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Can I just say that the Blue has been amazing lately and I've been having a lot of fun with the diversity of posts. And by diversity, I can't even begin to describe, but if you've been watching the Blue you know what I mean. Thank you, all of you, for your posts! I'm sure I'm not the only member who has felt delighted by something unexpected... So yay!
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I know what you mean, and emphatically agree. It's been fantastic seeing the variety.

I think adrianhon was one of many voices suggested people post a little more - and I noticed he walked the talk as well! - and it was a great suggestion. I know others also suggested it.

I feel like the blue hasn't been so vibrant in years.
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Totally agree! I often just scroll through the front page but have found myself diving into so many posts the past couple of weeks.
Still haven’t found the courage to make my first post on the blue yet, but maybe someday...
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This inspired me to finish a post-in-progress and get it up there, hippybear! And it's a "behind the music" style post like the ones I admire from you. Thanks for the nudge.
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I agree, the change has been apparent and I am very appreciative of the hard work that has gone in to it all.
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Yes, I've also noticed and appreciate this very much! Good work, all!

Unfortunately, it's coinciding with a unusually busy time in my life, so I'm just bookmarking for later at this point. I've barely even gotten time to scan through the comments! Anyway! It's great, and you all are great, and I love this place and am glad to see it a little invigorated.
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I was thinking about making a similar post a couple of days ago, the day after Labour Day. There was just a lot of stuff on the blue that I found compelling, wanted to explore, so I did at the expense of other things I should have been doing. And only later did it hit me -- wow, it's been a while since this has happened. I didn't even comment much. There was too much to read.

Thanks, hippybear. And thanks, Metafilter.

And yes, I suspect I'm even spending more time in so-called political threads now that they're not presenting as vast, overwhelming monsters of density (and too often despair). But rather, now we're getting these monsters in pieces, fragments, which is perhaps a more rational way to take them on.
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I thought that this post and follow up comment from the author where just the best.
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Agreed! So much good stuff lately. It feels like there’s been a huge uptick in FPPs since the politics megathreads were killed.
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Yeah, agreed! I also think that If I only had a penguin... deserves some credit here - Post Your Animal Month has been great so far.
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It's been really nice to see all sorts of posts on all sorts of topics, both "political" and not, treated in the same good faith metafilter fashion. We're all in this together after all! And seconding that If I only had a penguin... knocked it out of the park!
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I'm glad to see this feeling wasn't just mine. The Blue has definitely been really strong lately – good, interesting, diverse content that makes for great reading. *This* is what I come to Metafilter for.
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Totally agreed!
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Can I use this opportunity to ask a more experienced user to workshop an idea I have for my first post with me? I remember in discussions on how to increase user activity this was mentioned as something people were wiling to do for newer users.
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(I actually hope we get a workshop.metafilter.com subsite someday)
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Thanks for inspiring me to bestir my ruffles and finally make my first FPP. It was fun fun fun to share all our animal selves.
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Agreed! So much good stuff lately. It feels like there’s been a huge uptick in FPPs since the politics megathreads were killed.

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I witnessed the slow death of Usenet, was envious of those who were on The Well and still have a MetaFilter account. I guess I am an oldie now.

Having done the rounds of the usual-suspect sites (BBC News, Facebook, reddit, Stack Overflow, etc. -- but not Twitter, I've given up on that), I still felt unfulfilled with this web experience. Even a brief stop on a couple porn sites was just *meh*. As a last resort, I typed https://metafilter.com, recovered my password, and here I am. I haven't checked the Blue just yet, but checking Best Of, I came across an amazing list of bloggers that I added to Feedly under the category 'Old School'.

Why is the web so sh*te nowadays?
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It's odd to have the exact opposite feeling about the site since the major decision was made, but the community voice has seemingly spoken, so yay for all of you that are happier, I guess. But this reaction 100% validates my decision to stop visiting here regularly.
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I miss you, T.D. Strange. Understand your position, simply want to note how much I have appreciated your participation earlier.
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