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End of another week, let's talk about something not related to politics. Let's chat about breakfast. What is your favorite type of breakfast food? Are you a fan of cereal? If so, what kind? Or maybe you're more into oatmeal. Are you an eggs, bacon/sausage, toast kind of person? Do you like maple syrup on your pancakes? Bagels? How about breakfast for dinner? Or maybe you do not conform to these types of predictable conventions and just eat whatever you want? What about pizza? Or steak? Or noodles? If you hate breakfast and generally skip it, feel free to talk about that too. Love it or hate it, let's talk about breakfast. As always, be kind to yourself and to others. Cheers.
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Tacos de barbacoa, 200 meters from my front door on my way to work. 3 tacos and a fresh squeezed Mexican Sweet Lime juice for an even 50 pesos, about 2.50 USD.
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My favorite breakfasts are Saturdays:
1) Go the a nearby street market. Buy fresh fruit, nuts, cheese, eggs, flowers, veggies, from the friendly stall owners who know me.
2) Come home a successful forager.
3) Sit down with my wife and son.
4) Fresh baked bread from a local french bakery. Butter. Scrambled eggs. Fresh squeezed orange juice. French pressed-coffee. Mangoes, chirimoya, blueberries, strawberries. Greek yoghurt. Cheese.
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Just remembered breakfast at my grandmother's.


Tacos de nata con sal. She would make the nata every morning from freshly squeezed milks, the tortillas home made from grain to nixtamal to masa.

Molletes dulces. Rustic sourdough sliced lengthwise, smeared with butter, raw sugar and cinnamon and toasted in a wood oven.

Molletes salados. These ones with yesterday's refried beans and cheese, topped with freshly made salsa.

Candied pumpkin. Cooked overnight in the hot ashes in the oven, with molasses and spices. Mixing it into huge glass of boiled and cooled raw milk considered childish but delicious.

Main course:
Huevos rancheros or scrambled with ham. Accompanied with refried beans and family made Cotija cheese.

Quesadillas. Sometimes plain cheese, sometimes with pumpkin flower, mushrooms, or rajas depending on season. Of course with homemade tortillas.

Cafe de olla, atole or champurrado.

Pan dulce. Conchas, semitas, picón de huevo.

That was a single sitting, served at 7 a.m.
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Ah, it's my chance to say how much I hate it when breakfast places base their whole breakfast around eggs. Like everyone wants eggs. I don't want eggs. I want french toast. Well, really, I want pancakes. But pancakes are so much more variable and without knowing what your pancakes are like, I don't want to risk bad pancakes. French toast is always good, so in the absence of previous pancake experience or viewing, I'll get French Toast. Also, I can get fantastic pancakes cheap at McDonalds, but not french toast, so I want french toast. But I don't want any eggs with it (except the eggs that are in it).

Also, I would like some bacon or sausage on the side. Well, really, I want sausage. But sausage is much more variable than bacon so if I don't know that I like your sausage, I will get bacon. Bacon is always good. Also, I can get great sausage at McDonalds, so I want the bacon. I still don't want any eggs with it.

Thank you.
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I don’t usually eat breakfast, but sometimes on Sundays I make a skillet breakfast for myself—potatoes, onions, peppers, sausage, and jack cheese. So good!
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best "normal" breakfast: fried potatoes with sausage (broken up, not patties or links) and/or pancakes or homemade biscuits or scones with butter
best non-standard breakfast: ice cream with peanut butter and sliced bananas
best easy thing to eat for breakfast: toasted bagel with butter
best breakfast cereal (if you have to eat breakfast cereal): Life
things I will never want for breakfast: eggs, oatmeal
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I had cold fried chicken for breakfast today. It was very, very good.
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My ideal breakfast is a diner breakfast. I need to eat kind of a lot of food just to keep from getting faint, and diners are just so satisfying and cheap. The best diners feel as much like community centers as restaurants. You can just hang out and read while you eat a solid breakfast and drink coffee from a heavy mug. I cannot describe for you the immense feeling of satisfaction I get just thinking about it.

I generally don't like sweet breakfasts, though. I'm not so big on pancakes and waffles. I mean, they're good, I just prefer things that are basically straight fat. My favorite diner meal is a patty melt with hash browns, and I could see myself ordering it for breakfast too.

Wow, I'm really hungry.
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I am the Queen of poached eggs! I will top anything with poached eggs. Hash browns, curried red lentils, you name it. I will top it with poached eggs. I start with boiling water, then I bring it down, with a dash of champagne vinegar, yes, I do use vinegar in my poached eggs, sorry-not-sorry.

Then I swirl the pan, and drop my eggs from a teacup (yes! 2 eggs from one teacup!). And set my timer. Some days, it's 3 minutes and 20 seconds, some others it's 3 minutes 25 seconds. Then it's fantastic poached eggs on top of whatever it is that I decide.
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I'm going to run out of favourites in this thread.

Breakfast was the canary in the mine for us sliding toward vegetarianism at home - dropping sausage and bacon for spinach, roast tomatoes, avocado and the like. Now MicroPaws has arrived we've gone even more straightforward, banana porridge when it's cold out, and banana oatmeal smoothie if it's hot. It's almost food as fuel, and I find myself surprised to be OK with it.

