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I just returned to the US for the summer and was delighted to have a stack of 'real' mail waiting for me- most of it from you.

Ten pieces of mail were from the January 2019 edition of the Metafilter Card Club!

Thank you, If I had a penguin, bookmammal, Fig, Puss Killian, Jadepearl, mochapickle, OneSmartMonkey, danabanana, Vespabelle, Homoneaderthalensis, gengiandproust!

It is such a pleasure being a part of this card club.
I love sending as well and had fun mailing while abroad. Thank you, and check your mail boxes in June!
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I'm so glad you got mail from us! The card club is one of the most positive things I've ever done, and sending and receiving mail to and from all of you is a real delight. Fig you're a genius!
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And if there is anyone out there who wants some mail, but is not quite ready to sign up, please memail me your address. I would be so happy to give you a preview of what to expect! Offer limited to the first 100 requests. :)
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Card club is so wonderful! I'd been sending cards for a while, but May was my first card-receiving month, and it was thrilling.
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YAY!! I agree 1000% with everything above—and I’m glad for an excuse to give my semi-annual MeFi Card Club commercial!

If you’re not currently participating and would like to, Fig has made it SO EASY to join—the low-stress instructions are in the link that maya provided above. You can mail as much or as little as you like each month. You can even sit a month out if you’re busy. If you need a little lift during these trying times, Card Club is a great solution. Please join us!
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You inspired me to get my June cards into the mail tonight! Trying to make up for my March cards which I finally sent a week or two ago.

Thank you fig and card senders!
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I still have my May cards to send, but I just got a handful of March cards and it made me happy to get them (as opposed to chagrined by their waywardness) so I am going to assume other folk will be likewise delighted by unexpected mail. I am not going to sweat card-writing until the time is right. Maybe I will write may and June cards all at once.

Do join us!
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Oh yay! Card Club making other Mefites happy makes me so happy 😄

I got a handful of new sign-ups, I'll be replying to those a little later today.

I'll emphasize that this is a very low-key group of people. I don't track who sends cards and who doesn't , so you could sit out many months and it's all good. I also don't track if cards are sent/received as assigned, and as janell noted, getting cards late doesn't seem to bother anyone (indeed, it's kind of a fun surprise!), so it is a very low-pressure deal.
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I’m working on some June cards right now! And I would also like to say thanks to everyone who sent me a card for my 40th birthday last week. I had a low key day at home, but opening a bunch of cards felt like a party.
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Yep, I love getting late/randomly timed cards. And I've reached a kind of zen about sending them late too- the card is better when I don't have to force it. I feel slightly worse when it's birthday-related, but thankfully most card people are all about the "birthday zone" or week or month or continual celebration!
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My birthday is in July, and I just got a whacking great pile of birthday cards because the UPS guys put them in the wrong mailbox. The guy who rents that mailbox rarely checks his mail, so no one noticed until a few days ago. I loved it! I just figured everyone was early for my birthday this year.
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Yay! And uh, whoops, I still have a stray May postcard to send out that I keep forgetting is on the table.
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Yes, card club is amazing!! I love planning the cards - finding cool stationery, neat stamps, fun stickers. And then getting to write and send them out into the world, picturing the trip they're taking. And then you also get cards! It's always a lovely surprise, makes my day when I get home and find one in the letterbox.

Thank you so much to all of the beautiful people who have taken time to send me cards. And special thanks to Fig for doing an amazing job of organising this!
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I was already a card sender, but card club has also made me more likely to send cards to the other people in my life. Turns out, people love getting cards, even if the message is very silly or brief!
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I love card club. Many thanks to those who participate and to Fig for handling it!!
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Thanks to Fig for organizing and thanks to everyone who also sends cards! There are some months where I will prep cards and try to time out when to send them, and then other months like this one where I put all of my May cards in the mail yesterday :)
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maya, thank you for posting this! I was a May recipient and I received such lovely cards and notes over the past several weeks. Thank you to all of you for making me cry from the resulting heady mix of delight and appreciation! My May event was postponed for a bit (one of my surgeons fell off his mountain bike and broke his collarbone a few days before my surgery date!) but I will be bringing all those thoughtful cards to my recovery room with me on the new date, and that is a huge source of comfort.

If you're on the fence about joining up, here's another voice urging you to give it a try. Fig makes it so easy, and the participants are so lovely, and the level of effort is entirely up to you as all types of mail are welcome.

I'm super late sending out May cards, btw, but hoping to get that batch out over the weekend. Hooray for mail! Hooray for Fig! And Hooray for all card club afficionados! Seriously you are all the best.
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MFCC makes me happy. Add another thanks to fig for organizing and maintaining it.
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Jumping in to add my thanks to the well-deserved bunch to Fig and to everyone in the club. It’s been great way to add an extra bit of cheer and positivity to my routine, sending out cards to all of you. <3
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I am just learning about Card Club now! What do y'all normally write in these cards?
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It’s up to you! Some people write a short greeting according to why the card is being sent (birthday, MeFi anniversary, holiday, new job, etc)and some people write more. Store-bought cards, homemade cards, postcards—anything goes. There really aren’t any rules for Card Club—that’s part of what makes it so much fun!
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Yes! I've done everything from a quick hello on a postcard to a multiple-stanza poem about an NPC from Chrono Trigger. The only limit is your imagination, and postal laws!
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I've only gotten half of my May cards out yet so yay for zen attitudes in Card Club! And thank you to everyone who sent me such beautiful, thoughtful cards in April. I think we're all brilliant, ESPECIALLY FIG, for manufacturing our own happiness in this small (but big!) way.
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I am just learning about Card Club now! What do y'all normally write in these cards?

I've gotten anything from postcards with about 5 words to multiple-page hand-written letters to small gifts, and everything in between. Some use the #MefiCardClub hashtag on Instagram (and maybe Twitter and FB?) to show off what they're sending or what they receive, if you want to see some examples. I found that I love stickers and stamps, so the cards I send out sort of look like they're made by someone significantly younger than a woman in her mid-30s, but it's fun.

I think we're all brilliant (…) for manufacturing our own happiness in this small (but big!) way.

YES. That. I really enjoy seeing the genuine connections people make via these small (but big!) acts of kindness towards each other, and am so, so happy to facilitate it.
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I got fancy lettuce seeds! From LaBellaStella (thank you!) a few days ago, and I am soooo going to plant them soon. The card club is amazing!
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WELL FINE EVERYONE, TWIST MY ARM. Due to the literally dozens of comments immediately preceding this one demanding that I share my "multiple-stanza poem about an NPC from Chrono Trigger," I have been practically forced to share it now, how perfectly embarrassing:

There once was a creature named Nu
Skinny arms, bulbous torso, and blue
Is there cosmic despair
'neath that lock of green hair
or is it just bored through and through?

A strange curiousity, Nu
Through time's epochs wontonly strew
Though we may reveal
Some puzzles in Zeal
Where'd it come from? I haven't a clue.

The mysterious origins of Nu,
Belthasar must have found what was true.
I'm sure that you, too, rue
the fate of that guru
For I bet that he probably knew.
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