Flavortown loses its flavor. RIP Guy's American Kitchen & Bar December 30, 2017 5:35 PM   Subscribe

Do you remember flavortown? First discussed on the blue in a metafilter thread, it spawned a meetup, a metatalk liveblog, and was discussed on a podcast episode. It was the subject of many a deleted post.

It's gone now. Metafilter thread. But not forgotten!
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Poster's Request -- Brandon Blatcher

We had a really nice time there- the staff treated us very well. Curious to know why a spot like that would close. Hope the employees all find other work.
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Flavortown and the subsequent Flavortown-inspired potluck meetup are probably two of my most cherished mefi memories. Here's a couple of artifacts I've hung onto since then. Shoutout to all the NYC mefites past and present!
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We can punch down like the best of them.
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I remember looking at train schedules and cheap hotels because I really wanted to go to the Flavortown meetup. I will always regret not going.
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This meetup was held on the occasion of my 31st birthday. I went because I was in New York, a city in which I knew not a soul and had previously set foot in perhaps two times previously, for a job interview. I met at that meetup the MeFite Hactar, with whom I spent the rest of my birthday, as well as many other kindly MeFites, and though the prospect of leaving the much smaller city in which I'd lived and set down roots for the past 10 years was still vaguely terrifying, I thought that after the nice day I'd had perhaps this city wasn't so impenetrable after all. I ended up getting that job, dear reader, and I settled into the city with the help of my now good friend Hactar, who helped me with the process of apartment hunting and getting to know the city. Encouraged by meeting so many friendly MeFites at the first meetup, I went to many others, and met still many more good people who are now some of the friends and associates who help make this city home.

I will forever hold Flavortown in my heart.
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Do you remember flavortown?

The musical?
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I read about the meet up while it was occurring and it is also one of my Metafilter regrets that I did not read about it PRIOR to its occurrence and also attend.
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Why did the restaurant with the shitty drinks close? It wasn't the server's fault they were shitty,
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Just going to leave this here. Comedian Shane Torres - Can someone please explain to me what the hell Guy Fieri ever did to anyone?

We had a post on that too.
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It might have worked if he'd had mariachis.
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We had a post on that too.

Oh man, that thread makes me sad. I started watching DDD with a friend, and now I am a total unironic fan. Anthony Bourdain is interesting, but he seems like a jerk. Guy Fieri just seems like a nice guy who likes food and loves his sons, and it's kind of sweet how he always mentions his late sister whenever he gets vegetarian food. At one point, I realized I was laughing with him, not at him, whenever he made a bad joke or needled someone over their pronunciation of "Worcestershire."

I guess this isn't really an interesting comment, except that I like Guy Fieri enough to tell people how much I like Guy Fieri.

I probably wouldn't have eaten at his restaurant, though. RIP
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Update, since the original thread is now closed: Turns out it was Jared Kushner who killed Flavortown.
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