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Veterans of MeFi, would you like a vets-only online environment to share with other MeFites?

I greatly respect and value the unique culture of MetaFilter. I think a sub-space for MeFi vets would be nice to have, i.e. a safe, more private place to comment, vent, joke, etc, in ways that are unique to vets while still steeped in MeFi culture.

Rather than ask, Are you interested?, which necessitates publicly identifying yourself, I went ahead and created a Slack channel.

So, If you are interested, please memail me, and I will send you an invitation link.

I have been waffling on this idea for awhile. The recent site news has given me a minor push. I generally do not like to publicly identify myself as a veteran and generally refrain from those discussions here on MetaFilter for *reasons.* Therefore, posting this at all is a bit of a strain for me.

I am super-open to other ideas or input. If I don’t get any requests for an invite, I’ll know it was a terrible idea!

(Slack, for those who may not know, is a chat environment)

(In case it needs clarification, “veteran” in this case means “a person who has served in the military”)
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I realize that there may be no need for comments in this thread since interested people will be memailing you, and may also have reasons they don't prefer to identify themselves. I'm not a vet but I think this sounds like a cool idea! And if discussion turns to vet-related things that people on mefi could be handling or discussing better, I'd love to hear about it, in a metatalk or communicated via the mods/moderation policy.
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Comments totally welcome. I just didn't want to force anyone to have to comment publicly in order to participate.

Plus, having a sub-set of any sort identified in public feels too... not good... in our current world.
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Just to be clear, this isn't for people who've been members of Metafilter through a number of years, i.e., veterans 'of Metafilter'. Right? You mean US (or other countries?) military service.

...yes, I did read it as veterans 'of Metafilter' at first, and I thought, how interesting...
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(In case it needs clarification, “veteran” in this case means “a person who has served in the military”)

Which military, though?
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Which military, though?

If you consider yourself a veteran and would like to take part, you are very welcome.

Part of why I waffled with the idea is that it is by definition exclusive while MeFi in general is very inclusive.

But there are other MeFis that group together based on locale or shared interests, so I think it is okay?
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Group together how?

If the idea is to create a space separate from Metafilter but embodying it's ideals and approaches to moderation, I'm all for it. People need spaces to share difficult shared experiences, especially in this day and age.

But if the idea is to have a spot on MF that is just for this particular community, then no. What makes this place special for me is that this is ONE community with a wide variety of interests and we find ways to listen and be respectful of our widely varying members.

I hesitate saying this, but it would be easy for this to become a slippery slope of unique life experience subgroups.

And as the note above the Post Comment button encourages, I offer a hug.
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If the idea is to create a space separate from Metafilter but embodying it's ideals and approaches to moderation

Yes, very this.
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Good for you. I hope you're about to create a valuable resource and community.
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Well, I'm there, so don't expect too much value.
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Not a veteran but this sounds like a wonderful idea.
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I’m an audio veteran of the loudness wars. Does that count?
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I joined.
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