Winter Wishes Gift Drive - Coming Soon December 11, 2018 10:22 AM   Subscribe

Update today from houseofdanie, fearless organizer of the Winter Wishes Gift Drive: she's had some real-life setbacks that delayed the start this year, but it is happening.

I'll let her get into the details if she wants but the upshot is, she expects to be able to post tomorrow. Several people have asked about the drive (with appreciation for all that houseofdanie does) and we just wanted to let everyone know asap that it will be happening.
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Yay, thank you so much for the update!

houseofdanie, I hope all is well with you.
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Just seconds ago, I was thinking about houseofdanie and this drive, and was so glad to find this update when I thought to check here again.

Houseofdanie, also sending good thoughts your way along with thanks for organizing this again.
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