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Here's a minor quibble: when you sort the front page by "recent comments" the drop-down menu goes to "recent comments" accordingly and you can then select "date" and the page will reset.

However, if you choose "most comments" or "my comments" the menu goes automatically to "date" so you can't reset the page to date-ordered posts in one click. You have to, for instance, select "recent comments" and then select "date".

This is probably very taxing on the server. Is there any cleverer way round it?

[IE6/W2K Pro]
posted by MiguelCardoso to Bugs at 10:49 AM (4 comments total)

i can finally yammer in a tech-bug post. same here miguel. i have been opening threads in seperate windows since about the time this problem (not really a problem) has happened on my computer. i never viewed mefi through seperate windows before this happened. could this have anything to do with said problem?
posted by clavdivs at 11:04 AM on August 30, 2002

The "Home" link at the top of the page flips it back to sorting by date with one click (at least it does for me.) You're right, though, the pulldown should have the current view selected, to make this more intuitive.
posted by ook at 11:06 AM on August 30, 2002

Click on Home, you say. Oh it works. Well of all the labyrinthian, counter-intuitive, long-way-round solutions...who would have ever thought of that? ;) Thanks, ook!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 11:14 AM on August 30, 2002

I usually just deleted the =mycomments in the url.

Clicking Home makes much more sense.
posted by rich at 12:46 PM on August 30, 2002

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