Going out for breakfast - give me it all. By the end of a visit to New Orleans a while ago I was ordering two breakfasts every day just to try to try everything. Eggs Royale with half a damn bottle of tabasco to balance the fatty blandness of the rest of the dish might be a favourite, mind.
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I love huevos rancheros! Every restaurant I've been to seems to make it differently, so it's always interesting to order. I had a really good version last weekend on Whidbey Island. I once ordered one that had goat cheese and green peas at a restaurant in Vegas that sounded strange but was AMAZING. And The Good Egg, a former (sob) restaurant chain in Arizona had great huevos rancheros that were closer to migas now that I think about it. But still Very Good. Back when I lived in Flagstaff I used to take myself out to brunch one weekend a month or so and get blue corn pancakes with a side of fried eggs over black beans. Delish.

There was a period of time when I had a crappy waffle maker that I'd use to make pumpkin waffles in bulk, which I'd freeze and then eat the rest of the month as toaster waffles. Then I bought a jumbo muffin tin and would make blueberry muffins to eat on the go, because they were basically the same size as any pastry you'd get from a coffee shop and that's what I would have done otherwise.

Man, I miss having my own kitchen with all of my baking supplies in it (everything is in storage for the foreseeable future...)
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My current breakfast has been grapenut flakes because they don't need to soak in milk for half an hour to be palatable like normal grapenuts, and because they don't have oats or cane sugar- two allergens for me when I'm having a mast cell activation syndrome flare-up. Boring but filling. I love oatmeal and wish I could still eat it but it usually makes me super sick so best avoided for now.

Sometimes if I'm in too much of a hurry to sit down and eat I make avocado toast. I toast a thick slice of multigrain bread, smear a quarter of a ripe avocado on it, and then sprinkle smoaked paprika and fleur de sel on top. Yum.
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I do not care for sweet breakfasts. When I take the time to do fancy breakfast meals it's almost always an east asian-ish bowl of rice and soup with some side dishes sort of thing. Also eggs on toast in various combinations. The only cereal I'll actually go through a whole box of is Crispix, but I mostly eat it at night for secret late meal.

I don't understand brunch as like, a social event - why the hell anybody thinks it's socially acceptable to leave the house before noon on a weekend and not have already eaten I will never know. Everything that brunch is should be replaced (in the USA, at least) by afternoon tea. Nearly all the food can be the same, and there's plenty of alcohol that you can sneak in there.

My grandfather (born in NYC, descendant of German Jews, lived mostly in Queens) called the dish where you cook an egg in a hole in a slice of toast "gashouse eggs", so everybody in my family calls them that. When I was little it was my favorite and the thing I'd always request when I visited him. I've never met anyone in the wild who also calls them gashouse eggs. Does anybody know where this comes from? Is it after a restaurant? Is it some obscure 30s diner slang? I've thought about making an AskMe about this.
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Soft scrambled eggs! Soft scrambled eggs cooked in about 2 tablespoons more butter than they really need, with a side of good crusty white bread. If you're feeling fancy you can add a dollop of goat cheese and a sprinkling of chives.

I don't get to eat this much anymore because we have a small child with an egg allergy and don't want them to accidentally be exposed or feel left out. Sigh.
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My go to breakfast is weetbix- (how many? two) with milk. Maybe strawberries, maybe banana. I also have made a chia seed pudding that's quite good for breakfast, sometimes I'm on a kick of that.

If it's a splurgy breakfast, I love pancakes with bacon and slathered in maple syrup. I feel this is something I've picked up from American pop culture because people here in Australia think it's weird. Also the full English breakfast is quite good.

Everything must be with tea- English breakfast and milk is the standard.

But tomorrow we're having crumpets with my two nephews who are sleeping over (the younger one for the first time). Mr 3 was adorable when he said we were having trumpets tomorrow. I hope he's not disappointed...
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Breakfast is terrible. I don't understand how people feel like eating before about 10:30am. Unless you all get up at 4am or something, I guess.

Breakfast foods are pretty good though. I like Eggs Benedict. Also congee. But I'd rather have them for lunch.
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Also pancakes don't read as a breakfast food to me, except on American TV. Here they are more of a dessert.
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Recipe for my big batch breakfast cereal, current version: Mix 2 lbs. oats, 1 cup sliced almonds and 1 cup chopped raw cashew pieces (Trader Joe's are not expensive). Spread in a couple of 9x12 cake pans (or do 2 batches) and toast for 15 minutes at 350 F, stirring once. When cool add 1 cup raisins, 1 cup chopped dried apples and 1 cup brown sugar. The raisins and sugar need to be separated before adding as they tend to clump. Store in a tightly lidded container such as a gallon jar.
Note on the dried fruit: I used to use raisins and dried unsweetened bananas but the latter are too hard. Some dried apples are very tasteless but I dehydrate Cortlands and they are tart and delicious. Granny Smith are good too.
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My absolute favourite breakfast is curry. But really, I'll take almost any hot food. Congee, hash browns, kippers, a fry up, eggs, kedgeree, øllebrød (a Danish stew of stale rye bread, beer and sugar) it's all good. But the ideal is a Malay curry with flaky bread and sweetened tea.

Cereal or toast and so on, which seems to be the standard breakfast here in the UK, I just find it depressing and awful, so I don't bother if that's what's available. Life is too short to eat boring food.
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When I’m back in England and staying in a hotel, I will always have a full English breakfast! Toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and beans. I’m back next week and cannot wait!
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I used to be a pancake fiend - the best part of my local movie theater in Ohio was that I could get pancakes to watch during the movie - but after being introduced to Indonesian bubur (which is a lot like congee), I have learned that savory breakfast is where it's at. I've tried unsuccessfully to make bubur ayam like they do at my field site, but now that I'm vegetarian and also don't have ready access to things like tiny dried fish and obscenely spicy peppers, it's not the same.
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BUT while I was in New Jersey this week I had fresh pumpernickel bagels every morning and I've honestly never been happier.
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My absolute favorite breakfast is Pamela's diner Tex-mex omelet – Chorizo, cheddar cheese and salsa, topped with guacamole & sour cream, served with Lyonniase potatoes & toast. The Lyonnaise potatoes are DROWNED in butter and so, so good.

