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What are some of your favourite custom MetaTags. I was given the opportunity to create the #gayblacksanta tag with my most recent post and I was smiling as I typed it out. You have your every day #science #books #videogames kind of tags (and of course these are important and useful). But then you have those special ones that are specific to a particular post. They're often one-off kind of tags and may not ever be used again based on their specificity. What are some of your favourites?
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No question: lolbutts and buttslol. Should be applied more regularly.
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Yes, please add those tags to this post.
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More for the actual question about one-off tags (obviously lolbutts is general-purpose): hotlocalcats, absurdculturalnorms, apologyletter, stacksofcups, pooptrain, didyouknowthatcashewscomefromafruit, twelveinchpianist, wordsthatstartwithw, tentacledhentaimonster.

How is potrzebie only used twice?
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I liked victorianfeatsofengineering when I used it.
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I feel like gayblacksanta would give some awesome gifts.
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I suggest that the more intersting question is what the entirety of your tags says about you as a MeFite. For example, my user page shows this:
MeFi tags: charity (1) cancer (1) blowtorch (1) audiobooks (1) artdeco (1) armory (1) armor (1) anger (1) alt-right (1) altright (1)
Personally, I look at that series of words and think, Variety, alliteration, and the tantalizing possibility that they're all on one crazy FPP. Nice.
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I am inordinately proud of getting (or playing a part in context of) dirtypillows added to the Christian Side Hug thread.
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Sadly the hoppitamoppita tag has only been used once, although hoppita moppita has been used in 13 (now 14!) comments and one username.
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When I Asked why my now-dearly-departed cat, Artemis, did the Poo Gallop, I tagged the post with "catshitinsane".
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I've never looked at any tags, never searched them, only know they are in existence when they asked for them the few times I made a post. Are tags something people use a lot? Why do some have the # in front?
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Although now that I look at my profile I guess that collection of tags is not wrong.
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I really hope that nobody uses the hapaxlegomenon tag ever again, because having just one use of it on all of MeFi is so wonderfully apt.
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WTRogersCallBell for the 3 songs I've used it in.
It's one of those "ring for service" bells that a concierge might have. I bought it in 1994 to use as a prop in my final year film for film school.
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Josh you bastard (April Fool post)
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I'll always have a warm place in my heart for batshitinsane.
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My proudest moment involved two tags: MementoAranearumOctober and GetItAranEARumICrackMyselfUp
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quonsar - quonsar
posted by unliteral at 5:49 PM on December 19, 2017

This MeTa inspired me to make my most recent FPP so I could use reindeerboob as a tag, so, uhhhh, hooray for that I guess.
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I felt pretty pleased with my use of virginwhocan'tdrive on a post about Clueless.
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I always appreciated #fuckharper, which I used but did not invent, for finding Canadian politics posts until 2015.
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