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Registration is open for LL76, the 76th quarterly season of LearnedLeague trivia. Membership is by invitation only, but plenty of Mefites are members and are totally willing to invite you, right here in this thread. Each weekday for 25 days, you answer 6 trivia questions and assign points based on how hard you think your head-to-head opponent will find them. Here are some questions from last season. Referrals are open through February 6; registration closes February 14; LL76 starts on Tuesday, February 20.

We also have a MetaFilter private rundle, which I can invite you to upon request. Congratulations to MCMikeNamara, who won the LL75 MetaFilter private rundle!

To participate in a private rundle, you have to be a non-rookie with a Premier membership ($50/year; you can also upgrade from the $30 standard membership), and you need the name of the private rundle, and the registration code (password).

The private rundle name is MetaFilter. MeMail me and I'll send you the registration code. (It's the same registration code as it's always been.)

We have a wiki page with listings of Mefites who are on LL. Feel free to add yourself to the list (and update your information--one of the big Mefite branches got realigned from Memorial to Taiga for LL76). You don't have to put your LL username if you don't want to.

I have lots of referrals available. If I refer you, I will add your MetaFilter user name to the wiki, but won't add your LL name unless you want. I can't promise that I'll never ever tell anybody what your username is, but I won't broadcast it if you don't want me to. There are lots of people who are willing and able to refer you!

Wondering how you'd do? The league structure is set up so that after your rookie season, you're paired up against people at roughly your performance level. Do a little bit better or worse, and you can get promoted up or relegated down. There are 5 levels, A-E. We have Mefites at all levels. The commissioner generally aims for about a 50% total "get rate" for questions, so if you didn't know them all, don't worry!

Previously on gray, and before, and previously on blue, and before.
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Yay! I gave away my referral this time around to someone you all would recognize so I am stoked about this. I KILL at bar trivia but I am in the D Rundle in Learned League which is basically where I belong. It's fun, there's a forum for trading other nerdery (it's literally the only other forum I participate in besides here) and the guy who runs the place is incredibly good at his job (and I may have given him a few pointers to which he is very responsive) and very ethical all around.

The two big rules if you want to play are: don't forfeit and don't cheat. Forfeiting because there's a slightly complex series of matches and if you fail to show up it tosses the stats into disarray (and there are all sorts of ways to get questions early if you really are going to be for example, on a plane for 24 solid hours) and cheating because, well, it's internet trivia so it's incredibly easy to cheat, so don't.

The website, like some of MetaFilter is a little creaky. Unlike MetaFilter it looks sort of bad on mobile but it functions just fine. There are also a lot of other fun features like lists of local trivia happenings (in the US especially but there is a worldwide membership) and a lot of one day topic-themed quizzes in-between regular league play. I have very much enjoyed my time there. Thanks for posting this.
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So, coincidentally I requested a referral from someone you all would recognize just the other day! I actually had no idea my request was so timely, I'd just been thinking about trying Learned League on and off over the last year. Then I saw that article languagehat just linked somewhere and it reminded me to go look for the past MetaTalk threads and figure out how to join. Looking at some of the past questions, I don't think I'll do all that great, but I think it will be fun anyway.
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I'll have to remember there's a MetaFilter group when I renew my membership and if I decide to bump up my membership level. Had no idea.
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I'll take an invite, if any of you would be so kind. Thank you
posted by KazamaSmokers at 3:07 PM on January 20, 2018

This looks freaking awesome and I don't know why this is the first time I'm hearing of it, but I fear it would increase my media consumption, which is a thing I don't need right now.
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I would love an invite if you have one left!
posted by Garm at 1:04 PM on January 21, 2018

If someone has an invite left, I'd be up for trying it out. (I need yet another place to show off my shocking lack of music knowledge.)
posted by RyanAdams at 6:53 PM on January 21, 2018

jessamyn: "The two big rules if you want to play are: don't forfeit and don't cheat."

So, if I'm going to be off the grid for a week at some point, I shouldn't join up, I take it.
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Hi people! I have one referral per season as a Standard Member. MeMail me if you'd like it, and I'll send you details. In the case I receive more than one MeMail, I will flip a coin, roll a die, or play favorites; you can decide which happened if you aren't chosen—as long as you don't ask me which it was! If you were chosem welcome to a life beyond your wildest imagination. Maybe too far beyond and you may need to step back a little. Nope. Too far. couple steps forward. ok there. no, stop. there! OK STAND STILL NOW

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So, if I'm going to be off the grid for a week at some point, I shouldn't join up, I take it

If you know you are going to be out of town,,you can play matches in advance! I have done this once or twice when traveling and not sure of my schedule/internet access.