I only get it once a year, on my birthday as spouse and child don't like Pamela's and I don't need to eat that every day anyway. So my compromise breakfast is Avocado toast with basted eggs and a side of bacon. Black tea.
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I prefer a savory breakfast. I'm staying in a hotel right now with a Krispy Kreme right next door and I got a glazed this morning because I felt like I ought to but it was consumed in about 20 seconds, was a bazillion calories and I'm going to be hungry again in 15 minutes.

When I'm at home my weekend breakfast is a potato and scrambled egg hash, with maybe some kale or chard from the garden, and some Morningstar fake bacon. Weekdays I have an egg and fake bacon. And a cup of hot sweet creamy tea.
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For the last couple months I’ve been doing a halfassed intermittent fasting thing on weekdays where breakfast is coffee, plus maybe half a cup of kefir if my microbiome seems lonely. But on weekends I still eat breakfast because it’s actually my favorite meal. I love a chewy bagel with lox and cream cheese, or a diner breakfast with hash browns and bacon and eggs over easy on toast, or a selection of pastries from one of the neighborhood bakeries with fruit and yogurt on the side, or a big pile of oatmeal with nuts and brown sugar, or the blue corn pancakes at the tex-mex place down the road, or my father-in-law’s special waffles, or or or.
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Normal day breakfast: I try to make some kind of quick bread once a week, to stay on top of the CSA overflow and also to give me a breakfast during the week. A slice of zucchini bread/cranberry bread/pumpkin bread/etc. and I'm sorted.

Sunday breakfast: Sunday is the day that I feed my sourdough starter, and I make sourdough pancakes with the discard.

Best approach to breakfast:

....My aunt Mary did breakfast best. She had a huge house when I was a kid and so she was the default host for Christmas and Thanksgiving, since we could also stay with her and my brother and I could play with our cousins. As I got older, though, my favorite part of our visits was going downstairs for breakfast; because I'd wake up, go downstairs, bypass the dining room, and head for the big kitchen, where I'd find Aunt Mary sitting there at the big pine kitchen table with a cup of coffee and reading the paper, and she would say some variant of:

'Oh, good morning! So, there's coffee over there on that counter, or if you want juice I have orange juice and cranberry juice in the fridge. And just next to the fridge in the cupboard there, I have bagels or bread if you want to make toast, and there's also cereal if that's what you want instead; or your Dad just went to Dunkin Donuts if you want to wait for a donut, and he said that when he got back he'd make eggs and bacon if that's what you want instead; so whatever you want, just help yourself."

It was always a very easygoing, whatever-you-want-just-help-yourself kind of thing, and it was always my father that pitched in with the short-order eggs-and-bacon duties. And everyone would gradually drift down to the kitchen, everyone fetching whatever it was they wanted, and lingering at the table as long as it took them to eat and a little bit after as the population around the table grew, shrunk, shifted, and morphed and conversations got started.
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My mother-in-law introduced me to Turkish-style breakfast, and it is the best. Bread, cheese, olives, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and tea. I can't abide sweet stuff first thing in the morning.
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I made the best breakfast last night for this morning! It is bread pudding but portable and doesn't use the oven and heat up the house.

In 3 wide-mouth pint jars, get cubes of day-old whole wheat bread (I made my own but you do you), enough to fill within an inch of the top. Shake cinnamon over all the bread and dust with white sugar-- a lot of cinnamon and barely any sugar, then portion the bread into the jars. Whisk together 4 eggs with a cup of milk and a half cup of water (you can use bourbon but I didn't have any), and a shot glass full of maple syrup, then pour that evenly over the jars. Swish it around a little to cover the breads.

Put the trivet and 2 inches of water in the Instant Pot. Set the jars without lids in there and run to low pressure, 8 minutes, sealing, quick release. Alternatively, you can put the jars in the oven on like 325 in a bain marie until they're done. Works cold or hot as a dessert or a breakfast!
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My breakfast at the moment is a big mug of Milo. I'm going to be sad when the 2.5kg my sister brought across runs out. Canadian Milo is a travesty.
My favourite breakfast was the sweet potato bowl at the cafe near my old house. It was just rice, beans, sweet potato, avocado and pepitas, but they did something to it to make it super tasty. Sometimes I added an egg.
There is a place near me that does a dish called Mother and Child reunion for brunch, which is a confit duck leg and a duck egg that's super delicious, but definitely not something you want to eat every week.
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Growing up in Vermont with an American dad and a Scandinavian mom gave me access to the best of both breakfast worlds.

We would often have "classic" American breakfasts of eggs, bacon, toast or french toast, but my mom brought the European flair to the table.

So it wasn't uncommon for us to have an impromptu buffet of smoked salmon, meats and cheeses, good bread, soft-boiled eggs in a cup, muesli, yogurt, fresh-squeezed OJ. I feel very much at home when I'm traveling in Europe.

We weren't a sweet tooth family, but occasionally my mom would make Æbleskiver, the Danish round pancakes. I still have the special cast iron pan you need and occasionally I'll pull it out and whip some up. Put some fresh fruit or lingonberry jam on top, drench with maple syrup. Yum! (They actually have frozen ones at Trader Joes which are surprisingly good).

