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On a tangent from the MeFi post about Reddit, and specifically comments to the effect that, once you avoid the obvious trashfires and big mainstream forums, there are some quality subreddits: what are some subreddits that MeFites have found particularly worth following/getting involved in, especially ones that one might not stumble across on a casual visit to the site?
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r/homebrewing for homebrew recipes and ideas; r/TheBrewery is where professional brewers go to slack off.
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mine are all serious-like

I don't post anywhere on Reddit, but occasionally I stop by and read RBN if I need a dose of "so it's not just me, then":
Advisory: There's a lot of venting about difficult and painful stuff.

Someone here pointed me at egg_irl, which is a kind of lighthearted meme board about being closeted/maybe-trans ("maybe" is my word not theirs):

Iiiiii'm still kind of processing what I read there and whether I can apply it, since it seems to be predominantly women there (coincidence? design? idk). Still something for the ol' brain to chew on.
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I read /r/mead and /r/cider for brewing advice, /r/cricut for the new craft machine, and also /r/raspberry_pi and /r/roku and /r/plex for toys.
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Also, /r/SlowTV!
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I mean r/roastme is brilliant but might not be what you have in mind
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I read /r/homebrewing and r/mead and a few awww pets sorts of things.
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I subscribe to a lot of video game subreddits for specific games and publishers that aren't terribly interesting unless you're super into that specific game, but as far as more interesting subreddits, here are a few that I occasionally dip into.
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r/dankchristianmemes is usually good for a chuckle.
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Some entertaining Star Trek subs:
/r/risa/ (referring to this Risa)
I think there are couple more along these lines

In general, subs for hobbies are pretty decent at keeping away assholes. Lately I have been visiting:

This one is basically one of my favorite types of AskMe questions:

Nobody has mentioned it yet, but there is a sub for MeFi (though pretty quiet lately):
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I like the discussion on the Greys Anatomy and The Good Place subreddits after watching the episodes.
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When I go looking for information or advice via Google search (which I do a lot of, for a variety of subjects) there's usually a link on the first page to a reddit conversation about that topic, and it's usually informative. That's my only interaction with the site, I don't stick around to browse subreddits or comment, but I consider it a fruitful one.
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I meant to add: My suggestion is that for any topics you're interested in, start with a Google search to see if it gives you a link to a subreddit you can then explore further.
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I found r/candlemaking helpful when I was making candles that one time
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If you suffer from something, reddit is a great place for support. Lots of positive things happening at places like r/stopdrinking, r/OCD, r/tinnitus, r/exvangelical.

If you're into music and/or making music:

For interesting learning, r/explainlikeimfive, r/askscience, r/askhistorians, r/AskStatistics, r/todayilearned

General interest:


My quirky faves:

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I mod /r/LivingApartTogether, though it's pretty slow.

Don't visit /r/ForbiddenSnacks while hungry.

/r/OSHA will make you feel either better or worse about your workplace.
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I've read a lot of high-quality advice and support on r/dogs and the related subreddits r/puppy101 and r/dogtraining, though they will definitely call out people doing "unethical" things (which is subjective at times but I tend to agree with the community norms there), sometimes quite harshly.

Haven't seen any of the stereotypical reddit nastiness on those yet, and hopefully that continues.
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r/knitting is a really supportive, friendly community, especially to newer knitters. Some of the pieces posted there are absolutely masterful.
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I'm bookmarking that for when I have my final fiery metafilter flameout, since they no longer seem to happen here. I miss those.
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If you're having one of those kinds of days, reddit is cat central. You can chose any type of cat pics or gifs you want. Some of my favorites:

r/holdmycatnip (cats doing crazy things)
r/airplaneears (cats with their ears back, making frowny faces)
r/cattaps (cats demanding pets)
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Oh for alternative cuteness:

/r/awwnverts, where instead of cute kittens people post cute spiders and snails and other invertebrates.
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I use local city subreddits regularly for where I live or plan to visit.

