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Hi! I don't know where else to ask this: any MeFites in Mexico or further South?

I'm in Buenos Aires over the Xmas holidays and would love to set up a Meetup. And I'll probably be setting up camp semi-permanently in Mexico or Colombia after that.

Se habla espaƱol. Portuguese, well, not quite yet!
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Edit your profile. Set the Geographic Coordinates location in your profile to the location you want, set 'nearby is', save, and see who's nearby in Social, Nearby Users.
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I'm in Xalapa, Veracruz. There are a few mefites in Mexico city.
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I'm in Santiago.
Actually, right I'm in El Quisco.
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The problem with setting your location as a way to find nearby MeFites is that 1) other MeFites need to also use the feature (and keep it up-to-date, and still be active on MetaFilter), and 2) in places with fewer MeFites, it's not all that useful.

If there is anyone in the broad area, you can follow links to other GeoID'd MeFites, forming a virtual chain of proximities. Or you could change you own GeoID to scan a region for other located MeFites.

You can also check AskMe and the blue for threads on topics or locations to see who comments with first-hand knowledge of a place. I realize this is a bit of cyber-stalking, but I don't think it's too nefarious or creepy to do this to try to initiate meetups. Mostly -- I still feel a bit uncomfortable doing it, but so far other MeFites have been understanding and seemed appreciative.
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smorgasbord moved to Buenos Aires recently and posted to IRL see if she could stir up any interest in a meetup a couple months ago (apparently without luck). I have the good fortune to be able to attest personally to her good-peepedness.
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Botafogo represent!
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