Speaking of maple syrup, not only was I spoiled by growing up in VT, but I was extra spoiled because our family used to tap trees and we had a small sugarhouse. I have maple syrup expertise, I guess. I still remember how to grade syrup by looking at the color. One of the best breakfasts ever: while the wind is howling, the snow is blowing and the sugarhouse is as hot as a sauna, put a couple of fresh eggs into the syrup pan of an evaporator, wait until hard boiled. Consume.
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Interestingly, æbleskiver are very much not seen as a breakfast thing in Denmark, but a Christmas tradition. It actually made the news in Denmark when they started being sold in the US year round as a breakfast thing.
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English breakfast at the sort of B&B where they give you a list of what you can have and no side-eye for checking most of it. Eggs, crisp bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, toast, baked beans, no black pudding for me. Maybe fried bread if I dgaf about calories or my arteries. Or full Scottish with tattie scones. Coffee, although if it's only Nescafe, possibly tea.

I have had canned spaghetti and tomato sauce on toast, much prefer beans on toast. Whole grain pancakes with just a little maple syrup, not soaked. French toast with really good bread. Well-browned hash browns or home fries with salsa. Bread pudding, New Orleans style, with bourbon sauce. Diner special of eggs, toast, bacon. Breakfast wrap of scrambled eggs, spinach, black beans, rice, salsa. OJ or V-8, maybe a grapefruit. Fruit is welcome. Breakfast pizza where scrambled eggs replace tomato sauce. Sausage rolls. Breakfast food is comfort food and I make it for dinner fairly often and do love going out for it.

I just saw this magical french toast omelet sandwich video. Apparently this is a popular street food in India. I live away from town, there is a farm nearby with delicious fresh eggs, so I will try it soon.

What I actually eat is a homemade mega-muffin, whole wheat or corn, with bran, walnuts, either blueberries, dried apricots, or pumpkin, extra egg. Or, since I haven't baked, oatmeal with brown sugar, walnuts and apricots to sprinkle on.
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I am a breakfast eater. When I was young, it was usually cereal (whatever sugary stuff we could talk mom into buying) and milk. There was enough going on in the house that she was completely on board with us kids making our own breakfast and letting her sleep in. (Deservedly so, she stayed up late doing stuff and undoing the damage we did during the day...) I still default to cold cereal for breakfast, though I tend to go ever-so-slightly healthier with the unsweetened varieties and I add fresh fruit (blueberries!). When I travel, I like to have whatever the locals have for breakfast, so some places it was a heap of fresh fruit and yogurt, some places hard rolls and cold cuts, the famous "Full English Breakfast", etc. On special occasions, I like eggs almost any way but with a slight preference to over-medium, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, whole wheat toast with butter and jam, a small glass of juice, and a large mug of coffee. There is a diner/breakfast restaurant about a mile from home that is locally famous for breakfast, so special occasions find me there. now I'm hungry and may have to do the "second-breakfast" thing...
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Carbs, carbs, and more carbs for me please.

For a fast breakfast, I like sugary cereal but nothing that turns my milk chocolate. Lucky charms, Fruit Loops, or Corn Pops. Maybe Apple Jacks.

I don’t like eggs, which makes ordering breakfast tough sometimes.

Because I live in New Jersey I have pork roll and cheese at least once a week. Usually on a hard roll but my favorite (which I just had, the empty plate sits next to me) is pork roll with Swiss cheese on an English muffin with extra crispy home fries on the side.

And of course, the bagel. Sesame or onion, never toasted, with cream cheese, butter, or both, depending on my mood.
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Over on MLTSHP we've all been sharing our coffee routines which has been fun. I am a late breakfast eater which means that since I am also a late riser the meal I eat is what a lot of people would call lunch.

If I'm eating at home I'm usually having an english muffin with peanut butter and banana and flax seed with a glass of milk. Like, literally, about 90% of the time. If I'm running out the door it's a handful of almonds and a banana.

If I'm going out it depends where I'm going but if it's me and Jim we'll wander over to the bowling alley which serves breakfast until 2 pm and I'll look at the menu for ten minutes and then nearly always get wheat toast and bacon and a cup of coffee which then turns into a bacon sandwich. Sometimes I'll get hash browns if we're going to be busy later in the day.

When I was going to the gym more, breakfast would be Kashi and milk and some kind of fruit but it's been a while. I, also, don't like eggs so I think the bacon sandwich grew out of trying to find something on the interminable omelette menus that

Speaking of maple syrup

There are a few good pancake houses around here and I've probably got four kinds of syrup just in my fridge but the house rule is "Only have pancakes for breakfast if you plan on going back to sleep" For some reason the wall-of-carbs-and-sugar puts the zap on me. Not a bad zap, just worth knowing it's coming.
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I love me some carbs, but I have trouble loving me after a wall of carbs.

If I had to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday for forever I'd probably ask for a little fish, some fruit and a cultured dairy product; yogurt or a hard cheese for preference.

Coffee doesn't count because coffee is life around which such trivialities like breakfast may or may not happen.

If I go out for breakfast then I am happy to eat something with eggs though I tend to eat them later in the day at home.

If time is an issue there will be coffee with something in it (instead of black, these days probably oat milk) and a protein bar.

The best breakfast I've had recently was leftovers. In this case a bowl of stew and some pumpkin pie. The pie was extra comforting as my girlfriend (who's a type 1 diabetic) had left it for me and she makes it as spiced as I like (_extremely_) and as sweet as she likes it (not). So 1 step away from a cinnamon/nutmeg/allspice quiche.
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My default breakfast for years has been PB&J and coffee. I do like traditional breakfast foods for other meals, though. I just had a lovely Parmesan cheese omelet for lunch, and I often have oatmeal or hasty pudding with real maple syrup for supper. And my lovely sister made me some lovely fluffy pancakes a few nights ago.
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If you'd ask my friends and family to each name ten things that I love, all of them would say "breakfast cereal" somewhere in that top ten. My love for breakfast cereal is legendary.

