Guess AskMe writes for Lifehacker now! October 25, 2017 1:45 PM   Subscribe

They've lifted this entire thread: Alternatives to Love and basically cribbed it for a blog post. They've even directly quoted many of the users that posted in the thread. Thanks to the original posters for their answers!
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Yeah, I assume this is in reference to this Lifehacker article.

Basically, this is something that happens sometimes, and is just the web being the web -- since in this case, it's a one-off, and they're crediting the commenters and providing a link to the question, so basically water, duck's back.
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Yes, that would be the post. Meant to include it. Thanks!
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At least he gave credit, so it's not plagiarism or anything.
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That's also how I found Metafilter originally. I guess you could say it's cribbed, but the fact that they're citing sources I think means that on the whole, Metafilter just gets better if someone reads a post like that, visits the site, and gets to reading more.
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The "...says user late afternoon dreaming hotel" stuff gives it a Computational Journalism vibe.
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Yeah, I'm another one who first found Metafilter through Lifehacker. I don't even really read Lifehacker much anymore, but I'm so glad they pointed me here.
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There was also the thread / article about video games as self care by the same author.
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I came here via Lifehacker's old "Ask Metafilter Roundup" posts too.
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I'm another person who found Ask Metafilter through Lifehacker. (It took me longer to figure out that Metafilter is an actual thing though).
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This nonsense has been going on with Lifehacker for a long time. I mentioned it on Twitter a few years ago and the then-editor just about took my head off. I quit reading LH soon after.
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To be clear, I’m glad they’re at least citing Metafilter now.
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