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Star Trek: The Cruise III -- Are you going? Are you excited? Do you want to meet up with other mefites?

I'm going on the cruise, and in an attempt to mash interests - is anyone else going? Have you been before/have any advice for noobs (it's my first time, both for this cruise, and any cruise!)? Want to identify any other mefites on board, maybe awkwardly wave, or have an actual social encounter (I'm more the awkward wave type myself, but I'm happy to enable you other social folks talking to each other and all.)?
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Sadly, no, but the guest line-up looks pretty incredible.
posted by Halloween Jack at 10:41 AM on January 2, 2019

Is this on surface water or has the Blue Origin or Scaled Composites moved up the scheduled liftoff?
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My daughter says she knows people who have gone on these. I will report back when she gets a minute to discuss. She is saying they are just fan events. Panel discissions, meet and greets some theme nights. Sounds fun and possibly camp, beyond the most uncomfortable humor I have ever experienced. I am currently watching all of next generation, so this struck a positive note for me.
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Buy a shirt to wear. I've been surprised by people walking up to me having recognized the logo. You might end up surprised!
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I just want to point out that this is the nerdiest MeTa post I've seen in years.

Well done. Carry on.
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Afraid not, but also wanted to say you should totally wear a shirt or look for a notice-board on-ship (or message board in advance?!) and see if there's mefites. I bet there is, great idea!
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Cruise Critic has an article. the cruise
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