I currently live down the street from a General Mills cereal plant. When the wind blows in the right direction, the whole neighborhood smells like Cheerios. I think Honey nut Cheerios is my favorite cereal. Union made, right down the street!
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oooh I love breakfast so much. to me it means hot carby butter delivery systems. waffles, pancakes, french toast, regular toast, english muffins. but then there is also the eggy goodness of scrambles, omelettes, fried. many of these are quite wonderful with the above mentioned carbs.

oh but also benedict variants!!! I love them all: current fav "heuvos benedictos" (had em in Mexico) something like a fat puck of fried masa for a base, with beans, avocado, egg of course, and some spicy sauce on top. SOOOO GOOD. you should go to Mexico right now and have some!
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we are having french toast today, but also our neighbor made us a loaf of challah!!! which I think will be the breakfast dessert (with butter, and maybe some honey from our bees)
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Mizu my husband also calls them gashouse eggs! I had never heard of them or had them before I met him (I love them!!) he is born boston (english/german/sweden protestant) but grew up in the bay area CA.
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Creeps into thread; whispers

... grits ....

Scurries out...
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supermedusa and Mizu, eater did a deep dive into the wide world of names for “eggs in a hole of bread” and this what they found: The 1941 film Moon Over Miami with Betty Grable uses the term "gashouse eggs," which may be a transliteration of the German word gasthaus, the word for a country house or an inn.

In our home, mr. icing is an egg fan so we have many permutations of the weekend breakfast. His favourite is what we call Brooklyn eggs, named after the place we first had them. It’s quickly fried, curled crispy brown at the edges egg on a slice of my weekly no-knead bread (lightly buttered), covered with thin slice of cheese, then broiled for 30 seconds till melty so yolk isn’t cooked. On the side are curl-cut kranskies; proper little ones and not the weird cheesy ones either. Strong coffee with our favourite full-fat milk from Eketahuna Dairy. For the first time in my life I can have a glass of milk with getting ill - NZ full fat, un-homogenised milk. bliss. Speaking of which, time to get up and make brekky!
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My dream breakfasts are all in the past because of relocation, but most are also tied to the early incandescently euphoric period of courtship / honeymoon period* with my husband when we still lived in New Orleans. One was our neighborhood diner, the Clover Grill, that had been an actual "dirty spoon" style diner for decades (literally dirty, but I went there fairly regularly when it was still in this incarnation, too) until it was sold and taken over by gay proprietors and became an updated, v. v. fabulous but still grounded retro grill. My (now) husband and I would sometimes end up waking up around 4 or 5 am and we would shrug on some clothes and blearily walk to the Clover Grill for hot coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, delicious amazing soul-soothing buttery grits**, and perfect crispy hashbrowns. That's right, I said it, grits AND hashbrowns. Weep. And also the wonderful joi de vivre of the whole crew and regular late, late night clientele, most of whom were straggling in after all night at the bars. Delirious. Wonderful.

Another is "Breakfast at Brennans" which is a New Orleans revered old tradition, but something that we really wouldn't have been able to afford normally ... but because I got a lot of PR perks with the job I had at the time, we lucked out with many invitations for complimentary, sometimes very deluxe, experiences, and were lucky to be invited many times to Brennans, where my favorite (which seems not to be on the menu now) was an amazing trout hollandaise sort of thing, with a perfect, beautiful, ideal poached egg on top, and of course the sides (I don't even remember!) and all the champagne (I remember!) and impossibly soft carpets, and white glove service and ... everything. It was like a dream.

And also, The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen (at that time, the first, or maybe second (?) in what later became a chain, next to the French Market in NOLA) and their Pizza Uovo (not totally sure of the spelling there), which was an amazingly delicious pizza topped with an egg that was our typical Sunday late brunch choice. We had friends who worked there, but also we were so reliable that whoever was working just brought us our regular drinks as soon as we came in and sat down, and checked that we wanted the usual. I would really, really love to recreate that pizza, but I have no idea. I think it had arugula, tomato, some kind of bacony thing, and the egg, of course (when you cut through the pizza, the yolk would break open and would create a sauce for the pizza), but I don't know what kind of cheese, or what else was on it. It was utterly glorious, though.

Greece, while I love it and absolutely love Greek food, doesn't really have a "breakfast culture" kind of thing, so I'm always kind of feeling bereft on that item. Greek yogurt and fruit and walnuts and honey IS delicious, but it's not my breakfast ideal, though nice for dessert!

* We're still stupidly lovey-dovey 29 years later, but you know what I mean

** Turns out, I miss grits more than almost anything else from the US, and most of the US doesn't even know from grits. Kind of funny.
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Grits are pure carb. I typically have them for dinner with fried chicken, that's what Mom served, and she made good food. Grits with (vegan)butter, salt & pepper. I used to make cheesy grits in the good old days when I ate dairy. Make a double batch of grits, and put the leftover grits in a bread pan. The next morning, slice thin and fry until very crisp. Salt lavishly. Worth whatever it does to your arteries.
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Two eggs, scrambled. Bacon. Extra cheese. On a toasted, buttered kaiser roll.
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I'm Mr. Sweetstuff for breakfast, or I was until I married Mrs. light thief. She's 99% Team Savory, for every meal.

