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I wanted to say thank you to Fig and to everyone who's signed up for the MeFi Card Club. I'm having bad day after bad day after bad day lately, but coming home to wonderful and goofy and sweet cards from MeFites has been making me so happy.

And thank you to beccasaurus, duffel (and his cat) , mochapickle, and Juso No Thankyou for the cards with good birthday wishes for my cats. I know I have another card waiting at the post office, too, and we are enjoying the anticipation.
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Seconding Fig’s awesomeness!

And I hope things are looking up, lazuli!
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Yes- Fig is amazing! And sending cards is fun. Thanks to Fig and everyone who is participating!
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Fig’s awesomeness!

It'd be kind of weird but I feel like this would be an amazing MetaFiler user name. :D
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Fig is amazing indeed! I went to update the OP but it had closed (and was too stunned on pain meds to post a meta) so I also wanted to send my cheers and thanks to Fig for starting it and all the lovely cards I received before and after my surgery. Some of my support systems have proven to be unreliable and I was a crying mess on the 4th day home from the hospital and my brain was doing its "your all alone and everyone hates you and everything is horrible and no cares" routine but looking at the row of Metafilter peeps cards I put on my bedside table really helped. I still have them up and I'm usually a rip open the Christmas card over the trash bag type person :)

Also, the surgery went well. My surgeon was amazing and also told me that it turned out I had endometritis and major scarring inside which no one ever caught! Recovery has been going up and down but better than I thought overall. I've read soo many trashy Nordic mysteries. Instant menopause has been ok so far. And I'm thinking clearer than I have in ages. No more PMDD related panic attacks, no more bleeding through clothes, no more buying pads!! No more cramps!! Still doesn't feel real after 2 weeks. Now just to wait til my name comes up on the top surgery and I'll feel 100% me. It was real affirming to have everyone in the hospital call me by my chosen name and use They :)
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I got a tonne of cards for my birthday, and it was super nice. I feel bad about how late I was sending my own two cards out. Sorry, card people! They'll get there eventually!

Then I forgot about the April deadline, to sign up, so, ooops.
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Fig rocks! I missed the deadline for March cards, but I signed up for April. I love buying cards, so looking forward to sending them out!
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Have people gotten April assignments? I opted in, but haven't received them yet. If my form got lost, I will just sign up for more in May to make up for it. :) Many thanks to Fig and everyone who has given me an excuse to send fun cards.
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Not even sure what the MeFi Card Club is, but I did stop in to echo that yep, Fig is awesome. Nice person.
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I got a couple of emails requesting in, and was wondering what was driving new traffic, then saw a mention of a metatalk thread -- Aaaahhhhh you guys are too much! ((all the hugs and favorites)). I am very pleased to facilitate a thing that brings joy to my internet fam.

I have not sent out April assignments yet -- that'll happen tomorrow sometime. (I'll be more punctual in the future, the last few months have had a lot going on). So if you think you were too late signing up, you are not (as long as you do it by tomorrow morning).

Y'all are the best, and huge shout-out to mochapickle, who had this idea in the first place.
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Yay, mochapickle!
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Thanks Fig for doing this and making mefi even more awesome. I'm all stocked up with cards, coming soon to a letterbox near you!
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Kanata, I'm so glad your surgery went well! I've been thinking of you!
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I still have two more cards to send out for end of the month birthdays. It's only the 24th yet and I am a champion procrastinator!

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Yay, Fig! And thanks to the Mr. Rogers thread, I am so ready with stamps.
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Oh man. My post office doesn't stock ANY cool stamps. I guess I finally get to order my Ezra Jack Keats stamps and get some Fred Rogers stamps too!
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Since I'm mostly stuck at home recovering I used this thread as an prompt to clean out my desk and oh my! the stationary supplies I found! I have a slight addiction and wonder how many other card club members do as well? It's totally an excuse to dive into stickers/cards/pens like a child.

I have found that sending mail from my island to the rest of the world takes awhile so I hope people are forgiving if certain cards arrive really late. Canada Post has been less than ideal lately and keeps losing my packages or taking 3 months to get mail from the states so I can only hope it is a little faster going the other way.
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I'm super stoked about who I drew this month.
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Yay Fig! I had a last minute- oh wait I never signed up for April!!!! moment and I still managed to get some names to send to this month, hooray!

Kanata, I'm so glad your recovery is going well.
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Amazon has stamps, too. Some are a "little" expensive.
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For anyone else who is making their cards, I've posted mine on Insta under #meficardclub. Make them not so lonely!
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I'm really enjoying preparing and sending some great cards to lovely mefites. I'm wondering about two things, so I want to hear from other card club members as well as Fig.

