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Playoffs have started and I'm the past I've loved participating even in my limited amount. Had the site policy changed on event such as these or has no one posted to fanfare yet?
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We are all for making special event FanFare posts for stuff like this at this point; currently it's basically a "a mod needs to make the post" thing, but I'm happy to toss something up if someone wants to suggest draft text.

Doesn't need to be fancy or anything, I just have literally no idea what's going on with baseball so I wouldn't know what to say other than like "P L A Y O F F S" in all caps.
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I keep trying to explain sports but I feel like it's not taking.
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I'd say split out the wild card and division series first? So:

MLB playoffs are here! First wildcard game is the NL matchup: Colorado Rockies at the Chicago Cubs Tuesday night

AL wildcard: Oakland A's at the New York Yankees Wednesday night

Next in the NL is a best of 5 series between the Brewers and the wildcard winner and the Milwaukee Brewers, and a best of 5 series between the Atlanta Braves and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Next in the AL is a best of 5 series between the wildcard winner and the Boston Red Sox, and a best of five series between the Houston Astros and the Cleveland Indians.

I'm not sure if it makes sense to include MLB, ESPN, or streaming links?
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We don't need much text or links, just who's playing, imo. In 2016, we had one post for ALCS, one for NLCS, one for World Series. In 2017, we had just one post for both LCSs and one for the World Series. I don't think we've had posts for the division serieses or wildcard playoffs (thinking about that, I'm not sure why, or that's accurate?) but could certainly do that.
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Ok, I put one up - 2018 Baseball playoffs! We can start with this and see if there's momentum for separate post for the LCS or if it makes sense to keep it all together.
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Is Brooklyn still in the league?
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They're playing the Boston Braves tonight!
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Of course, I'm hoping the Washington Senators wind up winning the Series.
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St. Louis Browns all the way!
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What is baseball? Never heard of it.
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Go Portland Mavericks!
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I posted a new thread for the championship serieses which start tonight with the Dodgers/Brewers game.
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I put up a new thread for the World Series which starts tonight.
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