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There's a website run by a mefite which follows the daily shenanigans of the current US administration that I've been trying to find again but my search-fu is pretty weak I guess, haven't been able to find it. What is that website?

My method was to ctrl+f for 'fantastic' and 'website' separately in the last 10 election threads and in my favourites cause I figured someone's described it either one of those ways, but no dice.
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What the Fuck Just Happened Today is a good daily(ish) digest that I know I first learned of on metafilter, but I don't know if it's a Mefi's Own(tm) joint.
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I think maybe you're thinking of Fight Fire with Phire, which is sadly defunct.
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This is not run by a Mefite, but Crooked Media's "What a Day" newsletter is another good daily digest that provides a nice mix of the important and the insane.
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Active Measures by OnceUponATime?

This was the one I was thinking of! But the other links looks great also and I'll add them to my follow list. Thanks everyone!
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Was it Corrupt AF? Oops, just noticed you said it was that other site. But this is the one that always stands beside WTFJHT as having gotten there first and done the best job for me.
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Nixon Speedrun?
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