Before getting married, I went straight for pancakes, waffles, or french toast for breakfast if I was eating out, and I made a fair number of pancakes for myself. When I'm eating out, I'll take whatever syrup is offered, but if I'm buying my own, it's maple syrup or GTFO.

But now that we've been married for over a decade, I've come to appreciate more savory dishes, even for breakfast. And as a parent, I feel the need to push protein in addition to breakfast sweets.

I've come to really enjoy eggs + left over Thai, Chinese, Indian or Mexican food. This breakfast was left over Indian food from Trader Joe's + eggs.

Though that was after I fed my boys some maple strudel bread from TJs, who also had bowls of cereal, which is their normal breakfast. I couldn't resist a different sort of sweet bread as a breakfast snack.

On the weekend, breakfast happens ... whenever. Sometime before noon. But at work, I'll eat my bowl of cereal + milk around 8 AM, then lunch at noon, with a tortilla + cheese + spinach around 2 PM. I'm a creature of habit like that.
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We've been planning all week to make this variation of birds in a basket that uses scratch made chive biscuits. I will report back after tomorrow and let you know how they came out.
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but what if you don't like eggs?
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My usual breakfast, lately: Some sort of Clif bar, or leftovers.

Today's breakfast is reheated Soupy Tteokbokki that I made last night from a Pulmuone kit I got from H-Mart, that I added cut sweet potato and peas to. SO. GOOD. Just the right amount of sweet and heat from the sauce, and the rice cakes remained chewy.

I've been having problems cooking as I'm recovering from both a badly broken toe, and iron deficiency issues. (Both are being treated). So - I have High Energy Days, and Low Energy Days. So - for the latter, I ordered a small case of those Belvita breakfast cookies from Costco. They may not be the healthiest thing out there, but it'll allow me to eat something that doesn't require any preparation at all. Bought some beef jerky for the same reason - so breakfasts for a while will be Belvita cookies and beef jerky, with Cold Brew coffee from the fridge.

When I do go out to eat, my favorite breakfast ever is either pho or dim sum.
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We eat a lot of north Indian breakfast foods- usually spicy black eyed peas or spicy chickpeas, with salt-and-pepper roti. Or, on the sweeter end of the spectrum, sooji ka halwa (halva made from semolina rather than sesame). My usual breakfast craving for sweets has increasingly become a breakfast craving for spicy things.

My all-time favorite breakfast food? Belgian waffles with a melting dollop of Kerrygold butter and the best maple syrup you can buy (or the best raspberry jam you can buy).
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I have started skipping breakfast and it's been amazing. I am trying to lose some weight (lost 60 lb 7 years ago, gained back 40.) It's so much easier to eat two regular sized meals instead of three smaller ones that fit my calorie goals.
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Lately go to, toasted Daves zillion grain bread, with home made plum butter, feta, sprinkled on top, and coffee. But I save up left over chili verde to poach eggs in, and have that on toast, too, at times.
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There are many fancier things I'd like to have but they'd involve waking up earlier, so instead I am recently very excited about these Quaker Medleys instant oatmeal cups that actually contain several kinds of dried fruit and nuts and seem to come out tasting markedly nicer than the packet kind of instant oatmeal. Not, like, fancy, but nicer than I'd expect for something where all I have to do is boil water and then go grab my shower while it's sitting.
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Two Weetbix, dry, over the sink with tap water as necessary like the animal I am.
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I’m a little saddened that no one else here understands the awesome power that is biscuits and gravy. Or even just the wonder that biscuits represent (seriously, they’re the only bread type thing I can make, but oh, I can make fantastic biscuits!*). But biscuits and gravy is my absolute breakfast of choice, followed by maybe corned beef hash.

Clearly, I’m someone who believes that breakfast exists to soak up the sins of the night before, and I don’t think that’s a bad way to look at it.

One of the things that stings most, even after 19 years in Japan is how breakfast diners just aren’t a thing here. Sure, there are chains that have a breakfast option, but a lot of times, you’re looking at an egg, a piece of toast, and maybe a slice of supermarket ham. Going out to eat breakfast just isn’t really a thing here, and even brunch is a pretty rare thing unless you’re in central Tokyo. When I do go home, I make sure to try to go out for breakfast as much as I can. Of course, given American serving sizes, that usually means I’m good to go until dinner, but a trip home without biscuits and gravy is a sad, sad thing. Though I do miss cream of wheat (northern grits?) with honey and butter.

*one way to make biscuits a lot less of a chore: while you’re measuring out your dry ingredients, put the butter in the freezer. When you’ve blended the flour and such, put the mixing bowl on a scale and use a grater on the butter, grating in as much butter as you need. It makes blending the butter into the flour mixture much, much easier.
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Every day: maple & brown sugar-flavored oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter.
But tomorrow: get this, guys. Get this. Unflavored flax oatmeal with peanut butter and maple syrup instead.
I know, right?
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one way to make biscuits a lot less of a chore: while you’re measuring out your dry ingredients, put the butter in the freezer. When you’ve blended the flour and such, put the mixing bowl on a scale and use a grater on the butter, grating in as much butter as you need.

Want something even easier than that? Try cream biscuits.

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Oh, once in a blue moon I also do cheese grits.

There was also a time when I tried to pitch my friends on an Irish Breakfast outing each St. Patrick's Day.

And when I go for brunch at Best Bar In The World I usually just get two of their sides a la carte - they do a yogurt and fruit parfait that's pretty sizeable, and I get that and a side of bacon. It's gotten so that they don't even give me a menu, they just confirm that's what I'm getting and then sit me down.
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Want something even easier than that? Try cream biscuits.

