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AFIK, this band has never had a FPP. And at the same time pretty much everyone here (ok, maybe 10%) would love the hell out of them. And yet there is no recent "news" to hook an FPP on. So, as someone who has suddenly found this question, um, urgent... How do I make this (first! FPP worthy? Or is that not a thing?

Sorry if this is noisy. :)
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There doesn't need to be news -- you can just make an FPP about them. Go find some examples of their work (e.g. on youtube), and see if there's a good interview with them or article about them. There needs to be something for people to engage with online, and in general you'll want to write the post so it doesn't come across as "buy this!" but as "check this out, it's worth your time".

It's good you asked, in case anyone else is wondering what is needed for a post. Some of the best fpp's start with "I just learned about x, I'll search a bit and find something good to post about it." Go for it!
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I love Deerhoof! Offend Maggie is my jam, looking forward to your post! :D
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If you want help on the writing of the FPP, feel free to drop in on Chat, or even MeMail someone whose posting style you like.
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Also, even though I tend to post multi-link articles frequently, don't feel like you need MORE to always make a post, sometimes just a single youtube link is all that you need or a link to an article or a review. Less can be more in many instances. There's no single "right way" to post. Do you.
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hippybear does a lot of band posts, riding that “just enough” line of post density, so you might look at his posting history for ideas on how to proceed.
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Hey that’s cool that you’re moved to make a first FPP! Looking forward to seeing it hopefully. As a reader I’m definitely happy with just a couple of links so that I can take myself off down a rabbit hole about something rather than being overly-directed if that makes sense, so as Fizz says don’t think you need tons of content. Good luck!
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I was just about to say that, too. hippybear is very good at this. flapjax at midnite has some good examples of music posts, too.
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Oh man, I saw Deerhoof do Heaven & Earth magic live in 2006 at the Castro in San Francisco.
Feel free to throw that in!
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They also covered music from The Shining. That's worth a post all on its own to me. Cuz it's just cool.
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OK, I never expected a Jeff Tweedy & Deerhoof collaboration. I might have to stop (mostly irrationally) hating on Tweedy now.
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Do it! They’re the best.
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Just my opinion but I would content you're operating from a false, or at least incomplete, premise. Newsfilter is actually kind of a not great way to make FPPs, though of course it happens.

"Here are a couple links to a cool thing I want to share" is a great frame for a post, regardless of timing, and should imho be the norm.
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Looking forward to it! One of their members collaborated on a song I love, but somehow I never got around to digging into their catalog.
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They have a TON of music on Bandcamp, which you can either say "hey, here's some awesome, noisy, experimental indie rock pop stuff," highlight a single album a la hippybear, focus on key tracks like flapjax often does, or go all filthy light thief and produce a ridiculously, unnecessary discography or chronology with reviews of each album as a way to give people a way to navigate through it all.

Or do your own thing, because there's no reason to stick to any "template" for posts.

MetaFilter: find something good to post about it
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They also covered music from The Shining. That's worth a post all on its own to me. Cuz it's just cool.

Came here to mention this! It's recent, so there's your news hook (though as others said, you don't need one).
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Yeah, I came to cite hippybear as well. I agree that you don't need a template, but from a personal preference perspective, one of the things I like most about hippybear's posts is the detailed text. I mostly read Metafilter in situations where I can't easily access audio (by which I mean "at work"), so a post with some YouTube or Soundcloud links wont generally catch my attention. Text telling me what's at the links and why I should be interested does, though. I've saved a couple of hippybear posts so I could go back and listen when I was at home because the text made the music sound interesting.
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Highlight the Friend Opportunity record. So many great tracks on it. Believe ESP is one of my all-time favorites.
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They are not my thing but I'd absolutely encourage you to make an FPP about them because getting exposed to outsider art that you might otherwise not ever hear about is a huge part of Metafilter to me.
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Sorry if this is noisy. :)

How did I miss this? Bravo
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(Deerhoof makes a brief appearance in one of filthy light thief's music posts, about the Joe Beats Experience's Indie Rock Blues. Check the remix, with scratches by DJ Signify.)
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I, for one, welcome non-current-events posts.
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Not my first, but I only recently made a lazy musical FPP which was simply a YouTube link to a song that's been stuck in my head for a fortnight plus a tiny bit of context. And still one person liked it! (on preview: I got a comment too!)

The bar is low, don't worry about timeliness or making the FPP perfect or doing every little detail of the subject justice. It sounds above like there are enough people interested in the band that you can do the latter in the comments together, which is half the point. Especially for the first one simply finding a subject for an FPP is the hard part, almost everything else is personal style or preference.

Post it and post every other cool, exciting or interesting thing you find too (if you want to).
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I just made an FPP about a book published in 1909 that appears to have last circulated in the library system that I work for in the 1970s.

I often come to MeFi in part to get away from current events.
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I wish MeFi was mostly posts about things that aren't current events or outrage filter. It feels like I used to discover or be reminded of things here more than I am/do now. So many posts want me to be angry about a (decidedly outrageous) circumstance or issue. It's exhausting.

Post about your pet band. Post about a lot of bands. You don't need new articles or whatever, you just need to make a post.

Also, if you don't have a band, post about that science, or that 3D printed amazingness or that film or that gallery's new exhibit or those artists in that collective or... or... or.......

MetaFilter is what you make it, and yes, post your passion. And keep posting it. Anything but current events, because that shit is whack and the other stuff is more important in the long run.
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A friend of mine use to tour with them!
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Thanks for asking this! There's a favorite author of mine who I've been considering doing first FPP about, and the advice here is really helpful!
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