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I'm looking for an old comment either in AskMeFi or on MetaFilter proper about relationships between burners and non-burners.

One person wrote something about how they knew the relationship was doomed after their spouse (?) had people over gluing feathers onto costumes until 2 in the morning.

I've had no luck with searches so far. Can you help me find this comment?
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Here you go:

It's Burning Man, isn't it?

I once dated someone who really enjoyed staying up all night drinking and partying. He had a group of really awesome friends that he'd known for years and years. Eventually, those friends got older and started slowing down. When that happened, he had to get a set of all NEW friends, averaging 5 to 10 years younger than him, whose lives centered around drinking, doing drugs, wearing costumes, and talking all year about what they would do next year at Burning Man. Like it might be 5 am, and I might have to work the next day, and I would have to go in the other room and ask them to at least turn down the bass, while I was stared at by college-aged girls sitting in my living room in fishnets and body paint.

There was no solution. This was what he wanted. It made him really happy to participate in these things and I was not interested at all. He said the fact that I didn't want to participate indicated that I had social phobia. Actually, I just had no interest in sitting on my couch all night in hot pants and glitter doing drugs and having drugged out, pointless conversations with a bunch of people I had nothing in common with.

We broke up and he's dating one of those girls now.

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Holy moly. That's incredible. Wow I remembered that pretty differently than it was actually written. Thank you so much!
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I'm pretty sure that guy used to live across the hall from me. His at least ten years younger girlfriends kept outgrowing him.
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