Redstart, you can’t just drop that in the thread without explaining more, or perhaps, including the recipe. It’s just not cricket.
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I figured people could just google "cream biscuits" to see recipes. The one I use is this:

2 cups flour
1 T baking powder
up to 3 T sugar (I use 2 teaspoons)
1/2 t salt
1 1/4 cup heavy cream (or a little more. I always need a little more to make the dough hold together.)

Mix dry ingredients, add cream, stir just until it forms a dough. Gather into a ball, knead gently 6 times on lightly floured surface and roll or pat out 1/2 inch thick. Cut out about 10 biscuits and put on ungreased baking sheet. Bake in preheated 425 F oven for 15 minutes (or a little less.)

These are so quick and easy and good that I've taken to making them most of the time instead of the buttermilk biscuits that are my other favorites.
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Ghidorah, I just started grating butter into my dough a few months ago. It indeed is a game changer. It's so great when the dough comes together very quickly.

Redstart, your cream biscuits recipe is thisclose to my cheese scones recipe (without the cheese, naturally). I have used single cream, as a substitute, when there was no milk in the house. It's a good reminder to make them again.
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I just found a recipe for cream biscuits last week at Serious Eats! I haven't tried it yet, but it's here for anyone who's interested. I love sausage gravy, too, Ghidorah, but we don't have the right kind of sausage that you can crumble while cooking (that I've found) around here. What do you use there?
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James Beard has a recipe for cream biscuits that involves dipping each biscuit in melted butter before baking. You don't have to do that, but it's pretty damn good.
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Taz, as far as sausage goes, honestly, I make sausage, so that’s usually not a problem for me. That said, if you can get ahold of minced pork, you’re almost there, especially for making loose sausage or patties. There are a ton of basic sausage recipes out there, but a pretty simple rule is base a recipe off of a kilo of meat, and then adjust depending on how much meat you’ve got.

1kg minced pork

15-17g salt, depending on preference

From there most recipes differe, but it’s just about finding the recipe that works for you, and amounts. Sage, powdered ginger, black pepper, and either red pepper flakes or cayenne depending on how spicy you want it. For 1kg, I usually do

2g minced fresh sage
.5~1g powdered ginger
.5g cayenne
1g crushes red pepper flakes
2g black pepper
1g white pepper

Chill the meat until cold (like, in the freezer til it’s a little stiff/crunchy), and spices, and 40~60ml ice water per kilo. Mix well until the meat starts to get sticky, then portion into 60-70g balls, squish, and you have sausage patties. Wrap them in Saran Wrap and they’ll freeze well. You can either through the frozen patties into a hot pan, or let them rest in the Saran Wrap for about ten or fifteen minutes, they’ll thaw quickly.
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Yay, thank you so much! I was thinking of trying to do something with minced pork, and you have given me the magic keys! Good ol' heartstopper Southern breakfast, here we come!
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Three eggs, sunny side up, topped with a very generous amount of shredded mature cheddar, a few strips of bacon, hash browns, sourdough toast, decaf earl grey tea. Finished off with a bowl or two Lucky Charms with oat milk (but only because I became lactose intolerant.)

That's the dream.

The reality is the above except I am too lazy to make bacon, hash browns are not really a thing where I live and neither are Lucky Charms so I have to compromise with Choco Krispies. So, still pretty good.
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My favorite breakfast of all time, which I will never have again, was my Mamaw's biscuits with chocolate gravy*. Her biscuits were so amazing. Like a cross between buttermilk biscuits and rolls. None of us learned how to make them before she died, which is a source of eternal shame and sorrow for me. Oh, I can make biscuits just fine, and the chocolate gravy, but it's not the same and the loss of that knowledge is such a huge regret of mine.

*not gravy in the way you're thinking; basically a thick, pourable chocolate that is so ridiculously amazing.
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I’m a little saddened that no one else here understands the awesome power that is biscuits and gravy

Some of us understand but are still in a food coma from that time we had them in summer.

I do honestly keep hoping that GBBO will do biscuits and gravy as a technical, just to watch everyone's heads asplode as they try to figure out just WTF is going on.
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biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash. Dang. I am thoroughly enjoying this thread.
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The best breakfast is a toasted sesame seed bagel, cream cheese, lox (or really good, lightly smoked salmon, but that's becoming increasingly rare), tomato, very thinly sliced red onion that's been soaked in water, and soaked salt-cured capers. And a short double Americano.

The worst breakfast is cold cereal.
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Biscuits and gravy on GBBO would produce biscuits and gravy...
posted by ellieBOA at 8:11 AM on October 27, 2019

My other dream breakfast is a bacon, egg & cheddar everything bagel (and maybe a second cream cheese one) but unfortunately I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic for that.
posted by KTamas at 8:20 AM on October 27, 2019

I’m a little saddened that no one else here understands the awesome power that is biscuits and gravy

I love biscuits and gravy, man. I don't know how they do them elsewhere, but whenever I get them here in Maryland (at diners, natch), it'll be a plate with two biscuits buried under a heavy snowdrift of gravy. Fuckin spectacular.
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I love sweet and savory breakfasts; French toast is amazing when done right, and with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon, I still get enough protein to not end up in a sugar coma. Blueberry buttermilk pancakes are also particularly beloved. I only do that kind of thing when eating out, though, as standard breakfast at home is tea and a scrambled egg. Sometimes I’ll do pancakes and mimosas at home if I’m feeling fancy on the weekend, but I have to plan ahead for that (I don’t keep buttermilk or champagne in the house otherwise) and thus they tend to be pretty rare.
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Bacon, as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever, Amen.
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Utilitarian everyday breakfast: muesli, ground linseeds, almond milk. Possibly blueberries. possibly yogurt.

