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In this blue-post a number of us got a hold of the spotty, 3D-scannable suits in question. The thread is archived but I’m going to want to hear how it’s going for my fellow polkadot-guinea-pigs.
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So I’ve done my scanning and the clothes themselves are on the way. If you’ve not ordered your clothes yet I would like to suggest you check if you can buy “opposite gender” clothing if you like and I think you can also, for example, choose a long leg etc. ie some slight adjustments. I compared my measurements in the app to measurements I did myself with a tape some time ago and they seemed pretty accurate. A side effect now is i cinda want to work out for a few weeks and then run the suit again. They should have a module for just that!
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I also received my Zozosuit in the mail a few weeks ago. I installed the app, set my phone up on the little cardboard stand they helpfully included, and then posed at 12 different angles while the app talked to me and told me how many degrees to rotate my body in-between photos. The wireframe they generated looked accurate to me, but I didn't bother double-checking with real measurements. It noted that my right upper arm is a half inch longer than my left upper arm, so that made me feel weird.

Donning the super-tight, revealing zozosuit and slowly rotating around my kitchen while my girlfriend looked on smirking... that was a time.

I am so utterly hyped to receive the free t-shirt and jeans they're going to send me. I'll definitely post an update in here when they arrive.
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Yeah, I scanned myself too! It was a trip getting the suit on and I needed to try several times to get the scanning to "take" -- I think the room I initially tried it in was too dark. It's not exactly flattering to see a wireframe model of yourself, but it did look accurate.
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I entirely missed this the first time and am excited to hear updates.
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The process was hysterical in our house each time (the wife got one yesterday). We were too close, too far away, too badly lit, too well lit. Move to your left, move to your right, move to your front. Funniest was seeing my wife’s expectant smile turn to a grimace of determination as she microatepped around the kitchen dressed like a pantomime pony. The outfits are fab, super comfy and honestly look better than the ugly ass clothes they have on the site. Cortex, I’m pretty sure you can still get a suit for free but not necessarily free outfit of jeans+tee.

I am super curious if anyone can get their data out, perhaps from a rooted android phone?
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Oh yeah. I am not quiiiiiite body-happy enough to wear the dotty suit out dancing -- it's SO good at signalling tiny shifts of breath and balance, but. (Or rather, butt.)

More relevantly, the measurements matched my tape measurements, but they didn't show some important ones, e.g. vertical distances on the torso! The wireframe sure looked like me. I would pay for a fitting shell made from it, for home sewing purposes. My other half was deeply amused and then thoughtful and then ordered one for himself.

Iteki, you've gotten the actual clothes? !!!

I tried to discuss the collecitve-commercial-private balance of data on mastodon, but almost no-one bit.
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Also missed this and it sounds ridiculous but also cool? So basically I love it.
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This sounds like my kinda jam.

Can you order the kit outside of Japan(specifically to the US)? The shopping partner site was rather confusing.
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Shit, I can't believe I missed this! I would totally have done this for a free pair of jeans.
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I am not quiiiiiite body-happy enough to wear the dotty suit out dancing

We were brainstorming possible Halloween costume ideas, but couldn't come up with anything better than Mo-Cap Actor. And yes, Grither, you can order the suit in the US, that is why they did the free outfit offer, to hype US availability.
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I'm having trouble finding where you order the suit.
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HotToddy, does this signup work for you? Although I think I signed up through the cellphone app. I don't think you can do this without a smartphone, anyone know?
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I'm still v mixed about whether there's a risk I don't see in being scanned, vs the advantage of having my shape in the dataset, and advantagesof the dataset existing.

I don’t want a fit-dataset to `win’ the market _without me in it_. In fact, I want _everyone_ in _all_ the general fit-datasets. The less well stores serve you now, the more important it is to get included in any new standards, I think. For instance, although you have to specify one of two genders, it's user-chosen. No obvious gatekeepers. (I can't remember now -- they might say they won't look at the actual photos unless you ask them to to debug the scanning. I read the whole data policy and it was, mm, deffo for-profit but not seemingly skeevy.)