First is, if we wanted to send all the cards for the month in one go, would people like a little "don't open until" note on the envelope? Or is the mystery better? Of course there's not much to be done with postcards.

Second - I got some assignments that don't specify a birthday or event, halp! What to do? How are others handling these?
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I got some assignments that don't specify a birthday or event, halp! What to do?

Thinking of you, share something cool you learned recently or a neat fact, card featuring local art, bad puns, creep their post history and target to something they're interested in, anything featuring cute animals...
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The cards under the #meficardclub hashtag are amazing! so pretty! you folks are very talented! I had not put myself in the club at all, and seeing those are making me rethink my decision.

First is, if we wanted to send all the cards for the month in one go, would people like a little "don't open until" note on the envelope? Or is the mystery better? Of course there's not much to be done with postcards. I'll let other people chime in on this, it might be a personal preference thing. Sorta like the shifting date of Quonsmas. Some people open it right away, others keep them and open them on Christmas.

As far as those who did not put any particular day or occasion... I am just copy/pasting what people enter as far as occasions and/or preferences, with 0 editorial input. If it's only a month, then as far as I'm concerned, it's free for the sender to decide. Pick some random obscure holiday in the month? Send a postcard sharing a recipe for a cake or cocktail related to the season? A general "high-five, you're awesome, well wishes" ? Any of phunniemee's great suggestions?

As long as it's positive and not like "man, I'm so disappointed in you for not specifying a date, you totally ruined this for me", I'm sure the recipient will be delighted.
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one more YOU ARE ALL THE BEST. I'm delighted this has been successful so far, and is sharing happiness and schmoopiness between Mefites.

I've been having a bit of a rough stretch personally lately, and really needed a positive project I could work on, and this has filled that need perfectly.

You have all been very generous in sharing your gratitude for my logisitical services via this thread, emails, comment sections in the Google forms, etc etc etc , and even if not responded to directly it has not gone unnoticed, so thank you for all of your 'Thank You's.
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I was wondering the same thing about dates- I think maybe a "do not open until" would be good? I sent mine out a little late last month because I kept putting them off, purposely aiming for them to arrive closer to the end of the month- I'm much more likely to succeed at sending things on time if I can send them off just whenever I'm done writing.
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Maybe write MeFi Card Club! on the back and then the receiver can decide what they'd like to do about it?

I may do that with mine -- I finished a third of my April cards yesterday and then started sewing myself an outgoing mail holder to hang on the back of the door because I had no clue where to put the envelopes in plain sight so I wouldn't lose track of them.

But I also am lacking in any willpower whatsoever so I don't know if I could wait until my birthday (April 21! Whee!) to open a card received three weeks early. Maybe if there were dire warnings on the envelope...
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I like the idea of putting the card club name on the back or hi from Metafilter especially if sending from another country as I've experienced mail being held up for weeks sending to the US or say Australia and then also having that same mail take 5 days. I stopped having a pen pal because apparently 6 of my letters all showed up in the same week to her in Australia and it came across like I was a creep :) So maybe just send it when you can (as a poor person I'm always aware that some people don't have money all through the month but I realize that doesn't apply to most of Metafilter) and leave it up to the recipient ?

Also if people are like me - "real mail" is such a rare thing. I only get flyers and political stuff in my mail so getting a card of any kind is great!
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I agree with the idea of just making it clear on the envelope somehow and letting people choose when they want to open things. I knew exactly what mine were when they came (because I don't otherwise receive mail at this address) but I still opened them before (and after) my birthday, because I don't really see cards you get in the mail as things you have to open on your specific day.
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Second - I got some assignments that don't specify a birthday or event, halp!

I requested cards in October for no reason other than I just wanted cards that month (because there's a big string of family birthdays and I feel left out). Although I think I actually said that, so I guess there is a reason.
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I hope the people who get your name in October remember this and wish you a very merry unBirthday, Ruki. :D
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I'm amazed that y'all get enough actual mail that cards aren't automatically assumed to be MeFi-related. I have been delighted to be opening these cards all month and I don't feel like early or late cards are a problem, but I appreciate people worrying about it.

And! I now have TEN birthday cards to my cats displayed on my bookshelf, and while the cats are expert at hiding any positive emotions, I am not, and it makes me grin every time I look over there. Thanks to bjgeiger, LeftMyHeartInSanFrancisco, danabanana, needlegrrl, the primroses were over, and Kinsey, and y'all's cats, for the extra cheer. The cats (oh! Litter mates! So two cats but one birthday) are appreciating the general message that they should be even more demanding and spoiled than usual, and/or eat a hamster, this month.
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Thankyou for suggestions! Everyone's ideas are very helpful. The best part of card clubbing is saying hi to mefites I've only vaguely seen on the site, so YEY for more community!
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