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1) a comment in a sci-fi/short stories/drones post on the blue about a flock of drones coming home to roost at sunset (possibly glittering in the sunlight?). Posted some time in the last few years.

Other one below the fold.

2) a comment on the blue about a small city/house/place that's been abandoned and nature has quietly crept in (possibly wind blows through it, possibly small lizards skitter in it).
(I arrived at it from a metatalk comment on peoples' favourite comment, I think from a fairly recent underrated/favourite comments thread, but the linked comment from the blue was a bit older than the linking comment. I've combed all those threads over the last few years or so and haven't found it or have missed it)

I'm terrible at hitting the right keywords apparently :(

They're neither of them in my favourites, I don't think. I've tried all the keywords I can think of in the blue/grey/own favs searches but no dice.
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Was it this comment on the post about Amazon’s proposed drone beehives?
posted by Secret Sparrow at 6:21 AM on March 23, 2019 [1 favorite]

Was 2) possibly this comment about G+ by jquinby? (I’ve mentioned it as a favourite of mine at least once.)
posted by chappell, ambrose at 6:33 AM on March 23, 2019 [1 favorite]

Secret Sparrow and chappell, ambrose- yes and yes! Thanks so much! I was definitely overconfident on some details.

Rhaomi, that's definitely along the veins of what I was looking for so that's useful too, thanks!
posted by womb of things to be and tomb of things that were at 12:25 AM on March 24, 2019

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