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Congratulations to MeFi's Own jscalzi! Deadline reports Netflix Grabs Hold Of John Scalzi’s Sci-Fi Novel ‘Old Man’s War’ For Jon Shestack, Madhouse "EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has acquired John Scalzi’s modern sci-fi classic Old Man’s War to develop as an original film. The novel is the first in a bestselling six-book series and is considered to be one of the best of the genre over the past two decades, nominated for a Hugo Award. Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment will produce."
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Hell yeah, jscalzi!
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Neat! They definitely could do some interesting stuff, TV wise, in that universe.
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I feel like this is of general interest and someone should just post it on the blue.
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Here's jscalzis post about it Old Man’s War in Development at Netflix.
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Oh yeah, get you some of that netflix money jscalzi.
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I'm sure you all are quite familiar with Old Man's War already but for the few who are not, it's probably the most Heinleinesque of Scalzi's novels. It's in the tradition of STARSHIP TROOPERS and Haldeman's FOREVER WAR though of course that's a large oversimplification.
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Congratulations, but how's that Redshirts adaptation coming?
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Wow, when worlds collide! I love this book and will definitely watch the movie when it comes out! Congrats, jscalzi!
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Hopeful that Netflix can get MeFi's Own out of the Development Hell he was in with OMW before (Bad SyFy, Bad!) and still is with Redshirts (why do I suspect that people are saying "well, we already have The Orville", another reason to hate Seth Mc).
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Oh man, I'm loving that Netflix is embracing/adapting SF lately. Altered Carbon and now Old Man's War. This is great to hear. Congrats Scalzi!! This is just a reminder that I need to go back and read the rest of the books in that sequence, I've only read the first book (but if it makes you feel better, I've read it 3 times)!!

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Me on this very website less than 48 hours ago: The Netflix/streaming service funding model for movies is weird and we should talk about what it means to the future of the industry that produces those artistic endeavors.

Me now: Shut up nerd and let them give jscalzi that money!

(Seriously though, this is great news.)
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Now I'm imagining a comedy sequel depicting John Perry's time on Huckleberry.
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Woah, awesome!!
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If you have not read the book it has the potential for a really fine science fiction film, there's fairly unique scifi elements but also strong human issues on both personal and world galactic wide. Although the female solders may be, ah, reminiscent.

Do read the book!
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I'm willing to bet they ditch the color.
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Congrats jscalzi! I picked up Old Man's War ages ago in a Humble Book Bundle (I think....) Definitely made me a fan. I keep meaning to read the rest of the series but you've got so many other great books I keep getting distracted! I'll be looking forward to this.
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Aw, congrats! How exciting.
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Holy shit, I have been very obtuse and never put together the author of that book and our member being one in the same. It's a good book, I enjoyed it without even knowing that I'd probably been spoken to by the author somewhere, somewhen. If that's not the sort of praise folks expect or appreciate then, well, I don't know what to say.

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Congratulations! I assume all relevant guild rules require him to be credited as ‘MeFi’s own.’
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Wow, congrats!
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Congratulations, this is wonderful!
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Awesome. I'm going to watch the hell out of this.
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I got super excited when I read Madhouse but it's a different one so I have been downgraded to very excited. Can't wait for the giant green orgy scene.
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I was reahappy to see this news! Congratulations.
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Thank you, everyone! I'm very pleased.

Re: Redshirts -- the option lapsed and is back to me (and yes, The Orville probably had something to do with that) but we're fielding new offers on it, so we'll see.
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OMG that's awesome.
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Congrats, jscalzi.
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Yay John.

Never mind about The Orville.

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