapsed buildings, at great risk to their own lives, to rescue people. Their Paypal account is
Those guys are amazing. In fact, I'm going to post about them on the blue right TF now.
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hey Cobalt you might want to check in with the mods about your post (which I am super-interested in!)
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Post is already back up; thanks Cobalt!
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The quake was milder in Xalapa than last time, we had to evacuate the institute but overall not much impact here.
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Thanks, LobsterMitten for the heads-up and the help, and lalex for posting the link.
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((hugs)) to all Mexican mefites.
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Glad to hear you guys are OK. I will go donate some cash to the Topos.
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Dhruva, how was today's earthquake for you? Everything ok?
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Glad to hear from you all. <3
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clearlydemon: Dhruva, how was today's earthquake for you? Everything ok?

Very mild. I woke up and it was over. This is starting to get routine!
posted by dhruva at 10:23 AM on September 24

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