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Sometime around the last presidential election, someone linked to a post made by a POC explaining why they thought that POC were less likely to support Sanders than they were to support Clinton. The gist of it was that POC were more likely to support the political and economic conditions already in place because those systems were relatively predictable, and unpredictable systems were more likely to redound to the detriment of POC. I'm pretty sure the post was on Reddit, but I'm not positive. I also don't think this was in a megathread because I don't think the megathreads even existed yet, but I'm not sure. Can anyone help me out?
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Was it one of the things linked from this March 23, 2016, comment by schroedinger? The Reddit threads linked there do have some comments along these lines (not just in the directly linked comments, but also in the replies thereto).
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Yes, that’s it! It’s the first linked Reddit comment. Thank you so much, Syllepsis! I’ve been looking for that forever now.
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Sure thing! I'd remembered this comment as well. I was able to find it with a comment search (thanks to this recent thread reminding me that comment search exists). The search terms that unearthed it were bernie revolution poc.
posted by Syllepsis at 11:57 PM on September 26, 2019

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