I visited r/exmormon a lot when I first left Mormonism and found it helpful. When I visit now, I get to remind myself how far I've come and how much anger I shed in the last few years.
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Oh, for something incredibly specific, there's /r/DGDAG: Dogs Getting Dogs As Gifts.
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In the cute animals vein: r/tippytaps
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If you liked my football post on the blue, there's some good follow-up on r/footballstrategy. I'm not a member, but I use Greg_Ace's google strategy, and a lot of times it leads me there (at least when I'm googling football).
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/r/spacex very engineering oriented fanboi and dynamic during a launch/landing

/r/math a bit "what do those words even mean" with really good discussions of academic culture mixed in

/r/selfdrivingcars very engineering fanboi but serious discussions of the issues

/r/askscience interesting answers by real scientists

The software languages and technology subreddits seem to run a cycle through the stages of excited, serious, helpful, ranty, been-asked-1000-times-already-bored. Check the sidebars for more specific niche subs for current topics.
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If you are a bra-wearing person, /r/ABraThatFits/ can be very helpful in learning how to find your true bra size & then locate bras that fit correctly.
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final fiery metafilter flameout, since they no longer seem to happen here

That's it: I'm outta here!
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corporate took over /r/metafilter, you'll not dance in the fires of flouncing off there.
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There is no /r/MetaFilter/cabal
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There is that creepy Twitter thread creepily stalking MetaTalk . . .
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r/TheSilphRoad for all your Pokemon Go needs.
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If you are a bra-wearing person, /r/ABraThatFits/ can be very helpful in learning how to find your true bra size & then locate bras that fit correctly.

Yes, came here to recommend this! I first found this subreddit thanks to a FPP here, and it is such a great resource. I never even post over there, but just reading the archives and the in depth resources is so incredibly helpful. Also, it seems to be tightly moderated and a generally supportive atmosphere.
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corporate took over /r/metafilter, you'll not dance in the fires of flouncing off there.

Corporate what? Reddit?
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it's run by active mefites as a more or less promotional space, is what I meant
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To ruin a joke by explaining it, there was no corporate takeover and I'm not involved. The subreddit just used to be kind of a breeding ground for ambient estranged- and ex-mefite shittiness for a while and then the folks running it put the kibosh on most of that, so you're less likely to see garment-rending nonsense there now than you might've at one point.
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It doesn't update all that often, but /r/theocho is very entertaining. It links to weird or unusual sporting events and competitions.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned /r/mildlyinteresting yet. Posts frequently belie the sub title (by being interestingasfuck, which is also a subreddit)

/r/canadapolitics is shockingly cordial.

/r/fantasy does speculative fiction of all kinds. Worst thing about it is that the discussion can get repetitive at times.

/r/malefashionadvice is one of my favourite subs and I can't explain why.

The rest of these I don't really participate in (ok I don't post on MFA either) but subscribe to:

A bunch of cute animal ones I like that (I think) haven't been mentioned yet:

Stuff to look at: - speculative art featuring Black people

Food stuff: - very excellent - Fair warning, I think this one might be being targeted by trolls lately
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Oh, and I discovered /r/justrolledintotheshop recently, and I don't know anything about cars so didn't get 1/2 the posts but I think it might be really funny?
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I've found r/homeimprovement and r/homeowners to be genuinely supportive, informative, and often hilarious.
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I've found /r/SkincareAddiction/ quite helpful in nailing down a skin care routine and finding sunblock that doesn't irritate my excessively delicate skin.

Conversely, I've found r/indiemakeupandmore quite unhelpful in that it has thoroughly enabled an addiction to scented oils. Nevertheless, it's delightful.
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Many of the ones i would recommend have been posted already, but here's some others.

/r/explainlikeimfive (simple explanations for complicated topics)
/r/moviedetails (blink-and-youll-miss-it details from films)
/r/patientgamers (a subreddit for people who wait to play games until they have cycled out of hype mode)
/r/sbubby (you kind of just have to see it. one of my favorite surrealist funny ones)
/r/physicsgifs (gifs of physics in action
/r/amateurroomporn (people post pictures of their attempts at interior design)
/r/artefactporn (photos of historical artifacts)
/r/assholedesign (not in fact the design of assholes. Design that is user-contemptuous)
/r/badwomensanatomy (woeful and sad screenshots of people...well, men, usually...totaly messing up how an AFAB's body works)
/r/breadit (for who make bread)
/r/GamePhysics (unfortunate glitches in games due to faulty physics processing)
/r/heavyseas (horrifying images of storms at sea and ships caught in said storms)
/r/kitchenconfidential (a place for restaurant folk to congregate)
/r/nostalgia (hey...wanna feel old?)
/r/silentmoviegifs (As it says on the tin)
/r/slygifs (situations with unusual amounts of smoothness)
/r/ThisIsMyLifeNow (Office-style reactions by people and animals to being stuck in unfortunate situations)
/r/unstirredpaint (just what it says. dont judge)
/r/wheredoistart (music recommendations for artists with large discographies)
/r/YouShouldKnow (kind of like /r/lifeprotips but more useful)
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Not updated often but it’s fun to see the weird stuff people find and have questions about.
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r/NatureIsFuckingLit for images of nature being impressive in non-gorey ways, r/NatureIsMetal for images of nature being impressive in gorey ways.
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Some of my favourite subreddits:

