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I remember reading at least one Ask question where the Mefite was asking for help with their own specific personal ad profile. I want to go read those posts again, but I can't find any of them now for the life of me.

I've tried searching terms and keywords like "personal ad help", "okcupid help", "how to date online feedback", and so on, but I keep winding up in discussions of online dating in general (either how to do it, or horror stories). Fascinating reading, but I'm looking for those posts that ask for feedback on Mefites' own personal ads.

Really good searchers: Is there a tag or search term I'm overlooking?
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tags: profile okcupid
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I was part of this reviewer group! I have since lost my gaf about how bad other people are at dating, but the email you could send your profile link to (make sure it's set to non-private, please) is Or was, at least. I have no idea if it's still active. It was used only a few times in 2013.
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tag: okc
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Well, there's mine; I'm still single.
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These tags are great, thanks everyone!

I looked, Melismata, of course I did, and my only regret is that I'm a couple of years too old and a couple of hundred miles too far away.
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