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We'll be drafting within two weeks. If you are interested in joining *and* being an active manager the league link is in my profile.
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Doesn't take a huge commitment to be an active manager, by the way, if you're a newbie and worried about getting in over your head. A few minutes a day to adjust your starting roster, maybe longer once or twice a week for longer-term strategy. I enjoy it, anyway.
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Yeah, we just need you to play out the season and not bail after the draft. A few of us are kinda manic, but there’s no expectation that most people will be. Just replace guys who are injured.

We’re at 11 teams right now, and I think the goal is to get to around 16 or so.

Drafting next Sunday, I believe?
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Is that Sunday the 18th or Sunday the 25th?
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March 25 seems most likely. Definitely not this Sunday the 18th.

For reference for everybody, the season starts on March 29 this year.
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This looks fun! I'm already doing another league so I'll be doing the research regardless! I'm not very good, but am certainly active, I think often my activity is what leads to me losing in the first place.
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I had a good time doing this years ago, so what the hell. Big Tobacco is my team - prepare for bewildering roster moves based largely on names that I like to say.
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