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Holy crap! So turns out the Radiohead song on a cello post by cozenedindigo just now was my 10,000th favorite on MeFi. Just wanted to say thanks for all the entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking, hilarious, nerdy, bean-plating, and otherwise awesome posts and comments from all of you over the years. Also: I got a rad haircut recently, Minecraft is adding tons of underwater content in the near future, and the patriarchy is deaththroeing all over itself. <3!
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Happy 10,000th fav!! May you have 10,000 more!! I'm currently sitting at 19170 favourites myself.
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Thanks for reminding me to favorite things more often.
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Yay! A schmoopy thread!

I spent most of today biking all over town with my friend/roommate. In fact, he slacked off and took forever to wake up so I was out biking around and warming up for about 2 miles and a few hundred feet of climbing before he was finally ready to go.

So, uh, apparently one of the slightly unfair good side effects of HRT - at least for me - has been a bit of an actual second puberty and feeling/looking a lot younger. And part of that is that my already really strong legs are just getting stronger.

What I'm losing in upper body strength, wind/breath capacity and arm strength I'm trading for leg strength, limberness, slightly renewed tendons and slightly less body mass to haul around.

Like, I hate climbing hills on my bike. I've always hated climbing hills on my bike. Yesterday I climbed from sea level to the highest point in town via the most direct, steepest route, then threw in a bunch of technical twisty single tracks and more climbing. Today on my way home after my ride with my friend and we split up for our own errands, I kept turning uphill instead of downhill.

There's a couple of really, really steep and long climbs in town I haven't tried yet. I think my legs are up to it. I'm not sure about the drivetrain on my bike at this point. If I had one lower gear, yes.

I think I'm going to save up some pennies and snacks and take off for the WA coast and La Push and do a mix of bike/bus out to there for a 3-4 night wander. I still haven't been out there, yet. That kind of thing used to sound daunting. Now it's just like "Eh, it's summer. What to I really need? A couple of pounds of oats, some beans, some jerky, a tarp, my jacket and my bike?"

There's daffodils and tulips popping up everywhere. We've had a few glorious early days of sun before going back to more rain, but at least it's warming up and that'll make everything bloom.

I had a crazy spicy thai ginger good for lunch and I'm still glowing and buzzing from that.

I just spent an hour noodling around on the synth I've been talking about and the thing is a fluffy, friendly monster that's cuddly one second and all pointy, gnashing teeth the next. For the curious, it's the Novation Supernova II. 24 voices, 3+2+mod+sync per voice, 7 built in effects per voice. Plus a programmable arp and stepper, 3 inputs, 2x stereo out, 8x mono channels for submixing, vocoder. It's... Steve Reich and The Orb in a box.

On the hair cut side of my friend just french braided my hair and I need to learn how to do this. Super comfy for biking all over the place.

Also, I'm about to hit 44444 favorites received, and 12500 given. They're currently having a race.
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Rumors of the death of the patriarchy have been greatly exaggerated.
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Yay 10k!

I hit my 2500th AskMe answer a few days ago and have been feeling very virtuous and helpful indeed. Round numbers can be deeply satisfying!
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Rumors of the death of the patriarchy have been greatly exaggerated.

“Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won't be long.“
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Go you! I passed the 10K-received mark a couple of months ago and now am trying to catch up my given favorites to 10K.
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How did I not realize you were the only other surviving adult Minecraft player? I am so looking forward to that underwater update, oh man, it looks like it’s going to be great!! Congrats on the 10,000 and here’s to 10,000 more!
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Ha! There was a MeFite MineCraft world a couple-few years ago, but it’s gone now. I pondered suggesting a new one for when 1.13 comes out this year.
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*raises pickaxe*

Another 'grown up' Minecrafter here ...

Congrats on dispensing 10,000!
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