I also have some referrals for next season, interested parties can memail me.
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It's really one of the most fun things I do on a daily basis. I just had the pleasure/anxiety-inducing-terror of creating my own One-Day Special quiz (a sort of off-season exhibition series of quizzes that focus on sometimes insanely esoteric topics). I think it went pretty well for my first time.

Regarding referrals, everybody had matching towels made a great point here last time LL was on the grey (I'll quote it below).

Since the referrers are essentially putting their necks on the line for you here (if a referral forfeits a lot, it affects the referrer's ability to refer in the future) it is probably a better display of commitment to the league to be proactive and memail one of the kind folks offering in this thread, rather than wait for someone to give one to you.

I also have a referral to give out, so hit me up!

Understand that there is no problem at all with referring someone who doesn't get many questions right, it's more important that the people you refer are not going to cheat, and that they are not going to flake on competing.
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I have been in LearnedLeague for 12 seasons now, and spend most of my time in C Rundle, clinging like grim death to last one or two non-relegation spots. So I guess I am a solid C minus.
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I look forward to showcasing my reliable mediocrity.
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What things are considered "cheating"? Google? A public library? My own library?
posted by Joe in Australia at 4:08 PM on January 22, 2018

All of those things are cheating, yes. You cannot look up the answers.
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This is all spelled out very clearly in Section 17 of The Rules.
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I'd love an invite, if anyone still has one!
posted by earth by april at 5:56 PM on January 22, 2018

I too would love an invitation if there is one to be had
posted by durandal at 8:19 PM on January 22, 2018

This master of none would also love an invite.
posted by Freelance Demiurge at 2:57 AM on January 23, 2018

This looks really fun. If anyone's got an invite, I'd love to try it.
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I'd also love an invite, if anyone makes it to this point in the thread and still has one itching to give away.
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I’ve gotten to Garm, RyanAdams, durandal, and superfluousm. MeMailing helps prioritize you. I will check with the other folks in the thread in a couple of days to make sure we get to you.
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(I'm sorted, thank you!)
posted by asperity at 9:54 PM on January 23, 2018

If there's an invite available I'd love to have one
posted by kingoftonga86 at 8:21 PM on January 25, 2018

I gave an invite to a friend who ended up forfeiting most of the season. My assumption is that I inadequately explained the "no forfeit" thing to her. I have a couple of invitations, but please, please promise you won't forfeit if I give you one. I would be mortified if that happened again.

I memailed kingoftonga because I assumed everyone above that post was all set. Is that correct?
posted by zorseshoes at 10:04 PM on January 25, 2018

And if there's someone else needing a referral, memail me, I guess.
posted by zorseshoes at 10:05 PM on January 25, 2018

I've also got an invite; MeMail me please! I'll post again here when it's gone so if there's no followup from me you can assume mine's available...
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Is there a quiz board as substantial as this where you are allowed to use reference books? I like trivia competitions but I also like looking things up.
posted by Joe in Australia at 3:10 AM on January 27, 2018

Got my official invite today... now it's time to figure out what my flag design should be.
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Update: We’ve got 5 days to refer any more rookies (last call is Feb. 6). We also have 18 (!!) members in the private rundle so far.

Good luck, everyone!
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Got my official invite today... now it's time to figure out what my flag design should be.

Mine features an interrobang prominently.
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Well, the season starts on Tuesday, I think we got everybody registered, and we wound up with 18 members in the private rundle (and the champ didn't register, so for the fourth straight season we'll have a new champion!).

I updated the Mefi Wiki with the new or new-to-me people (showing MetaFilter usernames only), and updated a bunch of league affiliations due to the great Memorial to Taiga Migration of LL76. Check your info, and update as necessary!

Good luck!
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I just realized I am in a Rundle with at least a couple of the bigwigs at the national pub quiz company I host for (Tuesdays and Wednesdays, come on out!). I'm not sure if it is better to beat them or lose to them from a career standpoint.
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I'm not sure if it is better to beat them or lose to them from a career standpoint.

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