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Come ye animists, witches, polytheists, neoplatonists, hermeticists, and wizards! Come cunning folk, sorcerors, enchantresses, and charmers. Come pagans and wiccans and esoteric philosophers! Let's share our learning, wisdom, book choices and internet finds!

A while back I made an internet forum for magical mefites which was cool and all except that we're not living in the 90's and nobody, not even myself really uses internet forums anymore. (Ok, maybe some of you do, but I don't so it's pretty silly to try to run one). Many people were interested and joined, yet then we all remembered we don't use internet forums and forgot about it.

I do however really enjoy facebook groups at the moment (and yes with all the pro's and con's of facebook, I know.) I would love to welcome those who are learning magical arts and traditions, particularly from a humanistic and scholarly perspective which I suspect many mefites are coming from. This is a WOO ACCEPTING zone, so a little different than metafilter though I do a lot of reading from ancient history, archeology, classical texts from the ancient world and I would really love to share them and to hear others finds as well.

Group description:
A compassionate space for students of polytheistic, magical, and animistic traditions to educated ourselves and each other. A place to strengthen each other, build our wisdom and empathy, and to grow in learning of magical traditions and arts. A place to deepen our ethics and commitment to building a compassionate world with justice and respect for human beings and all life. A place to honor our polytheistic and magical ancestors who can still aid us and whose words we may even find in books and inscriptions they left for us. May we help build up ourselves, each other, and our world to live in harmony and respect for life to the best of our abilities.

Currently I am reading a lot about neoplanists and those who were among the last stand against the brutality of forced Christianity and the destruction of polytheistic and magical faiths in the middle ages. Bring your own topics of learning and interest as well! I am also into addressing the abuses done by polytheists as well, recently I was reading about Symmachus and the very last of the Roman pagans with empathy, when I then read a story about how Symmachus was angry that the Saxons strangled each other before he could have them killed at one of his big parties in the amphitheater. I am reminded to have empathy for the fact that perhaps there were very few servants of human welfare even among the polytheists wiped out by Christianity. There is room to both address wrongs, and also to learn, grow, forgive and heal.

If you dig these kind of discussion message me I'll get you into the Society for Magical Humanities. It's the place to be ya'll. I just made it on the facebook. :D I'm figuring magical oriented mefites will likely get as scholarly/historical and research oriented as I do... perhaps?
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What's the story with the current surge in talk about the occult?
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I'm an atheist but I dig this stuff. Count me as someone who sees themselves as an heir to both cabalistic traditions and Druidic traditions.

After all, in my adoptive family my great-grandfather (eight times back) was Reb Wolf Kitzis, one of the founders of Hasidism, and in my biological family my mother was Patricia Monaghan, author of this book, among many others.
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I'm sorry I didn't know about the forum, though I also struggle to remember to go to them anymore. I messaged you.
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yyyyesss scholarly wizard matters
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ye this is my jammmmm
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Yes, interested, but I don't even know what ritual and stuffs looks like to me at this point, and I'm figuring that out a lot lately.

Which seems to be vaguely neopagan/naturalist/chaos-ish with a focus on meditations on stillness, quiet, intent and personal growth in spite of an increasingly toxic world culture. I'm interested in sigil as art and art as sigil, the use of energy as a daily practice.
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This is extremely my jam.
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I’d be fascinated ... but I’m hip deep in a five volume magical series and don’t know that I could avoid gleaning stuff. I intentionally step very far from actual lore, but I’m sure some of it would filter in. My family’s steeped in mountain woo, though, both sides. Hedgewitches, yarb women, “healing hands” and green thumbs...we could get into a feminist discussion about the ways women reclaim power, but the uncanny follows us regardless of logic. (If it’s any comfort to the nonwoo among us, I’m pretty sure it has to do with quantum mechanics, but that is also pretty tough to prove at this juncture. ) Let me wind up this project, and I’ll join you.
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I don’t know about magic, but I’m not an atheist, though I don’t know what I am. Some sort of universal spirit that animates this whole “thing,” whatever it is, is as close as I can get to describing my beliefs, I guess it’s part of all of us or we’re all a part of it, or whatever, but I look for bits and pieces of enlightenment wherever I can find it. I celebrate equinoxes and solstices because the represent our being at a particular place in the cycle of our journey & I know that’s common to Wiccan beliefs & others, though again, I have only a passing familiarity.

I’d probably keep up with this when it comes together.
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Not a Facebook user, but definitely interested if this ends up located elsewhere.

(I’d be surprised if slapping a ‘barbelith’ tag on this post didn’t net you a couple more interested folks... I know that I’m not the only MeFite that wandered in here trying to fill the void left when those forums collapsed.)
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Not a Facebook user, but definitely interested if this ends up located elsewhere.

Seconded. Facebook's not safe but would otherwise have interest.
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I'm looking into doing some group chats and shared learning by skype- if anyone would like to join in for that let me know! We would pick a spiritual topic like the growing feminine divine movements, grimoires in the middle ages, the last pagan stands in the Christian empire and their words, nature spirits, folk healing and traditions-- and whatever topics ya'll bring to the table!
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Oh my God as a budding Romantic Satanist with a strong academic and practical interest in ceremonial magic and poison path stuff I would lose my mind to be able to talk to Mefotes about this! And share reading lists!
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Relevant to my interests, also not a Facebook user. Slack channel maybe?
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I've never used Slack, but I'm definitely open to learning. I'm trying to limit my Facebook use.
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I want to subscribe to this newsletter! I am a scientist and an atheist, but have been working with tarot cards for the last year or so, and it is SO GREAT. I'm a cheerful "take what serves you, leave the rest" type in any context, and I get great joy and insight into the self working with my deck. I think I am turning into a witch.
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I'm late to the game but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yes I like things!
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This semilapsed pagan would be interested.
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I also would be interested. I sent a join request to the FB group.
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