/r/civ : a place to discuss the greatest computer game franchise in history.
/r/bobsburgers : a subreddit for fans of the TV show Bob's Burgers.
/r/superbowl : for owl lovers everywhere.
/r/dataisbeautiful : for visualizations that effectively convey information.
/r/panelshow : for lovers of British panel shows.
/r/thenetherlands : the largest bilingual Reddit community for sharing anything related to the Netherlands.
/r/dueling : A place for Harry Potter fans to go head to head against each other in their knowledge of HP Trivia!
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I know it's wrong... but r/badtattoos.
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I’ve been participating in r/SketchDaily since the beginning of this year and it's been a great way to get me drawing without worrying about perfection!
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There's also an /r/accidentalrockwell for your could-have-been-a-Norman-Rockwell needs.
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/r/dataisbeautiful : for visualizations that effectively convey information.

And /r/dataisugly for visualizations that do not :)
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Also in the "accidental" family, r/AccidentalWesAnderson and r/AccidentalKubrick.

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r/AVoid5 (post without using our most common symbol, a.k.a. "fifthglyph")
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If you live in an area with any decent-size population, your local city subreddit can be a great resource.
And finally, /r/AskReddit for all of your Asks that would be considered chatfilter here.
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/r/blunderyears —people post their embarrassing childhood photos. It’s hilarious.
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r/marijuanaenthusiasts is a pretty solid place for the dendrophiles among us.
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I'll be honest and tell you that I'm fascinated by advice columns and their ilk, so I like to hang around gawking at

r/AITA (stands for Am I The Asshole)

Seconding r/theblunderyears although at 40 I look at it and I'm like holy shit I've seen several rounds of dumb youth fashion become obsolete since ... mine did. Nonetheless I have a tendency to CACKLE in an UNSEEMLY manner whilst watching it.
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r/Edinburgh is surprisingly helpful and civil!
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This reminds me of the Rockwell turboencabulator and retroencabulator (both predating reddit), leading to /r/vxjunkies
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Meta-tip: when checking out a new subreddit I like to click the "top" tab and see the top posts for the past year. That gives you an idea of the best the subreddit has to offer, and whether it's worth subscribing to.

My own recommendations are mostly hobby or local focused, and you should find the hobby/local subreddits for you. Of general interest:
/r/personalfinance has been mentioned and is good
/r/OutOfTheLoop is handy for finding out the context behind news and memes
/r/bestoflegaladvice has the wackiest stuff from /r/legaladvice, with a slight obsession about the legal implications of cutting down a tree you do not own ("tree law")
/r/TheoryOfReddit is the closest thing I've found to a MetaTalk
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/r/ATBGE/ Awful Taste But Great Execution: things made with good craftmanship but are otherwise tasteless. However, taste being subjective, some of the things posted there are actually great/imaginative (and occasionally get removed because they're too tasteful).
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I wouldn't have made it without all the friends and support from

/r/infertility (and associated subs)

/r/GenderCynical- Calling out TERFs
For when you don't want to cause the mod team headaches- /r/Enough_Sanders_Spam/

posted by daybeforetheday at 2:03 PM on February 16 for makeup and beauty stuff.
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r/Metal \m/
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r/just_post. it's a silly place, and sometimes it's more serious, but people seem to be nice to one another and an erzatz community seems to be forming.
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r/skookum - powerful shop equipment, big tools, anything that chooches, really. terrible language.

r/deepintoyoutube and r/interdimentionalcable - weird internet videos. i mean, some of them are really odd.

r/cyberbooty - cyborg and cyberpunk pinups. nsfw, unless topless robots are cool at your job.

r/woodworking seems nice.







r/modular - modular synthesizers; lots of links to nice bleep-bloop compositions






r/whatswrongwithyour cat (cats being weird)

r/oldschoolcool - cool people doing cool stuff in black and white or kodachrome photos

r/ATBGE - awful taste but great execution. does what it says on the tin
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