The dotty suit and its software were probably surprisingly hard to make; the jump from "works in the lab with an experienced assistant" to "works for lots of people at home without training" is really hard IME. Cool project, unlikely to be attempted often, count me in.

It's clear that they're going to sell the bulk data they get, though all individual persons are covered by Germany-suitable privacy rules AFAICT. Maybe I’m only covered by the weaker laws in my country. I think the biggest risk for me is a featureless point-cloud of my body released to the world, or pictures of me in the dotty suit. Anything else? Social harms from the aggregation of data?

Also, if this becomes the world's new fit dataset, the company will probably make a lot more money than they spend on making the early-adopter clothes.
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Thank you, clew!
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I would be happy to give up my privacy to give super detailed fit details to a company for people with my body type. Plus size clothes are usually not made with an actual fit model and just sizes up from the straight sizes which leads to extremely bizarre fits. And when things don’t fit, people don’t buy, and that’s a real catch-22 that is keeping companies from investing in a huge (literally ;) market.

So anyway, I have it on my to do list to sign up for this. I also missed it being posted on tube Blue and am sad I did, but super excited to see if they can actually make custom clothes for my fat body!
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We were brainstorming possible Halloween costume ideas, but couldn't come up with anything better than Mo-Cap Actor.

I feel like there's a fun app idea in there, like Animoji but for whole bodies. Maybe Snap needs to buy them. You could take pictures or video of your friends all wearing the suits, and then apply Comedy Costumes to them in the app.

But yeah, all your friends have to be comfortable in polka dot unitards, so maybe the market is vanishingly small. Probably perfect for Snap, though.
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But yeah, all your friends have to be comfortable in polka dot unitards, so maybe the market is vanishingly small.

...until Apple decides that the solution to phones that don’t fit in pockets isn’t to make their phones smaller, but to make everyone’s pockets bigger.
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As I was reading this, I had the following shower thought:

"But if first-generation Kinect was a structured light sensor, does that make these suits + a camera a 'structured dark sensor?'"

I guess by extension you'd have to say the same for barcodes, etc. I think I can deal with that...
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but couldn't come up with anything better than Mo-Cap Actor

but that's actually am amazing costume! practice some monster moves and you can pre-VFX gollum, or godzilla, or the hulk! it would be super fun. Get a buddy to dress as a greenscreen and you are a whole movie that's still in production!
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Hah, I got mine (or maybe my wife's? I'm unsure) at least a month ago, and it's sat around unused because, honestly, by the time it arrived like a year late, I'd completely lost interest in it, especially since it's just for a site that basically just sells tee shirts and jeans. Maybe I'll find it and try it out sometime this weekend, since it's a three-day weekend…
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My partner and I are very much in the target market for this because we are not off-the-rack shaped people. But I too am rather disappointed in the finished product offered. I would at the very least hope for half a dozen different colours for the Oxford, e.g. And no bottoms but jeans.

The irony of a company that wants to sell individually sized clothes, but in just one style.

You look at someone like makeyourownjeans.com where once you book in your measurements you can get things from winter coats to jeans to suits to Wolverine cosplay.

I'd be happy to *pay* for the suit and an app that would turn out generic, tailor-friendly measurements that I could send to any of a number of made-to-measure vendors.
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Zozosuit update! We both tried it! It gave us pretty accurate measurements* of basically every part of our bodies, which would be great if either of us had a need for plain T-shirts, striped T-shirts, or jeans.

*Or at least precise measurements, down to a tenth of a centimeter. I have no idea whatsoever if the measurements are actually right or not.
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Zozo has said that they intend to offer other styles of clothing in the future. I remember them mentioning dress shirts and suits. I hope these t-shirts and jeans are a good proof of concept, cuz I would love to be able to order a wide variety of styles in sizes that fit me.
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but that's actually am amazing costume! practice some monster moves and you can pre-VFX gollum, or godzilla, or the hulk! it would be super fun. Get a buddy to dress as a greenscreen and you are a whole movie that's still in production!

I considered having a greenscreen hanging behind me à la Daniel LaRusso's shower costume in The Karate Kid.
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