Breakfast I wish I had time to make: Almond milk porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter

Breakfast I only make if there's company: Buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, maple syrup, bacon for non-vegetarians

And thank the gods, I have not one but TWO local greasy spoons that do a fantastic full English for dirty hangover breakfast. Vegetarian if I'm feeling virtuous; egg/sausage/bacon/beans/shrooms/tomato if not.
posted by Pallas Athena at 4:35 PM on October 27, 2019

I like to think I'm a pretty good cook. I try new things and am eager to learn about unfamiliar cuisines, but I've come across a palate that I was completely ignorant of and which I'm still trying to figure out.

That palate belongs to my daughter, and it's complex because she's on the spectrum. All the advice books tell you that food is not where you as a parent should stake your ground. Try to keep your kid as reasonably nourished as possible but you can't make them eat what they don't want to eat. Give in on food. And get used to them not knowing what they want, as well as the seemingly capricious reasons as to why they can't eat what you made them even though it's what they asked for. I've made my daughter three different meals only to have her reject all three, even though she specifically asked for the last two. Don't get mad, try cereal. Throw or put away the rejected meal. And if you're putting it away, know you're doing it so you can eat it later. She simply won't touch a leftover. Everything must be fresh.

And I get it. Being on the spectrum is among other things, a sensory disorder. She struggles to notice things and then focuses on other things that become overwhelming. Intense flavors are like yelling at her, and our senses go beyond sound and sight. Texture is also a huge issue with her, and it's there that I struggle the most to please her. There are things I know she likes, like white bread, or perfectly cooked spaghetti (never al dente or soft from overcooking, those will immediately be rejected) or rice, or really plain pizza but it must be fresh from a restaurant or made from scratch. Those I can almost always get her to eat. My wife pointed out that she likes white foods, carbs, and this is a preference she shares with her friends at school who are also on the spectrum. Sugar and carbs are apparently the nutrients of choice.

But I've taken what I've learned about her preferences through trial and error and tried a few things that also seem to work and at least provide a little more variety. She really seems to like popovers for breakfast, for example, and we've had some luck with risotto, and Dutch Babies, and she loves Japanese souffle pancakes, and salmon onigiri, and crepes with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and bananas and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. But perhaps her favorite breakfast is my homemade Amish White bread, which for two loaves contains 1/2 a cup of sugar. That fresh, then toasted, and with butter and strawberry jam, are probably her favorite breakfast. And I only need to get up three hours before she does to make it for her. I love cooking for her, but she's the greatest challenge I've ever encountered as a cook. Good thing I love her to pieces or I would have tossed her from my kitchen long ago.
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Greasy spoons. That’s the thing I miss the most now that I’m living in the antipodes. Wellington had a few good, solid cafes that did eggs on toast with beans and sausage. But over the last year or two they’ve all gone upmarket. So me and the mister choose a new diner every morning we are on holiday in North America. Sigh. Now I’m hungry again.
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Not a real breakfast fan but I will walk a mile for this cheese blintz souffle with blueberry sauce anytime. My 2nd favorite morning food would be hot spoonbread with lots of butter.

So many delicious things in this thread...thanks for the inspirations
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I'm boring on regular breakfast, but if I go out to breakfast (which I NEVER do, anymore - not since my five year-old was born), I do this pointless charade of considering pancakes or french toast or any other sweet brunch food and ALWAYS get an omelette.
posted by Pax at 5:18 PM on October 27, 2019

And thanks again, Fizz, for doing these.
posted by Pax at 5:19 PM on October 27, 2019

I'm going to run out of favourites in this thread.

Same here - I posted before I read, and I'm just overwhelmed with my feelings of "right on!" and "OMG, no, never."
posted by Pax at 5:22 PM on October 27, 2019

So the cream bisquits thing got in my head and I made the cream from pumpkinseeds, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla soy milk, blended into a little tbicker than cow cream, chocolate nut cream. Then I made slightly sweet chocolate cream bisquits. I ate too many of them. The leftover cream makes a great dip.
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æbleskiver are very much not seen as a breakfast thing in Denmark, but a Christmas tradition

Good to know. I picked up an æbleskiver pan at Goodwill a few months ago and I've felt compelled to use it every time one of my kids is visiting, despite my growing suspicion that they're more trouble than they're worth.

But I can definitely get behind the idea of making them as a Christmas tradition.
posted by she's not there at 6:27 PM on October 27, 2019

We made a version of birds in a basket that turned out great this weekend. We made chive & cheese buttermilk biscuits with a hole cut out and filled with black forest ham and a runny egg. They turned out great.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 10:10 PM on October 27, 2019

I do the grated-frozen-butter thing with scones. Works like a charm.
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Pumpkin waffles. I haven’t made them vegan because I can’t eat soy milk, so I just use regular milk and yogurt instead.

It’s fall, time for pumpkin. Actual damn pumpkin, not just the spice.
posted by nat at 1:41 AM on October 28, 2019

I love breakfast food and will eat it for any meal of the day. I could natter on endlessly about breakfast, but I will, for the moment, just rhapsodize about that institution, Waffle House. My current stock order is the two egg breakfast, order of sausage if I'm super hungry, and my hash browns smothered covered and chunked (ham, onions, and cheese). I usually get my eggs over easy and smoosh it all together, but I forgot to specify my eggs Saturday night and they gave me cheesy scrambled, and that was an AMAZING tactical error that my arteries hope I only make a few times a year. It was a lovely midnight breakfast after a great but chilly and rainy concert (Diplo was a lot of fun).
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